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1954 - 1977

Published by The Leicestershire UFO Research Society (Est. 1971)

Edited by Graham Hall & Jeff Lord

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Recorded Regional UFO Reports and Observations Log 1954-1977

Designed to act primarily as a research tool, this log makes a direct attempt to collate and record known Unidentified Flying Object sighting data for the years 1954 to 1977 from the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom, and uses material investigated by members of the Leicestershire (with Warwickshire) UFO Investigation Network, (lufoin), also sightings logged at the ufodna database, occasionally making reference to associated items that have occasionally appeared in the local media etc.

Chronological order

This has been maintained. However, NO claims whatsoever are made that this particular collation, is a fully comprehensive catalogue of true regional events, it merely summarises the latest available sighting information on file (at the time of collation) with the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network concerning the region(s) involved during the time period mentioned, and may be subject to further modification at a later date.

Last Modification: October, 2015 - (51/57/01 and 51/65/02).

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-1954 -

51/54/01. 1954 - Afternoon - Sketchley Road, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A round aerial object with portholes was observed by two male witnesses. - Witness (A) stated: (2014 statement) - "I would have been about 12 years old and I was living in Sketchley Road, Burbage at the time, and at the back of my house was a field, and joining the field was the Rose Nursery - It was afternoon, and I was playing with my friend, and we were in the hedgerow that joined the Rose Garden - Suddenly, my friend said 'There's a flying saucer' - What I saw was a very large, round metallic object with what seemed to be portholes. It was completely silent and had no lights or anything like that. After a little while it just seemed to vanish. We ran back to my house and I told my Mother that we had just seen a Flying Saucer - (They were Flying Saucers in those days, UFOs came later) - My Mother gave exactly the response that you would have expected - a kid, coming in with such a story!! - However, we told the Leicester Mercury Newspaper who came out to speak to me, and she was more convinced when she heard from the reporter that a similar object had been seen over Melton Mowbray around the same time. I have been searching for an explanation to this event for many years, but have yet to find one." (IN-Hi). (lufoin).

Left: The Sketchley Road UFO -(Original witness drawing).

51-54-02. October 1954 - (Late - 21?) 23:00 -Buller Road, Leicester, UK- A disc-shaped object, extremely low, just above the rooftops, was observed by 2 female witnesses - Witness (A) stated: Object was moving at a gentle cruising speed - three square windows, not portholes, were noted along its side, which were lit by a moonlight glow from the interior of the craft. There was what appeared to be a man at one of the windows, he was dressed completely in black, in what looked like a siren suit , with a balaclava helmet, but it was all in one, showing his face but no hair could be seen - dark eyes, and looked very intelligent - slim build, about 5-6 foot tall, (could have been on a platform!) - sallow, pale complexion, although the lighting could have had some effect - touching something with his fingers, probably controls. From the other side of the house lost UFO for a while - ran from one bedroom to the other - when seen again he appeared to be walking about, and bending to do something. - man and object disappeared over roof tops opposite.” (UN-CE). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (lufoin).

51/54/03. October 1954 (Late) 17:50 - Fosse Road North, Leicester, UK - Male witness was waiting for a bus with his Mother and two friends in Fosse Road North. - An extremely large, silver saucer-shaped flying object was observed that suddenly materialised over an old boot and shoe factory that was situated on the other side of the road - six square windows on the craft were visible - three small men observed through one of them, wearing white smocks, with big eyes and big heads. The UFO silently floated off, away from the factory and off towards the west.” (UN-CE). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (lufoin). (Leicester Mercury).

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-1955 -

51/55/01. 22 July 1955 - 23:00 - Leicester, UK - A Formation of bright silver balls that changed positions in the sky was observed by several people. Formation headed north-east. (IN -Med). (ufodna).

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-1956 -

51/56/01. 14 August 1956 - 18:00 - Oadby, Leicester, UK - Four unusual objects were observed in the sky - silent. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/56/02. October - 1956 - Evening - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light was observed silently crossing the sky by a lone child witness. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

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-1957 -

51/57/01. 1957 - (Exact date un-noted) - 06:15 - Coventry, UK - A white ball of light was observed by a male witness. Witness stated: (2015 statement) “I was standing outside Radford library facing south, when I saw a white ball of light appear in front of me - it travelled fast and got bigger before it passed over on my right, up the road and behind some houses - There was no sound.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

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-1958 -

51/58/01. Summer - 1958 - Afternoon - Oadby, Leicester, UK - A bright silver ball over the north-west, which was stationary - Suddenly moved at terrific speed upwards towards the clouds and disappeared. No vapour trail or sound. Witness stated: (1978 statement) This was witnessed by me and my two children in 1958. It would be summer, there was a clear blue sky and a few fleecy clouds high up. We saw a bright silver ball over the north-west, which was stationary. Suddenly, as if it knew we were watching it, it moved at terrific speed upwards towards the cloud and disappeared. No vapour trail or sound.” (IN-Med). (Cillin). (lufoin).

51/58/02. 21 August 1958 - 13:30 - Leicester, UK - A hovering object was observed. (Appleyard). (IN-Med). (ufodna).

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-1959 -

77/59/01. January 1959 - 17:15 - Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, UK - Male witness, on leaving work, saw a bright object descend approximately 100m away. Blue haze 3.6m high formed on the ground, and four figures were observed to move around within in a clumsy manner. Witness was totally paralyzed with fear. Investigations revealed several strange marks on the ground where the blue haze had appeared. (IN-CE). (ufodna).

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1960-1962: 0.

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-1963 -

51/63/01. 28 January 1963 17:20 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - An object was sighted by two female witnesses on a farm. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/63/02. 28 January 1963 - 17:20 - Burbage Common, Leicestershire, UK - A landed object with four windows was observed by petrified female witness. (IN-Hi). (ufodna).

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1964: 0

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- 1965 -

51-65-01. 21 August 1965 - 22:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A star-like aerial light - green light observed moving towards it. A mysterious flying object was spotted above Hinckley’s skies by seven people last Saturday night. The unidentified flying object was spotted above Hollycroft Park by policeman’s son John Buchanan, Chris Griffin and Martin Fletcher (all 18) and Jeffrey Fletcher (17). Mr. Buchanan then called his parents and brother Michael who all reported seeing a star-like object moving across the sky and then a green light move towards it as it flew into the distance. (Buchanan/Griffin/Fletcher). (IN-NL). *See Item 1: Press Report Log - 1965-1977.

51/65/02. 28 August 1965 - 22:20 - Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire, UK - A star-like aerial light - was observed moving across the sky by 4 male witnesses. A Leicester Mercury article stated: A county police squad car was called to Ratcliffe College to investigate an unidentified flying object. The object - described as not of this world - was seen in the night sky over the college and then zigzagging slowly in a northerly direction. The four young men who saw it called the police, but it disappeared five minutes before the officers arrived. Mr. Paul Dellow, second chef at the college, was walking up the drive of the college at 10.20 pm when he happened to look up and see the object. It was star-shaped and making no sound, he said. It was slightly bigger and brighter than Jupiter. At first, I thought it was a star I had never noticed before, but when I looked up more closely, I saw it was moving. I then fetched 3 of my friends out to also witness it (IN-NL). Possible satellite. (Leicester Mercury).

51/65/03. 24 December 1965 - 16:15 - Barwell, Leicestershire, UK - A large fireball-like aerial object was observed by several witnesses. - An identified aerial object that eventually landed and caused some relatively minor damage to local properties. (*Expanded - See report). (DE-7B). (ufodna).

The Barwell Meteorite.. (IFO:7B).

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- 1966 -

51/66/01. 3 September 1966 - Late evening - Leicester, UK - 3 blue circular aerial objects were observed that hovered for 20 minutes before drifting away. Three blue coloured circular objects, were seen in the sky over Leicester by two male witnesses while repairing a street lamp by the side of the road. When the objects passed overhead and hovered for twenty minutes until two of them drifted away one after the other. (Frost). (Burnett). (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/66/02. 7 September 1966 - 21:30 - Braunstone, Leicestershire, UK - Astronomer/Moon incident. On a clear moonlit night, an amateur Astronomer, was looking at the moon through his telescope, when he saw what looked like a rocket, with what appeared to be a shadow underneath it, apparently stationary and silhouetted against the background of the moon, between the area of Tycho and Maurolycus. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/66/03. 8 September 1966 - 00:30 - Leicester, UK - Between eight to twelve objects were seen moving across the sky over Leicester heading eastwards. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/66/04. 8 September 1966 - 06:00 - Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light was seen shining through the curtains of the Vicarage, by the Rector’s wife, who drew the curtains and saw two mysterious objects in the sky, “resembling a large orange” hovering over the nearby church tower. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

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77/67/01. 14 May 1967 10:30 - Bedworth, Warwickshire, UK - A light in the sky was observed by two witnesses. (IN-NL).(ufodna).

51/67/02. Mid- 1967 - Loughborough, UK - Husband and wife observed a UFO land in a nearby depression and give off a strange humming sound. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/67/03. 2 August 1967 - 12:20 - Parsons Lane, Hinckley, UK - An object in the sky was observed hovering, almost directly above the Robinsons Boot and Shoe factory, Hinckley, and directly over railway lines, was first been noticed at approximately 12.20 p.m., and lastly seen at approximately 3.30 p.m. The object was described as a stationary, silent, silver sphere, apparently metallic, and reflecting sunlight. Its height was estimated to be approximately 500 to 600 feet, and Its size was gauged to be equal to a pea held at arms length - several witnesses. (UN-Med). (Dawson). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (lufoin).

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-1968 -

51/68/01. 24 April 1968 - Evening - Wigston, Leicestershire, UK - A number of lights in the sky were observed through a telescope that revealed twenty separate white lights, with a ‘red and green light attached to each one.’ (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/68/02. September 1968 - 20:00 - Ashby Magna, Leicestershire, UK - A red glowing globular object was observed in the sky. Witness stated: (1998 Statement) “Whilst walking through fields in a small village called Ashby Magna, my friend and I saw a small glowing red ball away to the north of us over the city of Leicester. At first we assumed it was a plane or a helicopter, but then it began to move at such speeds and angles that this was impossible for an aircraft to achieve. We watched it for about 30 minutes, and then it just disappeared. Throughout the ‘sighting’, it appeared to be moving about 500 - 1000 ft. off the ground.” (IN-NL). (Perry). (lufoin).

51/68/03. 25 December 1968 - 22:30 - Wigston, Leicestershire, UK - 2 bright lights in the sky were observed by a married couple. Five minutes later, two bright objects were seen passing through the sky. Witness (A) stated: “The first object still appeared as a bright light; the second looked like one of those ‘flying saucers’ you see in children’s comics - disc shaped, with a raised dome in the centre, its outer part apparently revolving. An orange/red glow then appeared around the outer periphery of the object, as if an engine had been fired up. The object tilted slightly and the glow died away, followed by a silver flickering effect. Prior to this sighting, I had actually been sceptical of the existence of UFOs and only went out into the garden to please my partner.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

Comparison ufodna list:1968.

-1969 -

51/69/A. 1969 Leicester, UK - different coloured lights were witnessed in the sky by lone female witness. Witness stated: (2010 Statement) “I remember a UFO sighting many years ago. I was a little girl so it was around 1969 and I remember being in the street in central Leicester with quite a few neighbours watching also - I saw different coloured lights in the sky moving in an oblong pattern.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/69/01. 4 April 1969 - 22:45 - Thurlaston, Leicestershire, UK - An unusual object was observed in the sky by two witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “We had just got into bed when they noticed a pulsating white light low down in the sky, occasionally moving up and down. We thought this was peculiar and went to the window. On looking out, we saw a stationary bright ‘pillar box red’ dome shaped object, slightly taller than broad, apparently on the ground, 2-300 yards away. We carried on watching the white light and the object on the ground when, to our astonishment, the red object rose upwards into the sky, heading towards the south-east, now looking like an elongated triangle, the smaller angle ahead, followed by the white light.” (Neale). (IN-Med). (lufoin).

77/69/02. 29 June 1969 - 22:47 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An object was observed in the sky by five witnesses. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/69/03. 3 August 1969 - 20:45 - Leicester N, UK - Two objects were observed in the sky by one witness. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/69/04. 20 August 1969 - 21:30 - Sileby, Near Loughborough, UK - red and white flashing lights - revolved. (PE-1B). (lufoin).

51/69/05. 20 August 1969 - 21:45 - Leicester, UK -Several unusual objects were observed in the sky. A weird flashing object was seen by a young student, who was walking home with his girlfriend, through Sileby, Leicestershire, pointing out the ‘Plough’ constellation to her. He observed what he thought to be a shooting star moving fairly slowly in the sky, heading towards the City. As it disappeared behind cloud, another one appeared in the sky. Unusual aerial events were also observed on the same evening, at around the same time, by a 17 year-old apprentice, who described seeing, ‘a red and white object wandering to and fro across the sky, in set patterns, at around l0.00 pm. (Jordan). (Fenn). (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/69/06. 24 August 1969 - 12:25 - Leicester, UK - A silent aerial object at low altitude, like a crescent Moon lying on its back, was observed by a married couple - In an interview conducted with UFO Investigator - Geoffrey Coxon, the couple told of seeing a bright orange crescent -shaped object, like the setting sun, with a blurred or shimmering outline, hovering silently in the sky. The strange object moved away changing its appearance to a circle of bright lights - came back to original position - tilted - vanished. - Mr. & Mrs. Black were preparing to go to bed, when they saw what they took to be the moon through the bedroom window, but then realised this could not be the case, as it was lying on its side. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By G. Coxon. B.Sc.).*See also Item 3: Press Report Log - 1965-1977. (lufoin).

51/69/07. October 1969 - Night - Leicester, UK - A hovering bright light in the sky was observed over several nights by single male witness. (PE-3A). (Helyar). (lufoin).

Comparison ufodna list:1969.

-1970 -

51/70/A. Early 1970’s - Leicester, UK - Leicester University, early 1970’s. “It was the movement of the object between two tall buildings that caught our attention. It seemed to glide down and stop in the sky. Suddenly, it shot upwards into the sky and vanished from sight.” (IN-Med). (Mayer). (lufoin).

51/70/01. January (First week) (4?) - 20:45 - Sketchley Hill, Burbage, UK - A young man on training run observed an illuminated 20 foot disc that issued flames from underneath and landed amongst evergreen trees which were abundant in the area at that time - ran home in a state of shock. (UN-CE).(Expanded - Report By G. Hall).(lufoin).

51/70/02. 14 January 1970 - 08:20 - Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, UK - An aerial object was observed and reported by a lone, male witness. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/70/13. 9 March 1970 - 19:50 - Glenhills, Leicestershire, UK - A bright orange aerial object was observed to cross the sky by man and 9 year-old daughter - object described as looking like a bright orange star with a long trailing tail of the same colour - object flew on straight course. (PE-4B). (Bodien). (lufoin).

51/70/14. 9 March 1970 - 19:50 - Oadby, Leicestershire, UK - A bright orange object with a tail was observed by lone female witness - no sound - straight direct course - did not fall to earth at any time during observation which lasted 10 seconds. (PE-4B). (Scissons). (lufoin).

51/70/03. 12 March 1970 - 03:00 - Leicester, UK - An object was observed in the sky associated with a loud whining noise - two known independent witnesses - object descended then rose again - flashes witnessed. Witness (B) stated: I was awakened at approximately 3.00 a.m. by this noise which can best be described as an aeroplane in severe difficulty. The duration of hearing it after waking was approximately two minutes of extremely loud noise, seeming to come from directly overhead, after which it suddenly went very faint as if heard from far in the distance, this lasted only a moment. Five other people were woken up and know they heard a noise, but cannot give very accurate descriptions. I did not see any object. In the area where I live we get a perpetual whine from the John Bull factory, sirens going off any odd hour of the day or night, also a helicopter frequently passes over, so I am used to all sorts of noises, but this one was unlike anything I have ever previously heard.” (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By G. Coxon. B.Sc.).*See also Item 4: Press Report Log - 1965-1977. (lufoin).

77/70/04. 1 May 1970 - 21:00 - Kearsley, Warwickshire, UK - Silent, reddish-white glowing object - flies over town at low altitude - witnesses pursued. (IN-Hi). (ufodna).

51/70/05. 25 May 1970 - 19:00 - Hinckley, UK - An orange illuminated disc was observed at close range above Hollycroft Park by single, female witness - object was flying upwards at an angle. Witness stated: “I saw a clearly defined orange disc cross the sky just outside the window - it seemed to be directly over the park.” (UN-Hi). (Radbourne). (See also: Investigator’s reconstruction photograph). (lufoin).

77/70/06. 30 July 1970 - Night - Kearsley, Warwickshire, UK - An aerial object was reported. (IN-Med). (McArdle). (ufodna).

51/70/07.19 August 1970 - 15:15 - Geo. B1 - Brookside, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A dark, egg-shaped object was observed hovering over the road by two 15 year-old schoolboys - no sound - object shot off towards Sketchley - daylight observation. (UN-Hi). (Expanded - Report By G. Coxon. B.Sc.). (See also UFODNA data 19 August 1970 Afternoon - Hinckley, UK). (lufoin).

51/70/08. 28 August 1970 - 16:18 - Geo. A1/B1 - Parsons Lane, Hinckley, UK - A dark, almost black object shaped like a bat-wing was observed in the sky at low level - The strange object approached 3 witnesses from the Queens Park direction - when above, it performed a 90 degree turn - headed slowly away in the direction of Brookside and towards Nuneaton - The object was stated as being totally silent throughout the sighting, with a highly visible heat haze effect surrounding it - an unusual daylight observation, with all witnesses in a state of shock afterwards. They reported the incident immediately to local investigator, G. Coxon, who also testified to their shocked state. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (lufoin).

77/70/09. 28 August 1970 - 16:30 - Attleborough, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A dark aerial silent object was observed by a lone female witness. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

77/70/10. September 1970 - 16:30 - Attleborough, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - One object, about 20 feet across, was observed by one female 65-year-old witness in a wood for a few minutes. (Mason). (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/70/11. 1 December 1970 - 18:20 - Whitwick, Leicestershire, UK - Elongated flashes of light were observed for over half a hour - stationary. (UN-NL). (Expanded - Report By G. Coxon. B.Sc.). (lufoin).

77/70/12. 5 December 1970 - 06:15 - Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - An unusual object was sighted hovering above a road for over 20 minutes by 2 male witnesses. (IN-NL). (Harrison). (ufodna).

Comparison ufodna list:1970.


51/77/71/01-13.18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Leicestershire and Warwickshire, UK - Leicestershire and Warwickshire Fireball Sightings. (DE-7B). (Expanded - Report By G.Coxon. B.Sc.). (lufoin).

51/71/01. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Nanpanton, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A ball of fire was observed - white at the front - red at the rear - descended at a 20 degree angle. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

51/71/02. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Enderby Road, Leicester, UK - Two witnesses travelling by car along Enderby Road, Leicester, observed a flare-like object falling to Earth. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

51/71/03. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Aylestone Road, Leicester, UK - A newspaper reporter, whilst travelling by car along Aylestone Road, Leicester, observed a bright green object in the sky which appeared to be falling to Earth. (DE-7B). (Allan). (lufoin).

51/71/04. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Ashby Parva, Leicestershire, UK - A witness observed what they described as a long oblong object falling out of the sky, the front of which appeared pointed in shape, consisting of the colours yellow and white, whilst the rear was described as definitely sparkling - object appeared to come from the general direction of Leicester, and finally come down in the Pailton area. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

51/71/05. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Baddesly Ensor, Leicestershire, UK - A lone male witness, whilst walking his dog, observed in the sky what he first assumed was a plane on fire - closer inspection revealed however, a round, black object surrounded by flames - object descended on a curved course, and eventually was lost to view. (DE-7B). (Dexter). (lufoin).

77/71/06. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Meridon, Warwickshire, UK - A witness motoring south along the B4102 towards Meridon, reported observing a blue/green object through his windscreen, descending in the direction of Knowle. (S,W.). It was surrounded by a reddish glow and was view for approximately 30 seconds. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

77/71/07. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A fluorescent white ball of light with a tail was observed to cross the sky on a straight course from north- east to south west - object moved away and then dropped towards the ground in the direction of Ansley. (DE-7B). (Squires). (lufoin).

51/71/08. 18 February 1971 - 19:15 - Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - An amateur astronomer was studying the constellation of Orion through 10x50 binoculars, when he observed what he believed to be a very large meteor falling from the sky. The meteor was described as round, with a tail, and was travelling on a south-westerly course approximately 20 degrees above the horizon. The main object was coloured white/yellow, whilst the tail, which was estimated as being 4 times bigger than the main round object, was said to be red/orange, and appeared to be sparkling. (DE-7B). (Jolliffe). (lufoin).

77/71/09. 18 February 1971 - 19:20 - Arley, Warwickshire, UK - 2 witnesses driving along station Road, Arley, observed a round object falling from the sky towards the south-west. It was perfectly round, and fluorescent blue, and when just above the tree-tops, it disintegrated in a shower of sparks that fell towards the Earth. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

77/71/10. 18 February 1971 - 19:20 - Arley, Warwickshire, UK - A male witness driving a security vehicle observed an aerial object which he described as a vivid blue ball the size of a dinner plate.” The object was falling from the sky, and on reaching a point just above the tree-tops, it went out, leaving just a puff of smoke in the sky where the object had been. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

77/71/11. 18 February 1971 - 19:30 - Rugby, Warwickshire, UK - 2 witnesses independently observed from the 5th. Floor of a block of flats, an aerial object shaped like an egg. it was silvery in colour, and surrounded by a green haze. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

77/71/12. 18 February 1971 - 19:30 - Bilton, Warwickshire, UK - A female witness living in Bilton, Warwickshire, observed a silvery coloured object, which she described as similar in shape and size to a cricket ball. It travelled on a low arc from north-east to south-west, and was eventually lost to sight. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

77/71/13. 18 February 1971 - 19:30 - A42 Alcester to Stratford Road, Warwickshire, UK - Two Police officers on patrol, observed a round object in the sky as big as a coffee table, travelling from the direction of Stratford, - NE - Initially white, the object gradually changed colour to blue/red as it got lower in the sky before finally disappearing over the horizon. (DE-7B). (lufoin).

77/71/14. 24 February 1971 - 06:15 - Lythalls Lane, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Three aerial objects were observed by more than three male experienced witnesses, (UN-NL). (Hewitt). (lufoin).

77/71/15. 24 February 1971 - 06:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Unidentified objects were sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. Three objects were observed by one experienced male witness. Witness stated: “I have been interested in astronomy since 1944 and have been ‘sky watching‘ since then but I have never seen anything like these objects - they made no noise and I can confirm that they were flying at about 30 degrees in a north-westerly direction.” (UN-NL). (Melvin, S). (lufoin).

77/71/16. 24 February 1971 - 06:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Four police officers saw UFO in sky, had three white lights travelling in formation, moved at high speed rapidly to the west. No info from ATC at Birmingham airport. Witness (A) Stated: (1978 statement) “I was serving in the Police uniform department, and was attending some industrial premises, after the alarm system had been activated. There were about seven Police constables apart from myself, surrounding the premises, and, after about five minutes, we satisfied ourselves that there were no intruders present, and three officers along with myself were standing at the front entrance in a dark jetty, waiting for the key holder. It was dark at the time, and a fairly clear starry sky was visible. One of the officers was looking up into the sky, and suddenly remarked ‘That’s strange, look at those three stars, they appear to be moving’ - we all looked up and saw three lights, about as bright as a star, travelling in a triangular formation, at quite a fast speed. These were situated in a N.N.E. direction. We watched these lights for about 30 seconds, then they quickly changed direction to about 90 degrees to what they had been travelling, but keeping the same formation. After a few more seconds, the lights just disappeared from view. One of my colleagues then radioed through to control, by means of his personal radio, to contact air traffic control at Birmingham airport, to inquire whether or not there were supposed to be aircraft in the area - the reply was ‘No‘, there should have been no aircraft in the area.” (UN-NL). (Crutchlow). (Edwards). (Wilson). (lufoin).

51/71/17. 2 April 1971 - 22:53 - Leicester, UK - A descending aerial object was observed - description as the full Moon, and greyish-green in colour - travelled very fast on a slightly curved flight path from S.S.E. to N.N.W. in the direction of Melton or Loughborough. It was in view for only a second, and was lost to view behind clouds. (DE-7B). (Taylor). (lufoin).

51/71/18. 5 May 1971 - 05:20 - New Parks, Leicester, UK - A multi-coloured aerial object, was observed to fall out of the sky in daylight. Witness stated: It was in view for 3 to 4 seconds and their was no noise - it was quite daylight at the time, I have seen hundreds of shooting stars, but this not one - if it had been dark, I think it would have lit the Earth up.” (DE-7B). (Gandy). (lufoin).

51/71/19. 5 May 1971 - 05:25 - Snarestone, Leicestershire, UK - An aerial object, described colour - white-hot, was observed to fall out of the sky in daylight at terrific speed leaving a green/blue trail. (DE-7B). (Holt). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The Snarestone Fireball - As Drawn By Witness.

51/71/20. 5 May 1971 - 05:30 - Quorn, Leicestershire, UK - A falling object was observed in the sky by lone female witness. Witness stated: I saw a quick moving light coming from the south - it dropped down vertically behind a tree - I watched it fall behind the branches, it appeared to be very near, not on the horizon - As it fell, I then saw that there was a shape to it which I can only describe as pear-shaped. There was no noise, and the decent was very quick - It was an orange flame colour and was more bright than a nearby street lamp which was still lit, although it was daylight.” (DE-7B). (Selvester). *See Item 8: Press Report Log - 1965-1977. (lufoin).

51/71/21. 25 May 1971 - 22:45 - Belchars Bar, near Nailstone village, UK - A very low flying illuminated disc same width as road was observed by a Hinckley housewife returning home along the A447 road, Leicestershire - UFO moved over witnesss car at tree top height - car (1956 Austin) came to a stop - object moved away over fields - car started up again - witness continued home with car functioning normally. (UN-CE). (Expanded - Report By G. Coxon. B.Sc.). *See also local press report. *Additional - Also see: Flying Saucer Review, Case Histories, Supp. No. 11, August 1972. (lufoin).

 : BELCHARS BAR JUNCTION - Witnesss 1956 Austin A30 car, at the point where it came to a stop. (Site Investigation photograph 1 of 2,- Taken May 31st ., 1971) © LUFOIN - Coxon/Hall) 2013.

51/71/22. 25 May 1971 - 22:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An orange aerial object was observed by one male 13-year-old witness. (Freary). (IN-NL). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/23. 30 June 1971 - 15:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A metallic-looking sphere with 1 tube protruding from the side and 1 below was observed in the sky by male witness. Witness stated: (1977 statement) “I was lying down sunbathing when I noticed several aeroplanes, all flying in approximately the same area. I got up and looked to see if I could see anymore. As I was looking, I noticed a strange, balloon-shaped object. I recognised that it wasn‘t a balloon because it was far too large, and it appeared to be made of some kind of shiny metal. The object appeared to be quite a long way up and seemed to just gently move along in a straight line. It was moving in the opposite direction to where I was watching. I watched the object through my binoculars for about 15 minutes before it just disappeared without trace.” (IN-Med). (Marshall). (lufoin).

: The Hinckley Sphere - (51/71/23) - Original witness drawing.

51/71/24. August 1971 - Evening - Leicestershire, UK - Various unusual aerial phenomena were observed on different dates. - (IN). (lufoin).

51/71/36. August 2 1971 - 23:00 - Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK - A bright ball of light in the sky was observed - hovered. (PE-3A). (Mitchell). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/25. 8 August 1971 - 21:30 - Leicester, UK - A ball of light was observed to descend slowly and steadily in a vertical plane, leaving smoke or vapour trail. Disappeared behind roofs of houses. (PE-8G). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/26. 15 August 1971 - 22:00 - Loughborough, UK - An aerial object was observed by a male 14-year-old witness. (IN-NL). (Brown; Cripps). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/27. 16 August 1971 - 06:30 - Oadby, Leicestershire, UK - A slipper-shaped silver object was observed moving slowly and silently across in the sky. (IN-Med). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/28. 17 August 1971 - 20:00 - Geo. A1 - Stockwell Head, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silver cylindrical object in the sky was observed - nothing like a normal aircraft - silent - disappearance sudden. Witness stated: On August 17th., 1971, at approximately 7.45 p.m., I was sitting in my car in the car park at the rear of Hinckley Working Mens Club, in Stockwell Head. I was waiting for my Husband who had gone into the club. I happened to look up and see something strange in the sky. I watched as it came nearer, then I got out of the car to have a better look, also to make sure it wasnt a reflection in the car window. I stood by the car and watched the object go by until it was out of view over the roof of the club. Then I ran across the car park so that I could watch it some more, but although I had a clear view of the sky, there was no sign of the object where it should have been. The object was quite large, large enough for me to be sure it wasnt an aeroplane as there were no wings, windows, markings and absolutely no sound. It was silver in colour, and the shape of it was cylindrical. It was a warm, dry, still evening.” (Hall). (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/71/29. 25 August 1971 - Night - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A procession of objects was observed crossing the sky. (IN-NL). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/30. 26 August 1971 - 22:10 - Leicester, UK - A moving light in the sky was observed by an amateur astronomer - white, bright and steady - changed colour to pink. (IN-NL). (York). (lufoin).

51/71/31. 3 September 1971 - 21:30 - Leicester, UK - An object was observed crossing the sky from northwest to southeast, at a steady fast speed. Looked like Chinese lantern, illuminated from within. Also had bright pulsating light, pulsed one second intervals. Spokes radiated from central spindle at top. (IN-NL). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/32. 5 September 1971 - 13:00 - Leicester, UK - An aerial object was observed. Object circled in gradually decreasing diameter until disappeared rapidly to the northeast at high speed. Looked like "large bird with oval-shaped wings" but with no central body. Dark at two ends, flashed silver. (IN-Med). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/32(b). Early September 1971 - Evening - Shirley, Warwickshire, UK - Male witness in 2014, recalls an 'alien' sighting at Palmers Rough Park, Shirley, Warwickshire. For several evenings during early September, 1971 - the main witness and several others claim to have seen a strange apparition in the park that appeared to glide through the air - The form, which looked oblong in shape, like a 'sack of flour', always approached witnesses as if it wanted to communicate with them, and then it would apparently just vanish - The strange 'alien' at one point appeared to fall over a bench, then glide under the bench and disappear. (IN-Hi). (lufoin).

51/71/33. 24 September 1971 - 21:00 - Leicester, UK - A very bright aerial object was seen to fly northwest rapidly towards the southeast. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/71/34. 17 October 1971 - 18:30 - Leicester, UK - Witness observed an object in the sky that appeared to bob up-and-down. It turned red in colour when it ascended, then turned white when it descended. When it was white it was so bright it hurt the eyes. Witness watched for 10 minutes before the object it went behind a tree. (IN-NL). (Leicester Mercury).

51/71/35. 22 October 1971 - 22:30 - Hinckley, UK - Young married couple had just switched off front bed room light when five minutes later, Bright yellow light flashes shining through bedroom curtains - illuminated whole room. - no sound. - Husband saw light source in road just outside window - opened curtains but nothing could be seen. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

Comparison ufodna list:1971.

-1972 -

51/72/01. 11 February 1972 - Evening - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - Two boys observed a square object in sky with a central red light, and four white corner lights. The object hovered near to the Loughborough train station and directed two powerful light beams into a field. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/72/02. 15 May 1972 - 22:55 - Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, UK - A parachute-shaped aerial object was observed which remained stationary until was eventually covered by clouds.(IN-Med). (ufodna).

Comparison ufodna list:1972.

-1973 -

51/73/01. 16 February 1973 - 05:05 - A5 Trunk Road, Dordon, North Warwickshire, UK - A disc-shaped object with a ‘plume’ below, was observed crossing the A5 Trunk Road by a lone male witness. (UN-Hi). (Spencer). (Expanded). (lufoin).

51/73/02. 7 July 1973 - Late Evening - Western Park, Leicester, UK - An oval-shaped object with white and red flickering lights was observed in the sky by two 11-year boys - object appeared to land before shooting straight up and out of sight. (IN-NL). (Crawford-Wilson). (ufodna).

Comparison ufodna list:1973.

1974: 0.

Comparison ufodna list:1974.

-1975 -

77/75/01. 17 March 1975 - 21:00 - Higham, Warwickshire, UK - An unusual aerial object was observed. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/75/02. 30 October 1975 - 21:00 - Leicester, UK - An unusual aerial object was observed. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/75/03. 13 December 1975 - 17:10 - Leicester, UK - An aerial object was observed by three witnesses that disappeared suddenly. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/75/04. 17 December 1975 - 15:21 - Leicester, UK -A unusual object was observed in the sky. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

Comparison ufodna list:1975.

-1976 -

77/76/01. 31 January 1976 16:30 - Coventry, UK - An object was observed in the sky resembling a disc - 2 male witnesses. (IN-Med). (Findlay). (ufodna).

51/76/02. May 1976 - 09:00 - Hinckley, UK - A black cigar-shaped object was observed in the sky - slowly glided - jerked around - vanished into distance - observed through school classroom window. (IN-Med). (Collins). (lufoin).

51/76/03. June? (Summer) 1976 - 00:05 - Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, UK - An illuminated object on the ground - back garden - shape and size similar to T.V. aerial - silent -vanished - no trace. (IN-Med). (Shaw). (lufoin).

51/76/04. 26 Sepember 1976 -19:20 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - Male witness recalls that both he and his mother had been visiting friends at a farm near Normanton-on-Soar, Nottingham, and were walking along the A6006 road to the bus stop - Hearing a sound similar to aircraft engines, they looked up into the sky but saw no aircraft - instead they both saw three red/orange saucer-shaped flying objects moving in a circle over Loughborough. This was due south of their position. The objects were in view for a good 20 minutes, during which time they were seen to travel first towards the north-east, and then back towards the south-east. One of the objects separated from the others before all three objects flew off towards the south-east and disappeared. (In-Med). (lufoin).

51/76/05. 2 November 1976 -17:15 - Lutterworth M1, UK - A large cigar-shaped object with 4 bright lights was observed in the sky. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

Comparison ufodna list:1976.


51/77/(A). 27 February 1977 - 19:00 - Leicester, UK - A married couple, watched a strange aerial object as it hovered for 30 seconds. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/01. 5 April 1977 - 8:45 - Wykin Village, Leicestershire, UK - A revolving orange light in the sky was observed hovering above fields - moved off giving off white flashes - no sound. Witness stated: “My Wife and I were travelling by car along the Stoke Road towards Hinckley when my Wife noticed a light that appeared to be hovering over Wykin fields. I stopped the car to listen for any sound, there was none. I then drove further down the road until we were behind the light which then started flashing and moving slowly away from us. We stopped again and watched the object slowly and silently move away until it finally disappeared from view behind houses situated in Wykin village. The whole episode lasted 10 minutes.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/77/02. May 1977 - 23:30 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK - 3 star-like lights in the sky moving in a zig-zag manner were reported by a married couple. Witness (A) stated: “I went into the back garden and upon looking up at the night sky, I saw what appeared to be a star-like object move off in a zigzag pattern at great speed. It then suddenly stopped, and once more gave the appearance of being just another star. I then called my Wife into the garden, and after pointing to the object, and giving her a quick explanation of what I’d seen, we both observed the same object to move off again, only this time it was joined by another object of exactly the same appearance. They both zigzagged across the sky, and then moved off at great speed disappearing into the distance. I later observed three more of these objects moving together in the same direction, and similarly disappearing about 20 minutes later.” (PE - 4A). Possible satellite misidentifications. (Burnes). (lufoin).

51/77/03. 11 May 1977 - 21:45 - Geo. B1 - Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - A low-level daylight disc was observed by several witnesses - circled a passing light aircraft and then swooped low, frightening several young cricketers - arm - red light(s) - humming sound. Witness (A) stated: It was hovering over the field, I should say a couple of miles away, when all of a sudden it was like one bright light and seemed to shoot and hover above the fields where the kids were playing cricket, and then the next minute it went across our place, and then stayed there for about a minute and then it had gone, no noise whatsoever. Then the kids came running off the field where they had been playing cricket, it had frightened them, they said they had seen a spacecraft or something, and then Adrian drew a diagram of it . I didnt see any shape but there was definitely a light out there.” (UN-CE). (Expanded - Report By T. Thornton). (lufoin).

 : The Thurmaston UFO - as drawn by Adrian D.

51/77/04. 18 May 1977 - 23:55 - Copt Oak, Leicestershire, UK - A bright star-like light in the sky was observed. - (IN-NL). (Berry). (lufoin).

51/77/05. 19 May 1977 - 00:30 - Launde Abbey, Leicester, UK - A low-level saucer with windows - flashing lights - making a strange humming noise, attempted landing near to young boys camping out in the area - object flew off quickly. Witness (A) stated: We were camping out at Launde Abbey, we were trying to sleep, I heard a noise, it sounded like an aeroplane at first. It then made a humming noise which changed from one noise to another, so I looked out of my tent and saw something in the sky. I called my two friends and asked them what it was but they didnt know. We all saw something spinning in the sky, it had lights flashing, and the noise was constant with the flashing. Then it sloped down as though it was going to land. When it got to about five feet off the ground it started going up again. We carried on watching it until it disappeared into a wood in the dark. You could see the shape of the trees on the horizon.” (UN-Hi). (Expanded - Report By T. Thornton). (lufoin).

: Witness As original drawing of the Launde Abbey UFO.

51/77/06. 19 May 1977 - 22:35 - Parsons Lane, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An unidentified globular light in the sky was observed by an experienced male UFO investigator. Witness stated: “I was taken by surprise one Saturday evening when at approximately 10.35 p.m., I saw something in the sky which I couldn‘t identify as being a man-made object. This particular Saturday had been quite windy, and even in the evening there was a stiff breeze. I was standing on the step to the garage opposite our bungalow when a bright ‘star’ caught my eye. It first seemed like a star, and from where I was standing, at about chimney height. I noticed pretty quickly however, that this was no star, because it appeared to be moving slowly. I am familiar with aircraft and satellites, particularly aircraft. I know at once from the absence of sound (it was almost overhead) that this was no aircraft. It was not following the established air route over Hinckley, anyway. It was quite bright by now and moving at the same speed, but across the prevailing wind. It couldn’t be a balloon, as the breeze would have carried it in the opposite direction. It was no satellite either. The bright light continued to ’drift’ across my vision, and appeared to be solid enough. It was difficult to estimate it’s speed, and it carried out no manoeuvres, it just drifted through the night sky, a silent ball of light. I kept the light in sight for approximately three minutes, during which time it disappeared from my view behind a tall sycamore tree at the bottom edge of our garden. To keep the light in sight, I climbed onto our garage roof, which is approximately 12 feet high. From there, my eyes followed the light. It was now dead ahead of me and finally went over the horizon and vanished from my view.” (UN-NL).(Drozdz). (lufoin).

51/77/07. 21 May 1977 - 00:24 - Leicester, UK - A taxi driver observed an unusual object in the sky. It was brilliant white, and completely silent. At one stage, the object appeared to look like five rugby balls joined together in a circle. Initially hovering, the object then moved off and disappeared. (IN- NL). (Leicester Mercury).

51/77/08. 22 May 1977 - 11:50 - Leicester, UK - A silvery-white round object in the sky was observed by single male witness. (PE-5A). (lufoin).

51/77/09. 30 May 1977 - 19:38 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK - A silver-grey elongated object was reported - hovered low - rocked - moved off suddenly straight up into the sky. (UN-Med).(Expanded - Report By T. Thornton). (lufoin).

51/77/59. 3 June 1977 - 22:30 - Wigston, Leicestershire, UK - A strange light in the sky was observed by lone female witness. Witness stated: “Whilst lying in bed I noticed a light in the sky. It came down at an angle and then started to slow down. At this point it began to change to a light orange colour. The object then turned, (by then it was a deep orange) to the north. I finally lost sight of it as it went behind the trees.” (IN-NL). (Cavanagh). (lufoin).

51/77/10. 21 June 1977 - 22:18 - Brookside, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - Married couple observed a silent bright pink light out of their lounge window that hovered before changing its appearance into two lights. (PE -3 A/B).(Rygelski). *See Item 15: Press Report Log - 1965-1977. (lufoin).

51/77/11. 22 June 1977 - 22:00 - Hinckley Road, Barwell, Leicestershire, UK - A red illuminated globular light - retraced flight path - vanished into distance. (IN-NL). (Jebbet). (lufoin).

51/77/12. 22 June 1977 - 23:00 - Sharnford, Leicestershire, UK - Company director and family observed a dome-shaped object in the night sky - object had 2 flashing white lights - circled before disappearing over Burbage. (PE- 5E).(Flude). *See Item 14: Press Report Log - 1965-1977. (lufoin).

51/77/13. 30 June 1977 - 21:50 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK - A hovering cigar-shaped object was observed in the sky by 2 witnesses near a prison - vanished. (IN - Med). (lufoin).

51/77/14. 3 July 1977 - 22:45 - Parsons Lane, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An unidentified globular light in the sky was reported - straight trajectory. (IN -NL). (lufoin).

51/77/15. 5 July 1977 - 22:30 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 2 yellow, elliptical slow moving bright lights - changed direction and shape - sped away. Witness stated: Whilst looking out of my bedroom window, facing due south on a clear night, at precisely 10.30 p.m. I noticed two bright yellow-white lights come into view. They were travelling in an east to west direction, very slowly at first, almost to a stop. I estimate the distance at this point to be about 2 miles. After nearly stopping they changed direction and travelled in a westerly direction at extreme speed. The two circular lights appeared to change shape on moving away, to an elliptical shape. Their height I would estimate to have been at between 1,500 - 2,000 feet. The night must be noted for its absolute clarity, there was no cloud, or noticeable stars or Moon light, and no air traffic at all. And no sound was noted.” (UN-NL). (Wallace). *See Item 16: Press Report Log - 1965-1977. (See also UFODNA data 5 July 1977 22:20 - Irlam, UK). (lufoin).

  : The strange lights above the Sketchley Hill. (Original witness drawing).

51/77/69. 15 July 1977 - 22:30 - Sharnford, Leicestershire, UK - A ‘bubble-like’ aerial object was first observed by a female witness and then the whole family. Witness stated: “I saw at first a bright light in the sky and the children and I went outside to look at it. It looked like a very bright star. I called my Husband to look, and when he saw it he said it is only a big star, then went back indoors. The rest of us kept watching it, then it began moving slowly and, while we were watching, this big bubble appeared under the light. It was shining like the bubbles children blow, but was big, it looked about two feet in diameter, and seemed to be made of glass and glowed. It moved quite slowly and went into some cloud and we didn‘t see it again.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/77/16. 17 July 1977 - 23:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright star-like aerial light that crossed the sky. (Moloney). (Evaluation Code PE-4A). (lufoin).

51/77/17. 21 July 1977 - 23:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Two bright flashing lights in the sky that resembled conventional aircraft lighting. (DE-1B). Explanation: Aircraft. (lufoin).

51/77/18. 22 July 1977 - 23:10 - Stapleton, Leicestershire, UK - A glowing object in the sky - orange. (PE-3C). possible Moon. (lufoin).

77/77/19. 1 August 1977 - 03:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Two white lights in the sky were observed - yellow/orange - hovered for 30 minutes. (IN-NL). Possible Stellar explanation. (Bruntlett). (lufoin).

51/77/20. 2 August 1977 - 00:30 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A triangular object with 3 white static lights was observed in the sky by male witness. Witness stated: “I noticed an object in the sky which did not seem in my opinion to be an aircraft. It seemed to be flying quite low, but high enough to pass behind clouds. It had three white lights that shone continuously. These lights gave a reflection of the underneath of this object. I watched this for approximately 1 and a half minutes, before it went out of sight.” (IN -Med). (Hood). (lufoin).

: The Sketchley Hill triangular UFO of August 2nd. - Original witness drawing.

51/77/21. 4 August 1977 - 04:50 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An unusual object in the sky was observed - hovered. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/77/22. 9 August 1977 - 18:45 - St. Matthews, Leicester, UK - A small red disc was reportedly witnessed over the area by a single, male witness - clear sky - no sound was noted. (IN -Med). (Potterton). (lufoin).

51/77/23. 9 August 1977 - 21:25 - Sharnford, Leicestershire, UK - A white light travelling swiftly across the sky was reported by female witness. Witness stated: “I looked out of my west facing open window towards the Sunset, against a background of banked cloud, and saw an intense bright light travelling very fast from right to left. I observed it for about five seconds then it vanished abruptly.” (IN - NL). (Smallshaw). (lufoin).

51/77/24. 10 August 1977 - 22:50 -Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright round aerial object with a tail was observed for 5 seconds. (PE - 7B). Probable meteor. (lufoin).

51/77/25. 23 August 1977 - 20:00 - Wolvey Village, Leicestershire, UK - A dome-shaped aerial saucer was observed and reported by a 15 year-old witness.(IN-Med).(McCann). (lufoin).

51/77/26. 25 August 1977 - 22:15 - Southfield Rd., Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An unidentified spinning object in the sky was observed. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/27. 27 August 1977 - 03:45 - Whetstone, Leicester, UK - A saucer-shaped object in the sky was reported. (IN-Med). (Duffy). (lufoin).

51/77/28. 31 August 1977 - 22:50 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A brilliant white aerial object with a tail was observed. (PE-4B). (Bates). (lufoin).

51/77/64. 4 September 1977 - 20:50 - Thurnby Lodge, Leicestershire, UK - An unusual object was observed in the sky by three witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “I was outside my house with a friend when we both saw an object in the sky. At this time the object was not moving - from where we stood, it appeared to be hovering. I ran into my house to call my Mother who came outside. The object then started moving slowly towards us, it was very low, only just above the rooftops. It looked as large as an aeroplane coming into land except it had no wingtip lights on like an aircraft, but was brilliantly lit all over. It moved in a complete circle and moved faster than a plane, but when it reached a point south-west of us, it just disappeared.” (IN-Med). (Taylor). (lufoin).

 : Original witness drawing of the Thurnby Lodge UFO seen on September 4th.

51/77/30. 12 September 1977 - 20:30 - Oakham, Leicester, UK - 6-7 white star-like objects - moved very fast - stopped, and changed direction - disappeared into distance.( IN-NL). (Hamilton). (lufoin).

51/77/31. 12 September 1977 - 21:00 - Leicester, UK - 8 white circular objects were reported - vanished. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/77/65. 27 September 1977 - 19:05 - Thurnby Lodge, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I was walking with my Mother when I saw the object in the sky. I pointed it out to her and we both stood watching it for five minutes, when it suddenly disappeared - it did not move away. It looked like a car headlight in the sky. We were standing at the corner of Rowletts Hill Road.” (PE-1B). (Taylor). (lufoin).

51/77/66. 15 October 1977 - 22:45 - Leicester, UK - A hazy light in the sky was observed in the sky by a lone, female witness. Witness stated: “I was in my bedroom when I heard a sound like a low flying aircraft. I had heard the same sound earlier with my friend. I switched the light off, and went to the window. I saw then from the right what seemed like a hazy light right up in the sky, it was flickering quite fast. It moved quickly to my left. Looking at it was like having a piece of plastic placed in front of your eyes. Although from the noise the object seemed low, in fact it was very high up. It didn’t change shape at all and I watched it until the sound and the object had gone. It was a clear starlit and Moonlit night.” (IN-NL). (Bott). (lufoin).

51/77/32. 18 October 1977 - 20:50 - Oakham, Leicestershire, UK - 2 nocturnal aerial orange circular lights, travelling at the same speed, very close together, no sound. (IN-NL). (Mellor). (lufoin).

51/77/67. 19 October 1977 - 22:30 - New Parks, Leicester, UK - A pink hazy glowing light in the sky was observed by two witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “The object appeared as a glowing hazy light, pink in colour, that slowly travelled across the sky before swerving and finally disappearing into the distance.” (IN-NL). (Atkins). (lufoin).

51/77/33. 24 October 1977 - 19:20 - Leicester - A white, star-like nocturnal light was observed crossing the sky. (PE-4A). Possible Satellite observation. (lufoin).

51/77/34. 25 October 1977 - 09:15 - Croft, Leicestershire, UK - An object was observed in the sky by female witness and 2 children - object resembled an aircraft vapour trail. Witness (A) stated: “Driving towards Coventry along the A46 road from the Croft T junction, looking to our right we saw a vertical gold coloured vapour trail. To the left, and slightly down from the vapour trail, was a silver metallic shape like a common punctuation mark. It seemed to be roughly at the height of a jet plane perhaps 32-34,000 feet. The object did not appear to move. My two daughters brought my attention to it. They thought it was the Moon, but the Moon was on the other side of the road and was full. It seemed to be very bright for such a clear sunny light morning. The children described the shape of the object as looking like a tear drop.” (PE-7C). (Collins). (lufoin).

: The strange vapour trails seen over the Croft area at 9.15 a.m. on the morning of October 25th. - Original witness drawing.

 51/77/35-55. 25 October 1977 - 16:40 Leicestershire and Worcestershire, UK - A large vertical object in the sky was observed by several independent witnesses across the region - illuminated cigar with luminous trail - smaller objects detached and flew away- ‘Vallee’ ’cloud-cigar.- Photographed. (Expanded - Report By D.Mayne). (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/35. 25 October 1977 -16:00 - Between Leicester and Stamford, UK - A yellow vapour trail moving very fast across the sky. At its head, was a circular object of the same colour. The object was in the north, and in view for 15 minutes. (UN-Med). (Holmes). (lufoin).

51/77/36. 25 October 1977 - 16:00 -Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - An object in the sky which had orange fumes coming from the back - object observed for 30 minutes until it finally faded from view. (UN-Med). (Brighty). (lufoin).

51/77/37. 25 October 1977 - 16:18 - Dadlington, Leicestershire, UK - An oblong-shaped orange coloured object was observed in the sky - moved slowly away until nothing more could be seen - in view for 18 minutes. (UN-Med). (Taft). (lufoin).

51/77/38. 25 October 1977 - 16:25 - South Wigston, Nr. Leicester, UK - An object in the sky was observed that appeared to suddenly “drop” out of the sky and head west. The object’s colour was described as yellow/orange, as was the vapour trail it left behind. - 15 minutes duration. (UN-Med). (Steadman). (lufoin).

51/77/39. 25 October 1977 - 16:30 -Leicester, UK - An object was observed in the sky with a vapour trail - object was in view for two minutes and the witness is certain that it was an aircraft. (UN-Med). (Mann). (lufoin).

51/77/40. 25 October 1977 - 16:30 - Between Somerby and Twyford, Leicestershire, UK - Witness was travelling home via Somerby and Twyford, when he glimpsed a bright white light in the sky. At this time, the witness put the light down to being an aircraft landing light. A few minutes later he noticed what appeared to be a very short vapour trail pointing downwards at an angle of 30 degrees. It was stationary for perhaps two minutes before slowly moving off in a westerly direction. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/41. 25 October 1977 - 16:30 - A46 Road Between Nottingham and Leicester, UK - Witness was travelling by car along the A46 road towards Leicester when she noticed what she what at first seemed to be an aeroplane. It had a vapour trail which was wavy but not so long as that of an aircraft. - trail then disappeared leaving a glowing object which travelled away in a south-westerly direction. - object then remained stationary and stayed the same shape and size for about ten minutes. The whole thing then became obscured as the sky became darker. - object was said to be banana-shaped. (UN-Med). (Holland). (lufoin).

51/77/42. 25 October 1977 - 16:35 - Leicester, UK -An object was observed in the sky leaving a vapour trail - described as a high flying aircraft, which seemed to disappear, and in its place was left a “boomerang-shaped blob.” This shape was in view for 8 minutes before fading away. (UN-Med). (Crewe). (lufoin).

51/77/43. 25 October 1977 - 16:40 - Eyes Monsell, Leicestershire, UK - Lone female witness observed a yellow vapour trail in the eastern section of the sky. She could then hear a high pitched whirring sound. After a few minutes, the noise stopped. The trail then got slowly shorter finally leaving a banana-shaped object. (UN-Med). (Edwards). (lufoin).

51/77/44. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 - Between Beeby and Barkley, Leicestershire, UK - A Married couple observed an object in the western sky at 4.45 p.m. They describe it looking like a “reddish-pink banana.” The couple were travelling towards Beeby From Barkley by car at the time. This object was in view for approximately 3 minutes. (UN-Med). (Burnham). (lufoin).

51/77/45. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 - Thurnby Lodge. Leicester, UK - A brilliant yellow banana-shaped object slowly travelling towards the south-west was observed - in view for 20 minutes. (UN-Med). (Robinson). (lufoin).

51/77/46. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 - Glenfied, Leicester, UK - A large bright orange object in the sky was observed - stationary at first, then slowly moving south-west - shape of the object was described as cigar. Total duration of the sighting was estimated as 5 minutes. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/47. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 -Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A bright aerial object with a vapour trail was observed in an easterly direction -the vapour trail slowly disappeared - total duration; 5 minutes. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/48. 25 October 1977 - 16:50 - Between Coalville and Ravenstone, Leicestershire, UK - A red object with a vapour trail was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I was travelling from Coalville to Ravenstone. About halfway I stopped at a road junction for traffic and looked up to see the object. It was bright red with a wavy vapour trail. This vapour trail was 2 to 3 times the length of the object.” (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/49. 25 October 1977 - 16:55 - Leicester, UK - A single male witness observed an object in the sky which he described as a “half-circle, similar to a vapour trail, but pink/orange in colour.” (UN-Med). (Towers). (lufoin).

51/77/50. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Ibstock, Leicestershire, UK - A lone female witness was standing in her bedroom and went over to the window which faces west of north, and observed a very bright, gold coloured object in the sky at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizon - shape was slightly curved - witnessed for the short period of 30 seconds only. (UN-Med). (Chapman). (lufoin).

51/77/51. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Leicester, UK - A lone female witness observed a golden/orange banana-shaped object in the sky with a vapour trail of the same colour whilst standing in front of her home in Glenhills Boulevard, Leicester - object was in view for 5 minutes travelling approximately south-west. (UN-Med). (Moore). (lufoin).

51/77/52. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - several witnesses were travelling by car along Nutts Lane, Hinckley, when they saw what they described as a “gold-silver boomerang-shaped object” in the southern section of the sky - object was in view for 10 minutes as it slowly away south. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/53. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An illuminated cigar-shaped object in the sky with a vapour trail was observed and photographed - in view 20 minutes. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/77/54. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Loughborough, Leicestershire UK - A lone male witness was travelling by van along Central Road, Loughborough and observed in the sky a bright, gold object with a short vapour trail slowly descending in a west of south direction.(UN-Med). (Black). (lufoin).

51/77/55. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Leicester, UK - 8 year-old boy observed a yellow cigar-shaped object in the sky, descending in the south-east - total duration was 15 minutes. (UN-Med). (Bates). (lufoin).

 : Witness photograph - taken on October 25th., 1977, at 4.30 p.m., Sileby, Leicestershire.
51/77/56. 25 October 1977 - 17:57 - Leicester, UK - A strange object in the sky was observed by a lone, female witness. Witness stated: “What I saw was a light in the sky similar to a four day old Moon but without the curve. It was dark flame almost red in colour, as was the evening sky from the setting Sun in the far background. It was absolutely vertical and appeared to be stationary. After about seven minutes I took my eyes away and when I looked back it was tilting to the right at an angle of 45 degrees. I realised then that it was getting further away and moving to the left quite slowly in the direction of the slight wind. It had now turned into a white light and it disappeared over the horizon as a smallish white ball. I raced upstairs and saw it again for half a minute or so before it again disappeared over the horizon. It had been in my view for 20 minutes because I timed it with my watch. Otherwise, the time seemed shorter.” (UN-Med). (lufoin).

: 25th., October - Leicester - The aerial phenomena seen at 5.27 p.m. - Original witness drawing.

51/77/57. 25 October 1977 - 19:05 - Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, UK - A star-like light in the sky was observed by lone male witness. Witness stated: “I went upstairs into my bedroom - the light was off - I went over to the window just to look out. I saw a light in the sky that I watched for about 2 minutes heading towards Leicester. Although the speed and altitude of the light was that of a light aircraft, which we have a lot of over our area, the light did not flash, and there were no other lights or any engine noise as I would normally hear with an aircraft.” (IN-NL). (Parker). (lufoin).

51/77/58. 25 October 1977 - 19:20 - Leicester, UK - A bright light in the sky was observed by a family of four. Witness (A) stated: “We were travelling by car when I saw what looked like a moving star. The children thought it was the car moving. Arriving at our home in Gough Road, we saw it again stationary in the sky. It suddenly moved off very quickly and then started coming back, travelling west to east parallel to our road. As it went behind the house opposite and re-appeared, it was again moving off very quickly to the north, disappearing almost immediately.” (IN-NL). (Glenn). (lufoin).

51/77/59 25 October 1977 - 19:30 - Markfield, Leicestershire, UK - A bright, star-like object was observed in the sky by lone, female witness. (IN-NL). (Bromley). (lufoin).

51/77/60. 25 October 1977 - 21:15 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK - Bright white and red lights in the sky were observed by a family of four. Witness (A) stated: “Travelling along a country road between Countesthorpe and Kilby, our attention was drawn to what appeared to be an exceptionally bright star, about the size of 4 times the size of Venus seen with the naked eye. To the right of this was another bright light of a red colour. The objects did not move for approximately three minutes, and then the red light moved slowly away from the white light and diminished. The white light remained visible until it was obscured from view by trees etc.” (PE-1B). (Wren). (lufoin).

51/77/60(b). 30 October 1977 - Daytime - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A husband and wife, together with a sister-in-law, were travelling a road near Loughborough in a Ford Transit van, when the husband noticed an unusual object in the sky. drawing the attention of his passengers to it, together they confirmed that it was of a long arrow shape with a tail fin. The object was stationary, and a misty grey in colour, although the tail fin appeared to be glowing. The witnesses stopped their vehicle, shortly after which the object simply disappeared. (IN-Med). (Contact UK Files).

51/77/61. 4 November 1977 - 17:00 - A47 Leicester Road, Leicestershire, UK - A glowing cigar-shaped object was observed by 2 teenage witnesses - revolved - vanished suddenly. Witness (A) stated: “We were travelling home to Barwell by bicycle, returning from gym practice, when we saw the object. It was reddish pink and travelling in a diagonal line. It appeared to be revolving anticlockwise. It lasted for about 30 seconds. Its disappearance was sudden.” (Wragg). (Robinson). (UN-Med). (lufoin).

: The Leicester Road UFO, As Drawn By witness (A).

51/77/62. 5 November 1977 - 01:30 - Cedar Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light was observed in the sky. Husband of witness stated: My wife, a heavy sleeper, was wakened by a strong circular light in the sky, which filled the bedroom window for perhaps 2-3 minutes before disappearing.” (IN-NL). (Halliwell) (lufoin).

51/77/63. 8 November 1977 - 18:10 - Oakham, UK - A round flashing object in the sky was reported. (IN-NL). (Brown). (lufoin).

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1954 -1977 - End.


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77/77/29. 6 September 1977 -02:00 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A strange and loud whining noise heard by many witnesses is plaguing residents on a nightly basis - not factory noise - No official explanation. (Un-Classified). (Non-UFO Event). (Jones).

51/54/04. Around 1954 - Daylight - Summer - Leicester, UK - A black hovering gigantic airship with a gondola hung underneath - vanished on the spot. (IN-Hi).(Devereux). (Source: Earthlights).