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Monday, May 30th., 1977, 19:58 Hours. Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

The following incident occurred on the evening of Monday, May 30th., 1977, at 7.58 p.m., and involved a solitary witness, Mr. Gordon H.

Mr. H had just finished watching a T.V. programme when, on glancing out of his lounge window when he saw what appeared to be an oblong-shaped object in the sky, just above the hedge line at the back of his garden.

The object was hovering at this point, and the witness noticed the objects colour was black/grey. After a short period of time, the object began to rock from side to side, finally shooting off at speed in a westerly direction, disappearing into the clouds. The whole episode lasted approximately five minutes, during which time no sound was heard coming from the aerial object.

ABOVE: The Market Harborough UFO as drawn by Mr. H.

Map: Market Harborough.

BELOW: Same Date Global Reports, UFODNA Data, May 30, 1977.

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

01:00 - Rostrevor, South Australia, Australia.

18:25 - Mount Communication, Tasmania, Australia.

22:30 - Opossum Bay, Tasmania, Australia.


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