Report Review

1979 - 1993

Published by The Leicestershire UFO Research Society (Est. 1971)

Edited by Graham Hall & Jeff Lord

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Recorded Regional UFO Reports and Observations Log 1979-1993

Designed to act primarily as a research tool, this log makes a direct attempt to collate and record known Unidentified Flying Object sighting data for the years 1979 to 1993 from the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom, and uses material directly investigated by members of the Leicestershire (with Warwickshire) UFO Investigation Network, (lufoin), also sightings logged at the uk-ufo, ufodna and ufoinfo databases, occasionally making reference to associated items that have occasionally appeared in the local media etc.

Last modification: March, 2015. Ref: 51/82/13.

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-1979 -

51/79/01. 1 January 1979 - 07:00 - Leicester, UK - A brilliant ball of white light. (DE-3A). Explanation: Planet Venus. (lufoin).

51/79/02. 1 January 1979 - 16:00 - Thornton, Leicester, UK - Three people observed a red globe hovering over Charnwood school - object changed colour to black - after 4 minutes, faded away. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/79/03. 2 January 1979 - 10:00 - Mountsorrel, Leicester, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed spinning very slowly in a clockwise direction - flames were witnessed coming out of the sides and rear - object climbed into sky until out of sight. (IN-Med).(Freer). (lufoin). Additional Ref: Mountsorrel Village Website.

77/79/04. 2 January 1979 - 20:32 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A red triangular object with green lights was reported. Witness stated: “I first observed the object at 8.30 and continually observed and tracked it for over 2 hours. Angular height bearings taken plus initial direction and final direction of observation. Initially very bright approximate to level of a very bright star. Independent witness called in at approximately 9.00 p.m., to observe and it was agreed that it was not an aircraft.” (DE-3B). (Green).Explanation: Star. (lufoin).

77/79/05. 2 January 1979 - 21:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An oval twinkling light in the sky. (DE-3B). Explanation: Star. (lufoin).

51/79/06. 4 January 1979 - 19:45 - Thornton, Leicester, UK - A disc-shaped flying object was observed hovering above Thornton Reservoir - object coloured orange/red and rotated occasionally sending 2 beams of light towards the wood at back of reservoir. - after 7 minutes, object moved off towards Leicester. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/79/07. 4 January 1979 - 20:00 - Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - An orange aerial light was reported. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/79/08. 5 January 1979 - 17:05 - Glen Parva, Leicester, UK - Female witnesses observed a silent, cigar-shaped object with 2 very bright lights - silent - disappeared suddenly. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/79/09. 5 January 1979 - 19:45 - Rothley, Leicestershire, UK - A white globular light was reported. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/79/10. 5 January 1979 - 19:45 - Rothley, Leicester, UK - A bright white light in the sky was observed by a single female witness. (IN-NL).(Kidger). (lufoin).

51/79/11. 9 January 1979 - 16:47 - Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, UK - A flashing light in the sky - (DE-2A) Explanation: helicopter. (lufoin).

51/79/12.11 January 1979 - 20:50 - Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, UK - A bright object in the sky was noted that had coloured lights within - optical aid used. (DE-3B).Explanation: Star. (lufoin).

51/79/13. 18 January 1979 - 19:55 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - An unidentified object was sighted, (DE-1B).Explanation: aircraft. (lufoin).

77/79/14. 1 February 1979 - 20:32 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An unusual aerial object was observed for over 2 hours. (PE-3B).(Green). (lufoin).

77/79/15. 2 February 1979 - 21:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An unusual object in the sky was observed for over 2 Hours. (PE-3B). (Guthrie). (lufoin).

51/79/16. 9 February 1979 - 19:30 - Markfield, Leicester, UK - A silent, white/yellow light was observed in the sky. Witness stated: It was a sort of yellowy-white light - it got lighter near the edges, and was brighter inside - it wasnt moving very fast and it was going towards Coalville - it disappeared behind some houses.” (IN-NL) (Hunter). (lufoin).

51/79/60. 4 March 1979 - 20:10 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A white flashing aerial light was observed by a lone, male witness. Witness stated: “I was walking along having just met with Wittleford Road Junction in Nuneaton, when I noticed a bright white light over rooftops across the road. The light was heading towards the south-east. All of a sudden the light started to flash quite fast, becoming completely red in colour. It remained red and flashing for a few seconds and then it returned to white but this time it was static. A few seconds later it again changed to red and started to flash again like before. It did this several times before disappearing.”(PE-1B). (lufoin).

51/79/18. 22 March 1979 - 19:30 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A flashing aerial white light - stationary at times - moved away.(PE-1B). (Smith). Possible explanation: Aircraft. (lufoin).

51/79/19. 22 March 1979 - 19:30 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A flashing aerial white light - stationary at times - moved away. (PE-1B). Possible explanation: Aircraft. (lufoin).

51/79/20.. 23 March 1979 - 22:00 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary bright white light was observed - appeared to be hovering above power station - duration 15 minutes. Witness stated: On my way from work in my friends car after finishing on the afternoon shift, I saw a big bright light in the sky which seemed to be still - As we moved towards Belton, it was still in the same position, and we had travelled about 1 and a half miles down the road. It appeared to be above Ratcliffe power station.” (PE-3A). (Bradford). (lufoin).

51/79/21. April 1979 - evening - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - a globular light that had the ability to hover - stopped above sewerage farm - moved off towards Nuneaton - observed again on unspecified date repeating same actions. (IN-NL). (Phillips). (lufoin).

51/79/22. 2 April 1979 - 09:10 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bullet-shaped craft - buzzing noise. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/79/23. 24 April 1979 - 05:50 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - An orange dome-shaped object was reported. (IN-Med). (Bateman). (lufoin).

51/79/24. 26 April 1979 - 21:20 - Elmsthorpe, Leicestershire, UK - A large object at rooftop height was reported - dome-shaped outline - glowed - red and green lights were witnessed. (IN-Med). (Hunt). (lufoin).

51/79/25. 3 May 1979 - 19:30 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - 2 leading globular objects, and 1 following cylindrical object were observed in the sky - no sound - disappeared into trees. (UN-Med). (Irish). (Shone). (lufoin).

51/79/26. 24 May 1979 - 18:20 - Measham, Leicestershire, UK - A Colliery worker was travelling to work when he observed a large, grey saucer-shaped object hovering in the sky - object moved off at great speed until it was a small speck on the horizon. Witness stated: I was riding my motorcycle from Measham to Donisthorpe, when at a point approximately half a mile from Acresford Cross-roads, I glanced up to my right and saw a grey, disc-shaped object in the sky which appeared to be hovering at a height of around 1,500 feet. At the time I was slowing down to negotiate a right turn at the cross-roads. I glanced up quickly on several occasions to see if the object was actually there. Suddenly it appeared to accelerate away at a very fast speed in an easterly direction and then vanish.” (IN-Med). (Rose). (lufoin).

51/79/27. 29 May 1979 - 23:40 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An orange-coloured aerial object was observed. Witness stated: I looked over to the western half of the sky and saw what I thought was a streetlamp, some of which can be seen in an are 2-3 miles away. It was orange in colour and was too small to be a streetlamp. The object vanished suddenly.” (IN-NL). (Carter). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The Coalville Object - Original witness drawing.

77/79/28. June 1979 - 23:00 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A round, bright white light was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “We were walking into town to catch the bus and noticed a bright white light above us to the front in the sky. The light was motionless for a few seconds then moved rapidly to our left and slightly behind us. It then stayed motionless for a few seconds then moved slowly in a straight line upwards then moved right appearing like it was keeping pace with us. Then it stopped and moved over our heads at incredible speed stopping a long distance away. The light then again moved at incredible speed jumping from horizon to horizon and ended up again to our front. We then watched the light follow a similar pattern for the next few minutes. The light then moved away from us and appeared to go to the ground in the countryside over the other side of town. It was on the ground for about fifteen seconds then it rose up moving away from us before it just shot off and disappeared from view.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/79/29. 18 June 1979 - 21:30 - Markfield, Leicestershire, UK - An object was observed in the sky that resembled a slow-moving luminous cigar - left vapour trail. Witness stated: “I was watching television and happened to look out of the window. I noticed a strange orange trail of something coming from a small black long object in the sky. I got my binoculars, went outside with my mother and sister and stood watching it. When I looked at the object through my binoculars, I saw a long, cigar-shaped object with a trail of looked like orange vapour. It went straight across the sky, then it seemed to stop and hover for about five minutes. The object then turned round and started to drop down, until it seemed to disappear behind the bungalows in front of our house.” (IN-Med). (Hunter). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The Mark field cigar - Original witness drawing.

51/79/57. 18 June 1979 - 21:30 - Markfield, Leicestershire, UK An object was observed in the sky that resembled a slow-moving luminous cigar - left vapour trail. Witness stated: “I saw a gold-orange light moving slowly. At the top I saw a black object, then the gold-orange strip of light. For a good ten minutes, I must have watched it. It came down to stay still, then seemed to rise again, then it seemed to disappear altogether.” (IN-Med). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The cigar as drawn by second Markfield witness.

51/79/30. July 1979 - 23:15 - Markfield, Leicestershire, UK - A red and green object was observed for 3 consecutive nights that ejected stars. (DE-1A). Explanation: aircraft. (Pepper). (lufoin).

51/79/31. 29 July 1979 - 16-15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - 2 black cone-shaped objects were witnessed in daylight by married couple and their son - hovered, then fast movements observed - objects fell with a falling leaf motion, shot into the sky and disappeared. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (lufoin).

51/79/32. 29 July 1979 - 20:00 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A white egg-shaped aerial object was observed flying over the area by several sky watch members. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

77/79/59. 8 August 1979 - 21:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - 3 bright lights in the sky were observed. Witness stated: “I was walking the dogs with a friend and noticed a bright light which we watched for a while - Then I left my friend to get my Wife then both followed the light to the fields at the top of the road. We then saw another light which was stationary at first then started to move behind the trees. Another light approximately a mile away rose from the ground while the first light went out of sight.” (IN-NL). (Markham). (lufoin).

51/79/33. 12 August 1979 - 22:00 - Croft Hill, Leicestershire, UK - A descending globular light with tail was observed. Witness stated: “I was travelling home and as I arrived at the junction for the Thurlaston turn and Croft Hill, and as I was looking at the outline of the hill a bright light appeared heading towards the top of the hill which just disappeared. It looked like a firework as it takes off with the trail behind it.” (PE-7B). Possible meteor. (Edwards). (lufoin).

51/79/34. 20 August 1979 - 02:15 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light in the sky was reported. (PE-3A).(Burton). (lufoin).

51/79/35. 20 August 1979 - 02-15 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light in the sky. (PE-1A). Possible conventional aircraft. (lufoin).

77/79/36. 20 August 1979 -21:40 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An aerial light of an orange hue was reported. (IN-NL). (Prince). (lufoin).

77/79/37. 21 August 1979 - 21:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A brilliant white light that changed into red and green lights was observed in the sky by a male witness and his girlfriend. Witness (A) stated: “We were travelling towards Attleborough Green. The object was visible in the north-west as a white light about 4 times the size of a normal star. As we drove into Attleborough Road, it grew dimmer until it dimmed, changed to red and green and shot across us in a south-easterly direction at a very very high speed making no sound.” (IN-NL). (Talbot). (lufoin).

51/79/38. 23 August 1979 - 22:00 - Shellbrooke, Loughborough, UK - A yellow/white globular light - climbed into distance. (IN-NL). (Lee). (lufoin).

51/79/39. 30 August 1979 - 23:15 - Narborough, Leicestershire, UK - A white globular aerial light. (IN-NL). (Pine). (lufoin).

51/79/40. September 1979 - 19:00 - Bramcote, Leicestershire, UK - A Round bright white light was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I was a member of the Regimental boxing team travelling by mini bus from Bramcote Barracks to a boxing club in Hinckley. Someone on the right side of the mini bus called out that there was a bright white light travelling alongside us to the right in the sky. I got up from my seat and looked out of the window and saw a bright white light moving alongside us. It overtook us and moved quite a fair distance ahead, then stayed still for a second or two then moved back towards us to our left hand side. It travelled alongside us to our left for a while then moved back to our right hand side then moving in front where it stayed motionless before jumping from horizon to horizon. It then moved back to our right hand side, stopped, moved left, then up and then flew off extremely rapidly.” (IN-NL). (ufoinfo).

51/79/41. 2 September 1979 - 21:00 - Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire, UK - Like a twinkling star - a white light. (PE-3B). (James). (lufoin).

77/79/58. 3 September 1979 - 19:30 - Mancetter, Warwickshire, UK - A very bright light in the sky was observed by a married couple and two of their neighbours. Witness (A) stated: “On looking out of my bedroom window I saw a very bright white light in the sky over Nuneaton. It remained still for about 4 minutes, then it suddenly went out as though it had been switched off. It had no real form but reminded me of the star of Bethlehem as pictured on Christmas cards, but was larger than it’s width and osculating. There was very little cloud, but a long line of cloud from east to west at the same altitude as the object. There was no Sun, but the light was good.” (IN-NL). (Caswell). (lufoin).

77/79/42. 3 September 1979 - 19:50 - Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK - 2 brilliant white aerial lights were reported. (PE-1A). (Jeffrey). (lufoin).

77/79/43. 3 September 1979 - 20:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A silvery/orange aerial object. (IN-NL). (Azzopardi). (lufoin).

77/79/44. 3 September 1979 - 20:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A very bright light in the sky was reported by married couple. Witness (A) stated: “I was walking the dogs with my Wife in a field off Anstey Road when we saw a light in the sky below the clouds in a southerly direction. It travelled west to east and disappeared behind the trees. It was visible for 2 minutes.” (PE-1A). (Markham). (lufoin).

77/79/45. 3 September 1979 - 20:50 - Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK - 2 white lights in the sky were observed by over 30 witnesses at a football ground. Witness (A) stated: “The lights were brought to my attention by my son who pointed to the sky, together with the rest of the football team. The football team and spectators all watched the object for about 5 minutes, after which time it disappeared, with one light going out after another.” (IN-NL). (Freer). (lufoin).

51/79/46. 3 September 1979 - 21:00 - Whitwick, Leicestershire, UK - 4 teenage witnesses observed a globular light in the sky that they could not identify. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

77/79/47. 11 September 1979 - 05:40 - Coventry, UK - A silent hazy globe of pink light was observed by lone male witness. Witness stated: I was standing outside the Wood end chemists when over the top of a block of flats came a pink ball of light about the size of a pea. It was slightly hazy/fuzzy at the edges, solid in the middle - there were no other lights near it - there was also no sound to be heard. It travelled in a south-easterly direction across my field of vision. It continued for a few moments then vanished over house rooftops.” (IN-NL). (Gibbons). (lufoin).

Witness (B) stated: “Driving towards Birmingham from Nuneaton on the A47 road, a bright firework-like object appeared in the sky to my right and high up. The object gradually descended in a leaf-like motion for about 30 seconds before it went out and a canister-like object fell to the ground. The object seemed to be a red flare of some type.” (PE-8G). Possible flare. (Clarke). (Bartram). (lufoin).

51/79/49. 28 September 1979 - 20:10 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - 2 white lights in the sky - flashing red light. (DE-1A). Explanation: aircraft. (lufoin).

51/79/50. 30 October 1979 - 18:00 - Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, UK - 6 unusual red globular red lights were observed flying in formation over Charnwood forest by experienced UFO investigator. Witness stated: This occurrence took place at approximately 6.00 p.m. - the objects were viewed flying at 30 degrees N.E. over Charnwood Forest. I was viewing from outside my house in Agar Nook. There were 5-6 red lights flying in formation, (approximate speed of a normal aircraft), they had a flashing (red) light occasionally. They were spread apart and kept a constant distance from each other which suggests that they were attached to one object. The sky was clear, with no wind, and a high half Moon. I rang Donnington A.T.C. who informed me that no aircraft were in the area at the time, and that NO aircraft carry six red lights. I also spoke to the Radar controller with a negative result. My Son also saw the lights from the Whitwick area, and came to the same conclusion as myself regarding the total number of lights witnessed.” (UN-NL). (French). (lufoin).

51/79/51. 2 November 1979 - 17:15 - Wykin Village, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An unusual aerial object, shaped like a cross, was observed descending into a field - object described as having 1 central red light, 4 blue lights - landed in field next to young teenage witness - object described as melting into ground - hearing loss was experienced - physical traces included higher than normal radiation readings in immediate landing area. Witness stated: I was just on my way home from Spring Hill Farm when everything went dead quiet - I could not hear the rattle of my bike, nor the wind in the trees - it was then that I saw a large, flying object - it was four large poles joined in the middle with blue lights around the outside, and a red light in the centre. It came down in an arc, and landed in the corner of a field - it stayed there for around three seconds, and it melted, running off the higher parts of the plough and disappeared under ground. Then the sound went back to normal and I carried on peddling - I turned round further down the road, but saw nothing.” (UN-CE). (Asher). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). Also: See also Item 2: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992. (lufoin).

77/79/48. 27 September 1979 - 22:20 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Multiple witnesses reported a red oval-shaped object over the area that hovered before moving off - Police involved. Witness (A) stated: “While sitting in my Friend’s home around 10.20 p.m., I suddenly saw over Elmfield Road, a red oval object in the sky. We watched it as it stood in one position for around ten seconds. It then seemed to turn to orange then moved slowly away to our left towards the Stockingford area, before going out of view. The object‘s height of about 1000 feet, remained the same throughout the sighting. I reported the sighting to the Police who said that one of their officers - (PC Kennedy) - had also seen the object and had recorded in the station log.”

BELOW: The Wykin Cross-shaped UFO, as drawn by witness.


51/79/52. 5 November 1979 -18:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright globular aerial light in the sky was reported. (PE-1A). (lufoin).

51/79/53.17 December 1979 - 17:45 - Wykin Village, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Housewife and children in the village observed a triangular object fall out of the sky - 2 bright red lights at front - several smaller red/blue lights on edges - totally silent hover - moved off slowly. (UN-Med).(Allan). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The Wykin village triangular UFO, As drawn By main witness.

51/79/54.18 December 1979 -Swadlincote, Leicestershire, UK - An egg-shaped white light was observed in the sky by several witnesses. Witness (A) stated: I was sitting in my front room when I noticed a bright, egg-shaped object in the sky flying slowly past the window at about half a mile distance - My Husband and my auntie and uncle also observed the object. It seemed steady at first, but on occasions, it became erratic by slowing down and surging forward - it kept this appearance until disappearing out of sight across to the direction of Burton on Trent - It gave off a bright shimmer making it appear larger than the solid part of it.”

Witness (B) stated: I was standing in my lounge with my Wife and her auntie and uncle, when I saw a large, bright light in the sky, egg-shaped, which was glowing. I knew it was not a plane, as I opened the lounge window but could hear nothing. It also travelled much slower than a plane, and proceeded very erratically, stopping and then starting on three occasions - I have never seen the like of this before.” (DE-1B). (Baily). (lufoin).

51/79/55. 28 December 1979 - 17:15 - Wykin, Leicestershire, UK - 2 bright white lights in the sky were observed. (IN-NL). (Allan)

51/79/56. 28 December 1979 - 17:30 - Ravenstone, Leicestershire, UK - An Unidentified object was sighted. (DE-3A). Explanation: Venus. (lufoin).

51/79/57. Late 1970’s - Summer - 23:00 - Oadby, Leicestershire, UK - A bright (stubby) cigar shape with no clearly defined outline was observed in the sky. Witness stated: (2011 Statement) - “I had returned home one summer's evening (late 1970's) at about 11:00pm. As I walked up my parent's driveway, my attention was caught by a rhythmic whirring sound above me. As I looked up, in the clear sky I could see a stationary short cigar shaped object that was brightly shining not too far above me. (don't know exactly but perhaps at a height one would normally see a helicopter fly at). It's outline was not clearly defined as it was simply a bright white/yellowish glow. At this point I was curious as it was not a 'normal' sight or sound. As I watched, it very suddenly darted in a straight line across the sky (to my right) at an unbelievable tremendous speed and came to an abrupt halt (no human made craft that I know of could move like that from a stand-still point at this speed and I remember thinking that no human would cope with the G-force created by this movement). It was at this point I got exited and rushed into the house calling for anyone in there to come out and see. My mum hurried outside and was able to see and hear the (now stationary) object still making it's unique sound. We watched and discussed what it might be and eventually decided to phone the Police. Soon after the Police arrived (in several cars), with some high-ranking officers, I seem to remember. We greeted them walking up our driveway and literally as they walked towards us, clouds covered the sight. Very frustrating. The rhythmic whirring sound was there for all to hear, but they could no longer see it. I remember hearing from someone that there were no 'escaped' weather balloons that night, nor was there any military activity that was admitted to. (Perhaps I over-heard a police conversation, I don't remember). The Police stayed for quite a while hoping to get a sighting, but the clouds did not break. After a few hot drinks the Police finally departed with no conclusion or explanation for the happening. I went to bed with my window wide open still listening to the sound. When I awoke all was back to normal and there was no trace of the object. I was contacted by a local radio station soon after and was invited to recount my experience, but I was far too embarrassed and I declined. I have often thought about trying to find out if there are still records of my call to the Police and the goings-on of that evening.” (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

-1980 -

51/80/01. Early 1980s - Early A.M. - Great Glen, Leicester, UK- A circle of bright lights in the sky were observed. Witness stated: Strange lights were darting about, lighting up the night sky and hovering above my garden.” (PE-8H). (Humperdinck). Possible explanation: Nightclub spotlights. (Leicester Mercury).

51/80/02. 1 January 1980 - 16:20 - Whitwick, Leicestershire, UK - Amateur astronomer reported observing an orange light in the eastern sky above woodland. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/80/03. 6 January 1980 - 22:00 - Burton-on-Trent, UK - A stationary globular green and orange aerial light. (PE-3B). (Woolrych). (lufoin).

51/80/04. 10 January 1980 - 15:50 - Donisthorpe, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, UK - A green glowing light at low height was reported. (UN-Med). (Harman). (Expanded - Report By M. Brown). (lufoin).

51/80/A. 10 January 1980 - 15:50 - Donisthorpe, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, UK - A green/blue light was observed at tree-top height by male witness. (UN-Med). (Expanded). (lufoin).

51/80/05. 13 January 1980 - 19:20 - Wykin Village, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An orange globular light in the sky. Witness stated: At the end of my road I observed an orange ball-shaped object moving slowly towards the north. It appeared to have a very bright glow that dimmed consistently. It disappeared after the glow faded out.” (IN-NL). (Allan/Jones). (lufoin).

51/80/06. 22 January 1980 - 19:10 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - 2 white aerial lights were sighted, PE-1A). (Latimer). (lufoin).

51/80/07. 22 January 1980 - 20:20 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A red glowing light was observed - began spinning - vanished. Witness stated: As my sister and I were walking along Tudor Road we observed a bright circular object moving slowly across the sky from the direction of Stoke Golding and heading towards Barwell. As we watched the object it gained speed and started to spin. After a few seconds, the bright glow of the object faded out and then it disappeared altogether.” (IN-NL). (Cheshire). (lufoin).

51/80/08. 20 February 1980 - 02:00 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A dark object with flames at the rear was observed by a single male witness - object fell out of the sky and disappeared after 3 seconds. (PE-7B). Possible explanation: fireball. (Armson). (lufoin).

51/80/09. 29 March 1980 - Evening - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A dark grey cigar - shaped aerial object was observed in the sky by lone, female witness. Witness stated: “I went outside and saw a very bright star in western area the sky. I proceeded onto the back lawn to view the rest of the sky, realising how insignificant the other stars looked against it. I then noticed a dark grey, cigar-shaped object, which stayed the same shape all the time it was visible. It was travelling from east to west. I then saw a light which I thought was on the front of the object, but could not see the light as it passed by me at approximately 60 degrees to the horizontal. The light appeared as a small torch light, there were no stars object’s position where it‘s light was after it disappeared. An aircraft was in the area when the object was visible further towards Hugglescote than the object was.”(IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/10. 6 April 1980 - 20:34 - Burbage Common, Leicestershire, UK - A bright star-like light. (PE-1A). Possible Explanation: Aircraft. (lufoin).

51/80/11. 9 April 1980 - 22:00 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A square-shaped formation of aerial lights was observed by an experienced UFO investigator. (IN - Med). (French). (lufoin).

Witness (B) stated: I was going to bed and had just put all the lights out, when I saw a light on the lawn. I went to the window to see what it was and as I looked up the sky was brightly lit.” (DE-4B). *See Item 3: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992. (lufoin).

51/80/13. 5 May 1980 - 23:50 - Brookside, Parsons Lane, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A triangular object was observed - 3 red lights - loud humming noise. Witness stated: At about 11.50 p.m., on Monday, May 5th., 1980, I heard a very loud, and unusual noise. I thought that something was happening on the nearby railway line between Leicester and Nuneaton. This noise started as a low hum, and then increased in volume to a high pitched whine. I looked out of the upstairs bedroom window towards the railway, and I saw a triangular shape in the sky, with three big bright lights on it, two of which were red, and the other, orange. The object was going away from me. The shape of the object was visible to me for about 15 seconds. I called my Mother who came into the room, but by this time, she was only able to see the lights. The following morning, several other people said that they also heard the unusual noise at exactly the same time, but nobody else looked out to see what it was. A near neighbour remarked that the sound resembled a large, passenger jet aircraft, about to take off.” (UN-Med). (Burscough). (lufoin).

51/80/14. 15 May 1980 - 20: 30 Hours - Ashby-de-la-Zouch, UK - A stationary light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I was sitting in a chair looking out of the window, when I saw a very bright light high in the sky. About half-a-hour later from my same position, I noticed that the light had moved quite a noticeable amount. At the time, the sky was completely clear, it was a fine, early summer‘s evening and the sky was blue, with no Moon or stars out at that time.” (DE-3A). (Belfield). Explanation: Planet. (lufoin).

51/80/15. 1 June 1980 - 23:30 Hours - Leicester, UK - Mother and son observed a red object that performed a series of movements including a 90 degree turn - At one point, a smaller red object was ejected which then returned to the main object. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/80/16. 5 June 1980 - 01:03 Hours - Leicester, UK - A streak of light in the sky was observed. (PE-7B). (lufoin).

51/80/17. 29 June 1980 - Late night - Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK - 2 night fishermen observed a white flashing light hovering above a nearby wood - moved off - changed shape to cigar. (PE-1A). (Ward). (lufoin).

51/80/18. 8 July 1980 - 09:00 - Kilsby, Leicestershire, UK - A cigar-shaped object with a line of windows along its side was observed in the sky flying at a fast speed. .(PE-1A). (Warwick). (lufoin).

51/80/19. 16 July 1980 - 00:25 - Bardon, Leicestershire, UK - A thin beam of light was observed to emanate from wheat field - wrist-watch effected - stopped at exactly the same time as object was first seen - outdoor observation - strange individual witnessed nearby heading towards field - light switched off. Witness stated: “I was walking down Beveridge Lane, Bardon, on the night of 16th., July, at approximately 12.25 a.m., my car had run out of petrol just after the humped-backed bridge, and I had decided to fetch some petrol from a garage in Ellistown. As I approached the bottom of the lane, I saw a man walking towards me. He was very tall, at least 6 or 8 inches taller than me - (I’m 6’ 2”). It was very rainy at the time, but the man I saw wasn’t wearing any coat, only a polo-neck jumper. I only glanced at his face, but it seemed to be very pale, and he had high cheekbones and almost no lips - his hair was long and dark. I walked further down the lane until I came to South pit entrance, and there I looked into fields on the left - hand side, and saw what looked like a searchlight beam on top of a hump, shining straight up into the clouds. I could see no detail, only a dark hump with this light on top, but the hump looked curved and smooth.” (IN-Med). (*See also: Investigator’s Report by M. Brown). (lufoin).

51/80/20. 19 July 1980 - 00:00 - Birstall, Leicestershire, UK - 2 white lights in the sky. (PE-1B). (lufoin).

51/80/21. 19 July 1980 - 17:15 - Barrow-on-Soar, Leicestershire, UK - A silver disc was reported that hovered in the sky then vanished. Witness stated: “I was observing a medium-sized civilian aircraft flying in a northerly direction, estimated to be at an altitude of 30-35,000 feet, leaving no vapour trail, when an object came into view flying at a tangent, towards, and on, the right-hand side of the aircraft, at a speed slighter faster than the aircraft was travelling. I called my Wife to look, and then realised that I could not see it with the naked eye so I fetched my binoculars. As I again looked at the object this time through the binoculars, I saw a flat, silver shape which was backing off from the aircraft, and appeared to hover and undertake small manoeuvres. I passed the binoculars to my Wife, but could not see the object for herself, and then when I looked again myself, the object appeared in another area of the sky towards the south-east. My Wife said that she could now see the object without any visual aid, and described it as a silver disc. The object again performed small hovering manoeuvres and eventually disappeared.” (IN-Med). (Allcock). (lufoin).

51/80/22. 23 July 1980 - Evening - Whetstone, Leicestershire, UK - 2 white lights in the sky. (PE-1B). (lufoin).

51/80/23. 24 July 1980 - 20:34 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Multi-sightings of a bright oval or cigar-shaped aerial object at low altitude were reported - pink light in centre described - vanished suddenly. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/24. 24 July 1980 - 21:34 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A white light in the sky of extreme brilliance was reported - daylight observation. .(PE-1A). (Hall). (lufoin).

51/80/25. 24 July 1980 - 21:55 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A flat-topped red cigar was observed in the sky. (IN-Med). (Brown). (lufoin).

51/80/26.28 July 1980 - 14:30 - Groby Road Hospital, Leicester, UK - A revolving red and green reflective object was observed flying past a hospital window by a dental patient - also observed by doctor - object disappeared behind buildings. (UN-Med). (Culver). (Expanded - Report By G.Hall). (lufoin).

51/80/27. 28 July 1980 - 18:06 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK -A red and green revolving kite-shaped flying object was observed in daylight at low level - object disappeared behind houses. (UN-Hi). (Expanded - Report By G.Hall). (lufoin).

51/80/47. Summer 1980 - Directly above Chester Close and Taylor Road School, St Matthews Estate, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK - A cigar-shaped aerial object was observed by a number of witnesses. Witness (A) stated: (2014 statement) - “I was with 3 adults, I was a child at the time. We were at home, top floor flat. One of the adults was standing by the window as he was talking to my parents, he noticed an object in the sky outside and my father went over to the window to see. They realised it was something unusual and opened the window to get a better look. They started to call down to a lady in the street to look up and see it but she paid no attention. My father said we should go out onto the balcony for a better view of it. I remember being taken out onto the balcony and my parents and the man we were with were amazed. My parents were looking for lights or windows on the object but there were none. What we saw had a completed flat base, was long and cigar shaped. I'd say as long as a football pitch. Dark grey and metallic, but not shiny, dull. I remember seeing indentations along it's side, but they weren't windows or lights. It was extremely low in the sky, just above the roof of the flats. It was moving so very slowly across the sky, as slow as walking pace, it took an age to move I remember thinking it looked heavy. It moved from the sky above the flats in Chester Close diagonally across and over to the school playing grounds behind our block. There were children playing as normal. My parents and the guy we were with couldn't understand why no one else was looking up at it. It was broad daylight, sunny, no clouds or wind and it was just silent. It felt like it was there for a long time and then it just shot right up. I mean directly straight up into the sky at an incredible speed and disappeared. It didn't turn or move at funny angles or make any noise. It just shot straight up dead fast, this massive object. My parents and the man we were with went back inside our flat. It was strange, they didn't chat about it or report it. It was years later when I was older that I came to realise that day we saw something unusual because I've never seen anything like it since. My memory of it is crystal clear. I asked my parents if they ever reported it, and they didn't. I asked them why and they said it was because no one else looked up to see it when they called out to them in the street. They decided no one would believe them, and had put it out of their mind until I had reminded them. I've asked them since if my memory of it is correct because of course I was a child at the time. They too remember it in the same way. Definitely not an airship, plane or helicopter, and it was just so incredibly big and long, so close above us. I can't believe no one else saw it, they must have done.” (IN-Hi). (lufoin).

51/80/28. 5 August 1980 - 00:15 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A red circular light, brighter than stars was observed in the sky by retired married couple living in Ling Avenue, Shelthorpe, Loughborough - Object moved slowly over farmland - vanished - no sound. Witness (A) stated: “ I was upstairs in my bedroom when I glanced through the window and saw an object in the sky. I thought at first that it was a planet but I realised that it was moving. I saw it at about 20 degrees elevation. The object was in the south when I first saw it and moving at a steady pace. It was last seen in the south-east. It moved from over farm land to over the cemetery. I first watched it for about three minutes upstairs, but then I went downstairs to another window and watched it for a further three minutes. After this time the object just vanished. It was circular in shape and golden/red in colour. The colour seemed to flicker during the sighting. There was no sound during the sighting. There wasn’t much in the way of cloud and the stars were visible.”

Witness (B) stated: “I was looking out of the bedroom window when I saw an object in the sky which I know was not a plane. Looking south, it was moving across the sky towards the south-east. It was quite large, and coloured red and gold. It was flying above the chimney pot, went over the farm land disappearing completely over the trees of the cemetery.” (IN-NL). (Martin). (lufoin).

 LEFT: Investigator’s photograph showing witness (A)‘s view through downstairs window with ‘X‘ showing comparative height of observed object.

51/80/29. 21 August 1980 - 21:10 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - white hovering globular aerial light - moved off - flashed red.(PE-1A). (lufoin).

51/80/30. 24 August 1980 - 21:55 - Ellistown, Leicestershire, UK - A red and white flashing aerial light was reported. (DE-1A). Explanation: Aircraft. (lufoin).

51/80/46. 27 August 1980 - 01:15 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A large, glowing orange light in the sky was observed by female witness. Witness stated: “I got up and drew the curtains back because it was so hot. The big window was already open and I pushed it further back. I then saw this big orange light in the sky, the shape of it reminded me of a teacup. It had a small light on it. The light was slowly spinning and the more I looked at it, the brighter it seemed to shine. There wasn’t a star in the sky, and not a street light on, it was a very clear night. I became very scared so I went to the bathroom, hoping my eyes would feel more wake, but when I went back to the window, the light had gone. It was visible for about five minutes.” (IN-NL). (Lewis). (lufoin).

51/80/31. 6 September 1980 - 20:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A white light with a red halo was observed - passed over houses and vanished. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

77/80/32. 12 September 1980 - 20:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A married couple reported the observation of 3 separate sets of aerial lights which were acting strangely - falling motion - red/green - static light, no sound. Witness (A) stated: “My Wife noticed some stationary lights in the sky through the window. One light was constant with one close to it which was flashing. The light slowly moved down and left, and after it had been still for several minutes, another two lights appeared to our right and moved left and down just the same. It was a very slow movement. A few minutes after this, similar lights appeared higher in the sky and moved slowly down and slightly to the left and disappeared behind a tree on the skyline in the same place as the other’s had done.” (IN-NL). (Thorneycroft). (lufoin).

51/80/33. 14 September 1980 - 21:27 - Normanton - on - Soar, UK - Several lights in the sky were observed by 16 year-old male witness. Witness stated: “I was called outside to look at a UFO as my friend David said it was something strange but it turned out to be a flickering star. Then I saw the same satellite that I usually see at around that time. Then I saw a moving white object which I first thought was a satellite but as I followed it, it kind of flickered and disappeared. Then, about 4 minutes later, another one went on the same path as the first one and did the same. The lights looked the same as satellites but disappeared before they should.”(IN-NL). (Martin). (lufoin).

51/80/45. 17 September 1980 - 21:15 - Ibstock, Leicestershire, UK - A strange light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: Travelling towards Heather from Shackerstone, I saw this big light in the sky which looked like a searchlight. After it passed over the road, I was able to see the object from sideways on, and saw about 6 green lights which looked like windows. I stopped the car and wound down the windows but there was no sound. I drove on towards Ibstock and after about 2 minutes the object disappeared.” (IN-Med). (Crane). (lufoin).

77/80/34. 27 September 1980 - 19:00 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A bright white aerial light was observed. (PE-1A). (Reeves). (lufoin).

51/80/35. 2 November 1980 - 17:40 - Ashby-De-La-Zouch, UK - An elongated oval-shaped object was observed in the sky by several 12 year-old children who witnessed red, yellow, green and blue coloured lights - object circled low over area before moving away. Witness (A) stated: “We saw the light going round in circles, it seemed to be going too fast for a plane. It had a flashing light that lit up one of the houses in Avenue Road. It was like a car headlights picking out the building, but when we looked in the direction where the light was coming from, there was no car. The building was three times before the object flew away.” (IN-Med). (Smith). (Blisset). (Swinson). (Price). (Gibbs). (lufoin).

77/80/36. 15 November 1980 - 19:00 - Whitestone, Nuneaton, UK - A nocturnal globular light in the sky - yellow - jerking up and down as if in trouble” - observed over the area for some minutes - approached the ground at one point - moved away showing a red flashing light - no sound. (UN-NL). (Howe).*See Item 4: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992. (lufoin).

51/80/37. 18 November 1980 - 17:55 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A globular nocturnal aerial light was reported. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

77/80/38. 26 November 1980 - 19:20 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A hovering aerial object at very low level - buzzing noise - T.V. interference. (UN-CE). (Expanded - Report By M. Brown/K. McClure). (lufoin).

51/80/39-44. 26 November 1980.- 19:30 - Leicestershire, UK - An illuminated object with darkened windows was observed moving over the area by several persons. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By C. Potter). (lufoin).

51/80/39. 26 November 1980 - 19:30 - Littlethorpe, Leicestershire, UK - Two schoolgirls at the corner of Sycamore Way, observed a strange mushroom-shaped light over a field, - Witness (A) stated:The object then, rose, turned around and tilted towards us. It was shining bright lights out of something like lots of square windows. It looked quite dark in the middle of the top parts. I saw the object then go up, like a rocket slanting into the sky, jumping and jerking at first, then it went straight up“.- A hissing sound was heard emanating from the object.” (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/40. 26 November 1980 - 20:45 - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK - An object described as a fire in the hedge was observed near Brooksby College - a large, bright orange object, with a distinct black band across the centre. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/41. 26 November 1980 - 20:45 - Fylingates, Leicestershire, UK - A huge, orange/red brilliant light on the left of the road (North) - object compared to a mushroom top was observed, with its size described as very large - no sound. The witnesses turned their car around and then went back. Witness stated: Some cars were coming along so they proceeded along the road, observing the object all of the time. It appeared to rise from low ground and as it rose higher into the sky, there was some rays from the object shining down.” (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/42. 26 November 1980 - 20:45 - Wanlip, Leicestershire, UK - An anonymous witness observed a very large object over the Wanlip area - the witness, who was driving along the Wanlip Road, compared the brilliance of the observed phenomena to the setting Sun. (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/43. 26 November 1980 - 20:50 - Wanlip, Leicestershire, UK - Husband and wife observed a large, bright orange object in a northerly direction - compared to the Sun but larger. Witness stated: It was almost a full circle and flat across the bottom, with two purplish horizontal bands across it, about two thirds of the way down. It seemed odd that, although it was very bright, it had no aura surrounding it, and appeared not to give off any light itself.” (UN-Med). (lufoin).

51/80/44. 27 November 1980 - 16:35 - Wanlip, Leicestershire. UK - A sighting of an aerial object above the Wanlip Sewerage Plant - a bright disc was observed travelling low in the sky between the A6 and A46 roads. The object was heading north along the Soar Valley slowly and steadily. It was described as very brilliant but hazy in outline. (UN-Med). (lufoin).


51/81/22. 22 March 1981 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Nocturnal lights were reported. (IN-NL). (Jones). (lufoin).

51/81/01. 22 March 1981 - 18:55 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white globular light in the sky. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/81/02. 22 March 1981 - 18:55 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white globular light in the sky was observed - dimmed. Witness stated: I observed a light of red/white colouration through the front window of my house. The light appeared above the roof of a nearby house , though it looked very distant. However, in front of Bardon Hill (which I was looking towards at the time) it looked not unlike a planet except a little larger. The light moved in a L shape up and to the right. In total I studied the object for approximately 2 minutes, then it dimmed until it was no longer visible.” (IN-NL). (Hannant). (lufoin).

77/81/03. 1 April 1981 - 23:00 - Weddington, Warwickshire, UK - A bright white globular light in the sky was reported. - (IN-NL). (Whetstone). *See Item 5: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992. (lufoin).

51/81/04. 17 April 1981 - 22:15 -Stoke Golding, Leicestershire, UK - A large diamond-shaped object with red and white lights was observed in the sky - burring sound. Witness (A) stated: As we were getting into our car in Stoke Golding, my two lady passengers spotted a large bright white light in the sky in the general direction of Hinckley. It was still for a few seconds and then started to move in a different direction in a type of zigzag movement. As we were driving towards Hinckley, the large light disappeared and then what appeared to be lots of smaller lights started to come in our direction. As it slowly came nearer and moved directly above us we could see that the string of small lights were a side elevation, and that there were similar lights on the other side of the object. It was as it came over us that I stopped the car, turned off the engine, got out of the car and watched it go over us. The object was very large and making a burring sound, and moving very slowly. All the lights were constant and not flashing or varying their brightness in any way.” (IN -Med). (Thompson). (lufoin).

77/81/05. 13 June 1981 - 19:42 - Henley Green, Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - A daylight aerial object resembling a sphere was observed. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/81/06. 26 July 1981 - 22:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright ball of light was observed in the sky by young married couple. Witness (A) stated: I was looking from my bedroom window when I saw a bright white light move across the sky - I then went for my binoculars - when I returned, the light had turned bright red and was spinning fast - My Wife and I watched this for about ¾ of a hour. The light slowly moved off and disappeared.” (IN-NL). (Stevens). (lufoin).

51/77/81/A-200. 30 July 1981 -22:45 -East Midlands, UK - The Leicestershire & Warwickshire Fireball sightings. (DE-7B). (expanded). (lufoin).

The witnessed UFO was said to be very large, bright green/blue, with a long fiery cone-shaped tail. It was spotted by over 200 known witnesses throughout Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

After investigation, however, the UFO soon became an IFO (Identified Flying Object), when it was discovered to have been a large, iron- bearing fireball that crossed Britain from west to east at around 10. 45 p.m. on that evening.

Extra investigations became necessary though, when a Coventry witness contacted investigators to say that after returning home from holiday, he had discovered a large crater in his gardens vegetable plot and felt that, after reading about the fireball possibly landing, thought that the crater might be connected in some way, with the possibility of it being an actual impact crater. After a thorough examination however, by investigators Mark Brown and John Barden, including an on site radiation check, and the removal of some rock fragments, that were subsequently analysed by Doctor King of Leicester University, the crater was identified as a fox tunnel, with the fragments being identified as Hydrocarbon-coated diorite. In other words, road metal. (DE-7B).

  LEFT: The Coventry Crater’ (Photograph - LUFOIN Files).

Two of over 200 reports concerning the event are cited below.

51/81/07. 30 July 1981 - 22:35 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A yellow-green comet-shaped object was observed in the sky. (DE-7B). (Freestone). (lufoin).

51/81/08. 30 July 1981 - 22:35 - Ellistown, Leicestershire, UK - An object was observed in the sky - Witness stated: It was a long, green ellipse with a white tail. (DE-7B). *See Item 6: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992. See also: Investigator’s report by J. Barden and M. Brown. (lufoin).

51/81/09. 2 August 1981 - 22:40 - Barwell, Leicestershire, UK - 2 indiscernible aerial objects were observed flying in formation in the night sky. (IN-Med). (Horton) (lufoin).

51/81/10. 16 August 1981 - 21:35 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, UK - 4 very bright slow moving white lights in the sky were reported - no sound. Witness stated: I was a passenger in my girlfriends car on the said evening when she pointed out something in the sky. (I hadnt seen the object at this point). We were travelling along Higham Way, towards Forresters Road. We drove on to the junction with Sharpless Road, and there we stopped the car. We then both observed a craft of some sort travelling slowly across the sky. It had 4 or 5 very bright lights along the side. Looking at it, we were in no doubt that it wasnt a plane or something natural, we looked for other people to show them, but there was no-one about. We also discussed following it, which indicates the length of time it was visible and how close it was to us. We realise that it could have been an aircraft landing at Castle Donnington, but would swear that this is out of the question, also we heard no engine noise whatsoever, and no flashing lights.” (IN-NL). (Simpkin). (lufoin).

51/81/11. 17 August 1981 - Dusk -Sapcote Road/Burbage Common, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A balloon-like object was observed over the area for over half a hour. Witness stated: It was just getting dusk and I was at the kitchen sink of my home in Sapcote Road, Burbage. On looking out of the window approximately south-east, I saw a dark, oval-shaped object in the sky that I first took to be a balloon, but I could not see a basket at the bottom. I was washing pots at the time, and kept checking this object. Then suddenly, where it was, a large area of flame appeared, this lasted for enough time to be really noticed and was quite a sight. The flame then began to reduce, and became a single point of light, like a bright star. It was stationary for a few minutes, then it began to move quickly upwards and went towards the east. I kept it in sight and it turned north and then east back towards Hinckley. I couldnt understand why the object, if it was wind-borne, kept changing direction. There was no wind. I lost it from view when it went over Sapcote Road. It appeared as if the light was at the front of an object shaped like a round, cake tin. (see drawing). I was the only one in the house, and was impressed by this sighting, and believe that it was something odd.” (PE-5C). (Briers). *See Item 8: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992 . (lufoin).


ABOVE: The Balloon-like UFO, as drawn by witness.

51/81/12. 24 August 1981 - 04:07 - Henly Green, Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - A blue aerial object was observed - vapour trail seen - 2 seconds duration. (PE-7B). (Wright). (lufoin).

51/81/13. 24 August 1981 - 20:45 - Thringstone, Leicestershire, UK - An object was observed just above rooftops and hovered, whilst making a loud throbbing noise - object was covered in coloured flashing lights and shone a white beam of light into gardens and road - object flipped onto its edge - moved around in a circle - moved off and disappeared. (UN-Med). (Huff). (lufoin).

51/81/14. Late Summer - 1981 - 16:00 - Evington, Leicester, UK - Witness awoke suddenly - bedroom bathed in green light - saw through window a “space ship - white disc low in sky - flashing white lights - undercarriage - loud noise - time displacement. (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

51/81/15. 3 September 1981 - 21:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light with beams was observed in the sky for 30 seconds. (IN-NL). (Berry) (lufoin).

51/81/16. 3 October 1981 - 05:47 - Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - A green/blue globular light with a tail was observed by lone, male witness. Witness stated: I was driving to work along Lea Close. I had been looking at the stars as it was a clear morning. Whilst driving something caught my eye so I slowed down and turned my head to the right. I saw an object in the sky at approximately 2 o clock to my right travelling just over roof-top height very fast. It approached from the rear, across my right side and then disappeared behind the buildings. It was glowing very brightly (intense), green/blue, with a distinct outline and not hazy. It had a long tapering white tail.” (DE-7B). (Wells). (lufoin).

  : The Fireball seen low above Thurmaston - Original witness drawing.

51/81/17. 11 October 1981 - Belchars Bar, Leicestershire, UK - A bright stationary light in the sky was observed. (DE-3A). (Stafford). (lufoin).

51/81/18. 25 October 1981 - 19:45 - Hugglescote, Leicestershire, UK - A strange silent bright aerial light was reported by a married couple. Witness ‘A’ (Wife) stated: “I was going from the lounge to the living room in my home, and as we have had the dividing wall between the two rooms knocked out, I did not need to put on the living room light, I could see reasonably well in the light shining through from the lounge. I glanced out of the front window and saw a motionless light in the sky. At first I thought it was a star but it seemed very low down, only just above the two very bright Colliery yard spotlights at the South pit. It‘s size was approximately 3/16th. Of an inch diameter at arm‘s length and it remained motionless for about five minutes. The object was orange/white in colour and I could see no flashing lights on it. After watching it for about five minutes, I shouted my Husband to come and look at it. He came down the stairs and joined me at the window. We discussed what we thought it could be and then opened the window to make sure it wasn’t a reflection, but the light remained the same. After about a minute the object seemed to move. It shuttled slowly back and forth in a pendulum motion. We knew it was moving because we could gauge it‘s position with the Pit spot lights. After watching this pendulum movement for a further 3 to 4 minutes, the object flared very large and bright, moving off at a fast speed to be lost to view. I‘ve seen lots of aircraft but this was incredible, I must have watched the thing for a total period of something like nine to ten minutes.”

Witness (B) stated: “I was in the front bedroom when I heard my Wife shout to me to see something in the sky. I went downstairs into the lounge where my Wife was standing looking out of the window towards Ellistown with the light off. I went over to her and she pointed out an orange/white light which was quite still which I knew she‘d been watching for about five minutes. We watched the object for about three more minutes when all of a sudden it burst into light, very large and much brighter than previously. It then moved off quite fast and we lost sight of it over nearby rooftops.” (PE-1B). (Henny) (lufoin).

51/81/19. 28 November 1981 - 23:10 - Nailstone, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light in the sky was reported. (IN-NL). (Pallett). (lufoin).

51/81/20. 8 December 1981 - 19:36 - Ellistown, Leicestershire, UK - A red and white light in the sky. (DE-1B). (Kendrick). (lufoin).

51/81/21. 21 December 1981 - 05:05 - Whitwick, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light in the sky was observed by 2 male witnesses. (IN-NL).(Kidley) (Wilson). (lufoin).

-1982 -

77/82/01. 1982 - 19:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A white globular light in the sky that appeared to explode above the railway station area. (IN-NL). (Moore). (lufoin).

Witness (B) stated: “As my friend and I were taking our dogs a walk around the outskirts of the rugby field, we suddenly saw a very large, round, as I thought at the time a vivid ball of fire that just hung there in the air. It was really bright and made me just stand and stare. Everything just seemed so still and quiet as it just hung there for around 30 seconds. The light then seemed to dim and then ’zoom’, it was gone. After it had gone, it seemed to go dark very quickly. We soon left afterwards. It was so real. I have only been down the field twice since then, but I haven’t seen anything else unusual since.” (IN-NL). (Sanderson). See also: Investigator’s report by M. Brown. (lufoin).

51/82/03. 27 January 1982 - 17:57 - Ellistown, Leicestershire, UK - A red and white flashing light in the sky was observed by single male witness. (Kendrick). (lufoin).

51/82/04. 21 February 1982 - 05:30 - Burbage Common, Leicestershire, UK - A green flare-like aerial object - followed witness’s car - lighting system effected - vanished suddenly. Witness stated: “I first saw the object through my rear-view mirror and thought for a moment that it was the lights of another car behind me. It was just one big ball of brilliant light of a greenish colour. My car headlights began to dim, which was strange as I had only just charged the battery. The object seemed to hover for a short time above Husher House on the Burbage Common, and then move off again slowly until it had just passed the farm. Then, all of a sudden, without a sound, there was a blinding flash and it was gone. The sighting lasted a total of 5 minutes.” (UN-NL) (Woodhouse). (lufoin).

51/82/05. 28 February 1982 - 02:00 - B582 Road, Desford, Leicestershire, UK - A bright glowing white oval-shaped object that flew over the road in front of witnesses, and disappeared over nearby woods. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By S. Wilson). (lufoin).

51/82/06. 28 April 1982 - 20:20 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An orange/red cigar-shaped object was observed in the sky by 2 witnesses. (PE-1A). (Lowe). Possible explanation: Glider. (lufoin).

51/82/07. 10 August 1982 - 00:10 - Beacon Hill, Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An orange flashing light on the ground. (DE- 8M). (Whelband). (lufoin).

51/82/08. 11 September 1982 - 19:25 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A dark round object was observed circling low in the sky - moved off. (IN-Med). (Hall). (lufoin).

51/82/09. 24 October 1982 - 04:00 - Beaumont Leys, Leicester, UK - An hovering cone-shaped object with coloured lights was observed. (IN-Med). (Carter). (lufoin).

51/82/10. 28 October 1982 - 20:30 - Desford, Leicestershire, UK - A hovering globular aerial light was reported - humming noise. (IN-NL). (Smart). (lufoin).

51/82/11. 30 October 1982 - 00:30 - Beacon Hill, Leicestershire, UK - A flare-like object - military presence. (PE-8G). Explanation: Possible flare. (Hannant). (lufoin).

51/82/12. 28 November 1982 - 20:15 - Between junction A606/A46, UK - A green flash of light at ground level was reported. (IN-NL). (Whistler). (lufoin).

51/82/13. 1982 - Evening - Exact date and time un-noted - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - A group of 6 young boys witnessed unusual green and red aerial objects. Witness (A) stated: (2015 Statement). “When I was 12, my friends and I were at the Earl Shilton cricket club looking across countryside towards Mallory park - it was dark, with a clear star - studded night sky. The six of us stopped in amazement when we saw at first a green light shoot horizontally across the sky at speed. It then stopped, like it had hit a brick wall. A bright red light then followed, following the same path. It then stopped in then same fashion, next to the first light. Both lights dropped like a brick into some woods. 5 or 6 seconds later, they both shot up out of the woods, each again, in turn. Then, side by side, they rocketed off at a 45 degree angle into the night sky. We all ran into the cricket club to tell our parents what we had seen, but unfortunately, they did not believe us. These objects were silent, and moved like lightening.” . (IN-NL). (Leicester Mercury).

-1983 -

51/83/01. September 1983 - Junction 21, Leicestershire, UK - A brilliant white light in the sky was observed to fly quickly above the road by male witness. (IN-NL). (7). (Jacobs). (lufoin).

51/83/02. 5 September 1983 - 02:00 - Burbage Common, Leicestershire, UK - A single male witness observed a total of 5 bright lights - 4 were at ground level, and 1 in the sky. Ground level lights white and illuminating area - aerial light green and circling above - Sky glowed - sudden disappearance. - Ground search negative. (PE-8L-3C). (Bolesworth). Possible moth traps/retina image/astronomical. (lufoin).


ABOVE: Left; The Scene Of The Ground Lights At Burbage Common - Right; A Portable Heath Moth Trap - Did The Witness See Four In A Row Of This Type Of Device? (*See: Full Investigation Report By G. Hall and C. Potter).

51/83/03. 21 September 1983 - 20:00 - Leicester, UK - A large red/orange object was observed hovering above railway lines - moved away - faded. (Braker). (IN-Med). *(See Investigator’s Report By C. Potter). (lufoin).

-1984 -

51/84/01. 6 July 1984 - 21:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A large, structured low-level daylight disc, described as ‘size of a family car‘, was observed flying on its edge at very close range by whole family (5 persons) - blue and silver metallic with black patches (or windows) around circumference - no sound - rooftop height - after straight trajectory, object began circling above satellite dish owned by local gas grid (Transco) offices - eventually dropped out of sky towards the ground with a falling leaf motion - disappeared behind trees - unusual ground marks and coloured residue were later discovered. (UN-CE). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall/C. Potter). (lufoin).

Military Man-Made Flying Saucers disc-shaped aircraft...(IFO:1E).

51/84/02. 1984 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An instantaneous bright orange flash of light was observed in the sky above Crain Street, with “something appearing to fall to the ground. Police involved. (PE-7B). *See Item 2: Press Report Log - 2006 - 2012. (lufoin).

51/84/03. 1984 - Leicester, UK - A very bright orange and blue cigar-shaped aerial object was observed hovering for 15 minutes by a chimney on the former Imperial Typewriter factory. (IN-Med). *See Item 2: Press Report Log - 2006 - 2012. (lufoin).

51.84.04. 1984 (Exact date un-noted) - Oakham, Leicestershire, UK - 3 to 4 noiseless, horizontal lights, appearing to revolve and pulsate, were observed in the sky by a local householder. (IN-NL). *See Item 2: Press Report Log - 2006 - 2012. (lufoin).

51/84/05. 1984 - Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, UK - A silver cigar-shaped aerial object that hovered above the entrance to Countesthorpe college, was observed by a lone witness. (IN-Med). *See Item 2: Press Report Log - 2006 - 2011. (lufoin).

-1985 -

51/85/01. 27 September 1985 - Evening - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK - 4 white lights in the sky were reportedly observed by 2 police officers - low height - red light underneath - no sound. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

-1986 -

51/86/01. 17 October 1986 - 13:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A daylight aerial object was observed - flashed green/yellow - illuminated immediately surrounding white clouds with yellow glow. (IN-Med) (Hall) (lufoin).

-1987 -

51/87/01. 8 May 1987 - 17:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent object was observed at just below tree-top height, - 2 feet long - resembled a fishin shape - coloured grey - green - red - flew slowly against strong wind into distance. (IN - Hi). (Hall). (lufoin).

51/87/02. 27 September 1987 - 19:08 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A horseshoe-shaped object at rooftop height was observed - silent - red and green colouration witnessed. (PE-5B).

51/87/03. 18 November 1987 - 20:40 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A large diamond-shaped object was observed in the sky. (IN-Med). (Chamberlain). *See Item 9: Press Report Log - 1979 -1992 . (lufoin).

1988: 0.

-1989 -

77/89/01. April 1989 - 19:30 - Fosseway Road, Warwickshire, UK - A silent, hovering cross-shaped object with 2 rows of static white lights was observed by Hinckley family.(UN-Hi). (Expanded - Report By D.Mayne, from an original report by The Musical Crocodile).

51/89/02. 15 July 1989 - 01:30 - Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK - Two separate couples observed a large white Ferris wheel ovoid low in the sky - structural detail visible. (IN-Hi). (ufodna).

51/89/03. 15 August 1989 - 21:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - In daylight - a black bow-tie - shaped aerial object at low level - fell out of sky above female witness - accelerated away in a straight line - speed increased in jump-like motion final stage also witnessed by Husband. (Identical flight path to object involved in case: 51-84-01).(UN-Med). (lufoin).

BELOW: The Bow-Tie UFO, as drawn By Main Witness.

51/89/04. 19 August 1989 - 23:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Two bright lights in the sky were observed close together in vertical formation - flew slowly up then turned left and sped away. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/89/05. 17 September 1989 - 23:05 - Brinklow, Leicestershire, UK - An aerial object was observed. Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. One white light, around 300 feet away, was observed by two witnesses, one of them an experienced observer, for over five minutes. (IN-NL). (Goold). (ufodna).

51/89/06. 6 October 1989 - Evening - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - A yellow circle of flying lights was reported. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

-1990 -

77/90/01. 27 September 1990 - 22:30 - Coventry, UK - A sheet of lightning” was observed in the sky. Witness stated: (2012 Statement). “Whilst in the passenger seat of my friends car we noticed through the windscreen and then drove under what looked like a perfect square of sheet lightning appear directly above us about which then disappeared. As we then turned the corner into the street where i lived at the time we then realised there was a collection of multicoloured lights directly above the house at the bottom of the street. We approached the house in the car very slowly as we asked each other, is it a helicopter? no, it is silent. Is it a reflection of lights in the car on the windscreen? My friend stops the car and i get out. At this point i can now see that the slowly pulsating lights are connected to a solid object but i cannot make out its definite shape. it is as if it is attempting to disguise itself somehow? My friend also now exits the vehicle and this thing is just hovering so close to the roof of the house that if i was stood on the roof I could touch it. Other details then begin to become apparent, the object is now turning whilst still hovering and as it turns on it's axis i can now see that it is an equilateral triangle with green, yellow and red lights randomly lit over it's surface and that it's structure is completely black. Another bizarre thing I noticed was that it seemed to have a small rod or aerial type structure protruding from the (Front?) leading point with a light on it. After what felt like 2-3 very dumbstruck minutes of observing it then began to move ever so slowly (About 5mph) across our heads and over the nearby dual carriageway. As it did so in complete silence we then noticed a bank of cherry red lights in a horizontal line across the (Rear?) of the object within a kind of contained rectangle area. I have wondered about that night for over 20 years now and still remember the amazement of what we witnessed.” (UN-Hi). (uk-ufo).

77/90/02. 23 December 1990 - 21:56 - Ernsford Grange, Coventry, UK - A yellow globular aerial object was observed descending into trees - Police involved. Witness (A) stated: Whilst leaving Brandon, Driving along Avondale Road, I saw, together with the car driver, a bright, circular object appear in front of us, high in the sky, slightly to our right. It crossed our field of vision, as if coming into land slightly to our left. It disappeared behind houses and trees. We waited for an explosion or the sound of an impact, but heard nothing. Our first thought was that it was a meteorite, but after there was no explosion, we began to think that it might be a UFO, as I think it appeared to be slowing down slightly as it approached the ground. It seemed to be very large, and our first thought was that it was going to land in the fields in front of us. I am positive that it was no more than ten miles away. After talking about it, I reported it to Coventry police, who, after a lengthy talk, said it appeared to be in West midlands airspace, and said that they would pass it on. About 1.15 a.m. next day, two policemen called and took a statement. They said that there had been another report from the Tamworth area. I have heard no more since.” (IN-NL). (Holloran). (lufoin).


ABOVE: The Avondale Road Sighting, as drawn by Witness A.

-1991 -

51/91/01. 15 July 1991 - 15:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An elongated silver, oval aerial object was reported - daylight - no sound. (PE-1B).(Hall). (lufoin).

51/91/02. Late July 1991 - 15:15 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A large, globular white object was observed in the sky lone male witness - no sound - flew low and level for a time before performing an exact 90 degree turn above Sketchley Hill - object then ascended away from witness at an angle - flew into distance towards the M69 - vanished. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

-1992 -

51/92/01. Late Summer 1992- Late Afternoon - Evington, Leicester, UK - A golden pyramid-shaped object was observed at low level - hovered - shot skywards leaving orange vapour trail. Witness stated: (2009 Statement) - “I was visiting my brother during the college break and one Sunday afternoon decided to go to the local shops to get some groceries. The day was sunny, the sky was cloudless and bright blue. The shop I intended going to was closed, so I decided to head towards East Park Road. As I approached the brow of Saint Saviours Road, my eye suddenly caught sight of something glinting in the sky half way down the road. At first I thought nothing of it, but noted that there seemed to be no traffic passing me and that all through traffic coming from half way down the road were completing synchronised moves, as if the drivers were simultaneously directing their vehicles not to come towards where I was stood. I did find this rather odd, at the same time the glint in the sky seemed to growing in size and approaching me. What struck me as strange, I was aware there were no sounds being made, I.e. birds etc. Also no one else was around, suddenly without warning or sound this shining glint in the sky grew so big it was directly heading my way. At first I thought it was a helicopter, or maybe an odd shaped plane because the object which very suddenly appeared before me across from where I was standing happened to be a perfectly formed golden pyramid, the size of a semi detached house. I was stood rooted to the spot staring at this amazing feat of logics. The UFO was approximately several hundred feet away, hovering above a low roof factory across the road from where I was standing. The object made no sound, it very slowly did revolutions by turning onto it’s point defying gravity. I was in awe, but also afraid. I recall that I desperately looked about for other people then got scared, it was at this point that I heard a thought in my head which said ’what you are witnessing is a UFO, do not be afraid, enjoy’ - At that point the golden pyramid performed at amazing speed revolutions that no made man craft could ever make . It was truly an amazing sight watching the power of natural sunlight hit against this object each time it spun around, that was perfect in every sense. Then it stopped in mid air turned back onto its base and looked as though it was going to land on the factory roof top, at which point I panicked and looked up the road just in time to see an old man walking down the road. I shouted to him and kept pointing towards the object, by the time the man reached where I was the pyramid suddenly shot into the sky at amazing speed and all what was left was an orange streak flying through the sky. Still to this day I remember the details as if it were yesterday.” (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

-1993 -

51/93/01. 21 September 1993 - 18:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silver disc was observed in the sky that hovered for 10 minutes, and then vanished. (IFO-9). (lufoin).

51/93/02. October 1993 - Late evening - M69 Roundabout, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A Dorset family observed two circles of lights - 40 feet and 100 feet that moved quickly over their car - followed car - local police involved quickly arranged an appointment with an hypnotist - under hypnosis, wife describes being taken on board a UFO by brown coloured humanoids with big hairless heads and eyes, with slits for mouths - later investigation revealed that the family had actually witnessed spot-lights from a nearby nightclub reflecting on clouds. (DE-8H). Explanation: spotlights/psychological. *See link: “Story Shock.”

51/93/03. 1 October 1993 - 19:23 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - 2 stationary brilliant aerial lights that later moved off. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/93/04. 3 December 1993 - 13:10 - Burbage Common, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Family observed a long, fish-like” - grey and red object hovering low above electricity pylons - no sound - 15 minutes duration. (PE-5E). Possible blimp. (lufoin).

1979-1993 End.


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51/82/02. Early January 1982 - 15:30 - Coalville, UK - A large round white light at tree-top height was observed by 2 female witnesses - no sound - 30 seconds duration. Witness (A) stated: “Walking around the Coalville Rugby field, my friend and I were taking our dogs for a walk when we saw a huge ball of light that seemed to hang in the air for quite a while. It glowed for about 30 seconds then it dimmed, and just seemed to shoot off out of sight.”

51/80/12. 10 April 1980 - 00:15 onwards - Various areas of Leicestershire, UK - A total of 12 known witnesses observed a fireball-like aerial object falling out of the sky. 2 of the various reports describing the event, are cited below:- Witness (A) stated: Shortly after midnight there was a bright flash of light in the dimmed lounge - looking out of my bay window I saw a long line of light with a star-shaped base travelling down to the ground.”

51/79/17. 26 February 1979 - 20:25 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - 4 bright lights in the sky were observed - 3 red/1 red/green. Circled - no sound - moved into distance. (PE-1B). (Ward).