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1. The Brookside ‘Egg’

Wednesday, August, 19th., 1970. 15:15 Hours. Brookside, Burbage, Leicestershire. SP 434 934. Geo. B1. Weather; Warm, Dry, cloudy, breezy.

The following sighting occurred whilst Ian ‘T‘, who, at that time was a 15 year-old student, was sitting in the living room of his home in Brookside, Burbage, Leicestershire, with his friend, 15 year-old Michael ‘F‘, also a resident of Brookside. Both boys attended Hinckley Grammar School, and in their spare time, actively studied astronomy. A hobby that they had both been interested in for approximately four years.

The sighting

Ian and Michael were sitting in the living room of Ian’s home on Wednesday, August 19th., 1970, when, at approximately 3.15 p.m., Ian noticed, through an open window, a dark, almost black oval object stationary in the sky. Ian pointed out the silent flying object to his friend, but before he could say anything, the object “shot off” at a tremendous rate of speed towards the south-west. Michael stated that as he looked, he saw something dark shooting away at speed which both he, and Ian T described as too fast for any known conventional aircraft.

Ian described the object as perfectly oval in shape, similar to an “Elongated egg”. The object was said to be solid looking, and very dark in colour, almost black.

The actual size of the object was estimated to be approximately 15 feet long, and 6 feet wide at the centre. It was at an altitude at which the witnesses had difficulty in assessing. However, Ian stated that whilst the object was stationary, it appeared just below or a little in the low clouds which were heavily overcast at the time. The witnesses added that as the object shot away there was no noise whatsoever.

ABOVE: The Brookside ‘egg’. (Original witness drawing).

It was discovered that there were no aircraft, meteorological balloons or other devices over the Brookside area on the date and time in question, and the object, after consideration of all known factors, remains unexplained.


CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-70-07 - Associated Media Item:

August 21st., 1970 - UFO Over Hinckley - The Hinckley Times.

Two Hinckley youths saw an Unidentified Flying Object pass over the town on Wednesday afternoon. Ian Truslove, of Brookside, was sitting in the living room of his home with his pal Michael Ford, who lives across the road, when the mystery object was seen. It was dark, perfectly oval in shape and at first appeared stationary but almost before they could ask each other “what’s that?” it darted off in a south-westerly direction towards Sketchley, and passed out of sight. Ian said afterwards: “I have never seen a UFO before and never really believed in them, but I have got to think again now.”


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