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Thursday, March 12th., 1970. 03.00 Hours. Coleman Road, Leicester. SK 615 051 Geo. B2 - C. Weather; Clear. Cool, dry. Slight breeze.

The following sighting took place in Leicester in the early Spring of 1970 and, unlike the majority of UFO sightings where there is usually no sound to be heard at the time coming from the object, here we have a reversal effect, as the object witnessed made quite a lot of noise, and, early in the morning when for the most part, peace prevailed.

Two known witnesses came forward at the time, a Miss M, who was eventually contacted by local investigator Geoff Coxon, (Nicap G.B.) after her account of the event had appeared in the Leicester Mercury newspaper, with a second report being made by Mrs. J. Spiers. via a letter to the same newspaper a week after the event had occurred.

Both accounts are here placed on record ..

Sighting by Miss M.

On the morning of March 12th., 1970, at approximately 3.00 a.m., Miss M was lying in bed and not really asleep, when she heard a high pitched whining noise which she first assumed to be a factory siren. The noise, which was described as weird and variable, went on for over five minutes, and so she went to her bedroom window to investigate. On looking out, she saw that the noise was coming from a round white object, which was at a height described as aeroplane height, and slowly descending at an angle. It was surrounded by a white halo effect, on which were many small lights of the same colour. The halo appeared to rotate, causing the whole object to flash, while a noticeable parallel between the noise and rotation was very outstanding.

As she watched, the object stopped and remained stationary in the sky. She called her parents and was immediately joined by her Mother who opened the bedroom window to obtain a better view. The object at this point rose gradually back into the sky and gradually got further away until it appeared as a white flashing star in the distance. By this time, the noise had become barely audible as the object turned to the right, slowly descended at an angle, then stopped and again, stopped and remained stationary in the sky.

After watching the spectacle for over half a hour, the puzzled witnesses grew tired and returned to bed.


Sighting by Mrs J. Spiers

Leicester Mercury letters - 19/3/1970. Re: Loud noise and UFO sighting 12th., March.

Regarding strange noise heard on 12th. March 1970. I was awakened at approximately 3.00 a.m. by this noise which can best be described as an aeroplane in severe difficulty. The duration of hearing it after waking was approximately two minutes of extremely loud noise, seeming to come from directly overhead, after which it suddenly went very faint as if heard from far in the distance, this lasted only a moment. Five other people were woken up and know they heard a noise, but cannot give very accurate descriptions. I did not see any object. In the area where I live we get a perpetual whine from the John Bull factory, sirens going off any odd hour of the day or night, also a helicopter frequently passes over, so I am used to all sorts of noises, but this one was unlike anything I have ever previously heard. Mrs. J. Spiers. (7). (Item 4).

No Explanation was ever forthcoming for this particular flying object.

Map:Coleman Road.


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