Report Review

1994 - 2003

Published by The Leicestershire UFO Research Society (Est. 1971)

Edited by Graham Hall & Jeff Lord

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Recorded Regional UFO Reports and Observations Log 1994-2003

Designed to act primarily as a research tool, this log makes a direct attempt to collate and record known Unidentified Flying Object sighting data for the years 1994 to 2003 from the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom, and uses material directly investigated by members of the Leicestershire (with Warwickshire) UFO Investigation Network, (lufoin), also sightings logged at the uk-ufo, nuforc and ufodna databases, occasionally making reference to associated items that have occasionally appeared in the local media etc.

Last modification: July 2013.

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-1994 -

51/94/01. Easter 1994 - 19:30 - Wigston, Leicester, UK - Three red spheres were observed moving over the area by lone teenage witness - observed 3 times over 3 weeks. - directional changes witnessed - no sound. Witness stated: I often take my dog for a walk over Guthlaxton fields, and usually theres nothing either in the sky or on the ground. Three weeks before the end of term I noticed a red light pulsating in the sky - it moved over Bushloe High School and joined two others in the sky - one came from the railway tracks, and one from over Little Hill. They then stopped and hovered for around fifteen minutes and changed direction - I then realised that they were not aeroplanes, or a helicopter due to how they looked and how they moved. This continued most nights over a three week period - I remember the first time I saw them - one came over but stopped for about five minutes and then changed direction - the second week, one of them stopped as a plane passed and then it followed the plane at a very fast speed, nearly overtaking it. My dog seemed afraid during the sightings.” (IN-NL). (Marris). (lufoin).

ABOVE: Original Witness drawing of one of the red Spheres seen above Guthlaxton fields, Wigston - (LUFOIN Files).

51/94/02. 23 March 1994 - 21:55 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A circle of red lights - 1 central white light - no sound - tree-top height. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/94/03. 26 March 1994 - 16:00 - Leicester, UK - Two silver disc-shaped objects that danced around in the sky were reported - a high-pitched whistling sound was allegedly noted. (DE-9). Explanation: Hoax. (lufoin).

51/94/04. 26 March 1994 - 23:00 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary bright light was observed above the area - attached red lights - duration 1 hour. (PE-3B). Possible explanation: Star. (Conkay). (lufoin).

51/94/05. 3 April 1994 - 19:00 - Croft Hill, Leicestershire, UK - Two young boys hear strange “tinkling” sound in their heads then observe a thin, disc-shaped object hovering over Croft Hill - object vanished almost immediately moving towards Hinckley. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The Croft Hill Disc - As Drawn By Witness (A).

51/94/06. 3 April 1994 - 20:30 - Enderby, Leicestershire, UK - Illuminated aerial object -like a plate - vanished. (IN-NL). (Pallender). (ufodna).

51/94/07. 4 April 1994 -21:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Aerial light - Hovered. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/94/08. 5 April 1994 - 21:30 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 2 aerial lights were reported that reversed direction. Witness (A) stated: My family and I were travelling by car along the A5 road, approaching Smockington Hollow. A very bright light was seen in the sky to the left of us over the fields. We all thought it was a helicopter with its searchlights on . It then came directly overhead - Two other lights could be seen, one red and the other one white, with the larger bright one in the centre. We opened our windows and there was no sound at all. It then went in the direction it had come from.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

  51/94/09. 10 April 1994 - 21:00 - Sketchley Hill, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A silent object was observed by two seperate sets of witnesses - orange, blue, white lights witnessed that glowed - hovered - moved off very fast - 1 flashing white strobe light - video footage obtained. Witness (A) stated: While watching television with the lounge lights off, I noticed lights in the sky flashing in the distance. I thought it was low and mentioned it to my Son. As we watched it, it travelled across the sky in a straight line in the direction of Nuneaton for what I estimate was a distance of a mile, then it travelled back in a straight line again towards Burbage. As it did this several times, I noticed that it did not seem to turn like light aircraft do. I went outside to see if I could hear it. I thought that if I could hear it, it must be a plane or a helicopter, but there were no engine sounds, in fact, there was no sound whatsoever. A jet travelled across the sky from Nuneaton to Nottingham direction. As I went back inside, my Son shouted to me that the object had just shot across the sky at high speed, and then stopped dead still. After this, it travelled back across the sky towards Leicester and disappeared.” (Joyce).

Witness (B) stated: I observed, along with my two Sons, from our loft-room window, an aircraft-like object over the Burbage area - a bright flashing white light was seen first - I fetched my binoculars and could see a static red light, together with a static blue light and a dimmer white light. The object stopped and hovered for at least 2 minutes, and at one point, the blue light started to flash. I began to take video footage of the object, and obtained a few seconds of the white flashing strobe-like light. The object then moved off at a fast rate - there wasnt a sound - the lights all appeared to glow.” (PE-2B). Possible explanation: police helicopter . (lufoin).

ABOVE: Video still showing strobe light over Sketchley Hill. (Witness (B) footage - LUFOIN Files).

  Press Article, The Musical Crocodile, May, 1994 - Leicestershires UFO sightings


Leicestershire‘s Music Magazine - ‘Musical Crocodile‘, Produced The Above Fake Photograph, Depicting Hovering Flying Saucers Over The Popular Burbage Public House - ‘The Three Pots‘ - For The Front Cover Of Issue 13 - May 1994. This Particular Issue Discussed The Leicestershire UFO Evidence So Far…

51/94/10. 12 May 1994 -01:30 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A small aerial object was observed hovering above a field. Witness (A) stated: “We observed a small UFO hovering over a field/farmhouse moving in a random fashion in all directions on our way home from Nottingham in the early hours of the morning on a very bright (full moon) summer’s night. We were chatting in the car and watching casually out of the windows. I looked out to the left of the car and observed a strange object that appeared to be hovering. Being in motion and with the car passing trees and shrubs by the side of the road (we were in the countryside)it was difficult to get a good view of what it was. My friend who was driving glanced in the direction of this thing and neither of us could make out quite what it was so I got him to pull over to the side of the road so that we could take a closer look. We exited the car but still couldn't quite see it clearly enough because of the shrubbery so we climbed on top of the car. Still a bit bemused by it all we stared in the direction of this thing and when our eyes had a chance to adjust to the light we both observed a disc-shaped object with three lights across its centre - red, white and green. It was across a field some 100 yards away. thanks to the fact that there was a farmhouse close by we got a very good idea of size which i would put at only 8 to 10 feet across and maybe some 6-7 foot high. It did not appear to be spinning and was completely silent. It hovered in one position for several minutes then moved very randomly up and down left and right, sometimes in a figure eight yet it didn't move any great distance. It didn't move any more than 40 yards than it's original position. we just stood amazed. It was in the same area as I said to a farmhouse and at first we thought it must be attached to the high cables coming from the building, but when we watched it move we realised this was impossible. It moved very slowly. After watching it for maybe 20-25 minutes I got anxious and wanted to take a closer look. My idea of walking across the field to investigate it, was met by a brick wall from my friend. This whole event had somewhat disturbed him, he was quite obviously frightened by whatever it might be and being an absolute disbeliever of anything on this subject - he just wanted to get out of there. I tried to talk him into it but there was no chance. He got panicky and told me to get in the car. When I did he sped off. I watched the broken vision of the object still hovering through the back window and to this day I wish I had been stronger willed and gone on my own to see what this thing was. We got such a close clear look at it. Being a non driver at the time I had no idea where exactly we were and would love to go back to ask the people living in the farmhouse if they had experienced anything. I still live within 20 miles of where this must have happened.” (IN-Med). (nuforc).

51/94/11. 24 June 1994 -18:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silver, metallic aerial object was reported that rose into the sky and sped away. (IN-Med).(Hall). (lufoin).

51/94/12. September 1994 - 23:00 - Oadby, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light in the sky was observed by 2 witnesses. Witness (A) stated: (2012 statement). “My late friend and I stepped out of his back door and I noticed a bright white light in what was a clear night sky. The object travelled at great speed heading north from the south. The object promptly stopped instantly and headed back in the direction from which it came, travelling for a short distance. As it was night and with nothing to gauge the distance of the object, it was impossible to say how far the object had travelled before stopping dead in the sky. It repeated this several times before shooting off in a northerly direction. Years later after recounting the tale to my now ex wife, she also claimed to have seen a similar object in the same area just months before. I'm by no means claiming this to be an alien craft, but I have never heard anything moving like that and at such speed.” (PE-2B). (uk-ufo).

51/94/13. 14 - 17 October 1994 - 19:45 - Shenton & Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK - Several various lighted objects were observed over the general area - several hoaxes were perpetrated - local student incident using large illuminated kites. (IFO-9). Explanation: Hoax. (lufoin).

51/94/14. 24 October 1994 - 21:00 - Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, UK - An aerial orange triangular object was observed that de-materialised on the spot and then re-materialised at another point in the sky - object repeated same action several times before vanishing. - ground search of general area by police witnessed next day - several helicopter fly-pasts - police visit witnesses home. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (uk-ufo).

51/94/15. 28 October 1994 - 13:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Male witness observed 3 helicopters in formation low in the sky - noticed 2 ball-shaped objects nearby moving in opposite direction - swirling falling motion witnessed - disappeared into distance. (UN-Med). (Expanded - Report By G. Hall). (lufoin).

-1995 -

51/95/01. January 1995 - 19:30 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 4 bright white lights were reported that slowly and silently crossed the sky. (PE-1B). (Goode). (lufoin).

51/95/02. 26 January 1995 - 18-35 - Hinckley Railway Station, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Several bright lights were observed rising into the sky from a glowing dome-shaped near- grounded object - buzzing sound heard. (UN-Hi). (Expanded - Report By J.Lord/G.Hall). (lufoin).

  51/95/03. 3 March 1995 - 17:30 - Leicester, UK - A dark triangle with lights in corners was observed in the sky - The object was unsuccessfully filmed. (DE-9). Explanation: Hoax. (lufoin).

51/95/04. May 1995 - midnight - Evington, Leicester, UK - A flat, oval stationary object was observed that had orange lights attached - shot across sky and vanished. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/95/05. 19 June 1995 - 01:00 - Wolvey, Leicestershire, UK - An orange, illuminated object was observed at ground level by female witness - landed in field - took off towards Wolvey - stayed at 20 feet height until vanished into distance. (UN-Med).(Expanded - Report By G.Hall).*See also Item 2: Press Report Log - 1994-1996. (lufoin).

51/95/06. 29 June 1995 - Evening - Nailstone, Leicestershire UK - UFO car chase. (DE-9).Explanation: Hoax. (lufoin).

51/95/07. 30 June 1995 - Late Evening - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A shimmering bright light in the sky - 15 minutes duration. (PE-3A). Possible explanation: Planet.(Richardson).

51/95/08. 27 September 1995 - Evening - Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, UK - A saucer-shaped craft with red and blue lights was observed flying low and hovering above the area. Witness (A) stated: We first caught a glimpse of it at 9.15 p.m. on Wednesday. (September 27th.). It was saucer-shaped, and had blue and red lights beaming down from it. It was quite beautiful. It seemed crystal like and strangely hollow. It was patterned rather like a snowflake. It was about five miles away, towards Stoney Stanton. We were all gob smacked, we thought at first that it was a Police helicopter or a plane, but it moved much too fast. It raced off at a terrific speed. We glimpsed it through binoculars, but couldnt make any more details out. My son Kevin, 16, went up to his room and shouted that it had returned. This time, the light that it was beaming was white. It soon turned and went as before. In all, the encounter lasted about a hour.” (PE-2B). Possible police helicopter. (Bedwell). (lufoin).

X-RAY 55 Helicopter, activity Helicopters - Leicestershire Constabulary Area...(IFO:2-B).

51/95/09. 29 October 1995 - 00:15 - Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, UK - Two objects were observed for two minutes. Witness stated: “As I was reading, I saw a really bright light at the window and wondered what it could be - then I saw it. The craft was round and alive with light like a very large and bright star. It just hovered there and twinkled. It had green and red lights underneath it - it was over by the A5, next to the Three Pots. While I was watching, another identical craft seemed to appear from nowhere in parallel with the first craft - I couldn’t believe it.” (PE-2B). (lufoin).

51/95/10. 3 November 1995 - 22:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A hovering saucer with beam below was reported by two female witnesses. Witness (A) stated: I was returning home by car, and on turning into Wendover Drive, Hinckley, my friend who was driving, noticed a bright light above the rooftops. We stopped and watched for about five minutes - The bright light seemed to form the front of whatever craft it was, in about four sections. There was a strong shaft of light coming from the underside, straight downwards. There were none of the usual aircraft lights flashing, and on opening the car windows, no sound could be heard either. After a few minutes, the craft moved off in a south-easterly direction extremely fast - again, there was no audible noise.” (IN-Med). (Hooper). (lufoin).

ABOVE: The Wendover Drive Saucer (51/95/10) - Original Witness Drawing. (LUFOIN Files).

-1996 -

51/96/01. Mid-June 1996 - 23:30 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 3 stationary bright aerial lights were reported. (IN-NL).(Mamon). (lufoin).

51/96/02. 17 June 1996 - 23:30 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 3 very bright lights were observed crossing the sky by single, female witness. Witness stated: “It was 11.30 p.m., on Monday, June 17th., 1996, when I saw what I first thought was a very low aircraft above the rooftops of a row of houses. I slowed my vehicle to a halt because I was aware that the object was in fact, stationary. It was very large. I had the car windows open and realised that there was no sound at all. I looked through the windscreen and saw that there were three very, very, bright white lights, on the bottom of a circular object. At this point, I tried to think of any aircraft that I knew of that could hover above the rooftops of the houses, that did not make any sound., and also look that big. Then I was afraid, and I knew that it was something that did not feel quite right. After a few minutes, it sped away towards the M69 motorway making only a faint whooshing sound.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/96/03. 23 June 1996 - 12:20 - Croft, Leicestershire, UK - A large black cigar-shaped object was observed above fields on the outskirts of Croft Village - smaller, similar object followed. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/96/04. 2 July 1996 - 22:00 - John Cleveland College, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Unusual aerial lights were observed over the area. (Lodge). (UN-NL).(51-96-04-51-96-05. Expanded - Report By G.Hall). (lufoin).

51/96/05. 2 July 1996 - 23:00 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - Many small coloured lights, red, green, orange and white, were observed at ground level - pattern appeared outside lower bedroom window - invalid male witness. (UN-CE). (Jonas). (51-96-04-51-96-05. Expanded - Report By G.Hall). (lufoin).

51/96/06. 10 July 1996 - 23:55 - Groby, Leicestershire, UK - A triangular object was observed moving slowly across the sky by male witness. Witness stated: (2012 statement) “The object that I saw but it was just before midnight on the night of July 10th 1996 ! It was triangular shaped, totally silent, silver coloured, no lights but it appeared to have sparks from the rear of it. It was "cruising" from south to north following the direction of the M1 motorway ( I was at the time living in Groby) I never saw anything on the news about it and it remains a mystery to me.” (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/96/07. 11 July 1996 - 21:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A flat, white oblong-shaped aerial object with orange plume at rear was reported. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/96/08. 17 July 1996 - 23:30 - Brockey Farm, Barwell, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light in the sky - hovered - moved quickly away - dropped - vanished. (PE-2B). (Ward). Possible police helicopter observation. (lufoin).

51/96/09. 30 July 1996 - 21:45 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light in the sky was reported. (IN-NL). (Charles). (lufoin).

 51/96/10. 18 August 1996 - 15:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - 2 black hovering oval-shaped aerial objects were observed on national sky watch day - video footage obtained. (DE-6A). Explanation; powered kites. (lufoin).

51/96/11. 28 August 1996 - 11:13 - Station Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A black, square-shaped low-level aerial object was observed low over houses by single male witness in daylight. (UN-Hi). (Expanded - Report By G.Hall).*See also Item 6: Press Report Log - 1994-1996. (lufoin).

51/96/12. Summer 1996 - Evening - Evington, Leicester, UK - A large black triangle was observed in the sky - slowly spinning. (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

-1997 -

  51/97/01. 6 July 1997 - 21:20 - Huncote, Leicestershire, UK - A Brighten-based pilot observed a bright crescent-shaped object circling in the sky below him - video footage obtained- (PE-6A). Possible explanation: Kite. (Original Source: Hufort).

77/97/02. 8 August 1997 - 22:30 - Coventry, UK - Two objects were observed in the sky - One was described as cigar shaped, shone brightly three colours: pastel blue, red, cream. The other was smaller, cream colour, ‘U’ - shaped, did not shine. Moved together higher in sky. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

1998: 0.

-1999 -

51/99/01. 31 March 1999 - Late Evening - Fosseway Road, Leicestershire, UK - A triangular object in the sky was observed by family - hovered low above trees - multiple red lights - silent - moved off into the distance. (UN-Med).(UFO Magazine). (*See also: Saunders UK 1999 Sighting).

51/99/02. 8 April 1999 - 03:30 - Leicester, UK - A formation of orange/brown lights was observed in the sky by a male witness. Witness stated: Driving home I stopped at traffic lights. I saw a formation of 3 orange/brown lights flying in a equilateral formation (about a mile away? 1000 metres up?. Then a 4th light "materialised" in the middle. It was larger than the others. It then darted away at speed (100mph at ground level). The lights then moved towards the car, nearly overhead. There wasn’t any noticeable noise. Suddenly a new light pulsed once slowly and then shone. This light was three times the size of the others and in the middle of the formation. It was also lighter on the outside than the inside. The object sped away at speed, perhaps it was moving at speed anyway. I could not tell whether they were changing altitude, growing? or just gaining speed. It was very jerky movement. I moved my head over the steering wheel to get a better look. The lights disappeared from my view. I could not see much out of the back window so i could not see it. I continued home. This must have been seen by others as there was a car behind me at the Traffic lights. Although there is a military centre nearby, there is no way that this was a plane, a series of planes, Helicopters, et-al. I don’t know what they were.” (In-Med). (nuforc).

51/99/03. 5 July 1999 - 23:00 - Leicester, UK - A round object was observed in the sky for approximately five minutes. Witness stated: “As I was watching the television with my Mother and just looked out of the living room window, I saw different coloured lights that went through our shed and through to the other garden. We could see the people sitting there it was amazing that the lights made the shed and everything disappeared like that. My mum, who was standing at the window, said that she saw a big ball of light that was twice the size of the Moon, and the Moon was over the other size of the house. there was no sound in the sky that night. The light was big and bright my mum wanted to go outside to it, then after about 5 minutes, it shot off just like that.” (IN-NL). (nuforc).

51/99/04. 13 July 1999 - 02:15 - Eyres Monsell, Leicester, UK - Two objects were observed in the sky. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/99/05. 20 July 1999 - Evening - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - Glowing lights that made a humming sound were observed in the sky. Lights could dart from place to place in a split second. (IN-NL). (nuforc).

77/99/06. 25 July 1999 - 00:20 - Coventry, UK - A small disc was observed, 4” diameter and moving quickly in a straight line. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

77/99/07. 11 December 1999 - 20:00 - Longford, Near Coventry, UK - Lone male witness observed several occasional blue streaks of light in the sky - accompanied by several strange rumblings. (IN-NL). (Konrazewicz). (ufodna).

21st. Century.

- 2000 -

51/00/01. 20 March 2000 - 00:45 - Evington, Leicester, UK - Two triangular aerial objects were observed for a period of 10 minutes. Witness (A) stated: We were walking back from a nightclub when we noticed that there were triangular objects in the air. At first we passed them off as planes but then the objects started shifting from one point in the sky to another at an phenomenal pace. They were crossing between each other. They were moving like that for about 10 minutes. Then suddenly there was a flash of light and then they were gone. The shape of the objects was triangular. All they really did was move around the sky at phenomenal speeds. There were only two of them that were observed. We could not really see what colour they were because all we could see was lights on the objects, these lights helped us assume that they were triangular.” (IN-Med). (nuforc).

- 2001 -

51/01/01. 2001/2002 - 21:00 - Kegworth, Leicestershire, UK - A dark oval object was observed crossing the sky. Witness stated: (2011 statement) “I'm afraid I don't remember the exact date as it was some time ago now, but I believe I was around 12/13 years old at the time. I saw the same thing on two separate occasions a few days apart. My mother was with me both times and I pointed it out to her, she still remembers seeing it as well. The first time we had just got home from the yard where we kept the horses. It was dark and I was waiting for my mother to get something out of the boot of the car. I saw a shadowy object (no lights, no sound), flying in a straight line a little faster than walking speed and perfectly horizontally, though there was no wind at the time. It was round/oval, and bigger than your average balloon, though a balloon was what I thought it was at first. There was a smaller object (maybe about half the size), also round, spinning around it very quickly. It was close enough to be touching but it did not appear to be attached in the manner that it was spinning because the larger object was spinning, as the larger object was moving very steadily and smoothly. It did not appear to be very high, though it was high enough to disappear over the roofs of a 3-story houses. A few days later, also after dark, we were just going out to walk the dog. We were maybe about 1/4 of a mile away from the place we saw it the first time. It looked exactly the same, again flying steadily and perfectly horizontally without any wind, although in the opposite direction. I'm not entirely sure what it was. I've always told myself it was just a balloon of some sort, but the way it moved and the fact we saw it on two separate occasions heading in different directions seems strange for a balloon.” (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

51/01/02. 21 January 2001 - 21:45 - Leicester, UK - An oval shaped aerial blue light was observed for 10 minutes. Witness stated: “I was having a Cigarette outside in my Garden when I looked up in the sky and I saw this really bright blue light, at first I thought it was just a plane but then I saw in coming closer and closer and I had this really weird high pitched sound in my ears as it was coming closer then suddenly it just stopped moving and began to hover, at this moment I was beginning to feel a bit scared because I have never ever seen nothing like it in my life. After the object stopped hovering it just disappeared after about 10 minutes but as it went I could see a streak of yellow from where it had shot off. (nuforc).

77/01/03. 15 July 2001 - Evening - Coventry, UK - A light in the sky was observed that moved at incredible angles with extreme speed. Witness stated:I saw a Yellow/orange light that moved at incredible speed and what seemed impossible angles. It could instantly reverse direction back to a similar point and was much faster than any aircraft I have ever seen. It did these manoeuvres for about a minute and then sped upwards and disappeared in less than two seconds. It was then that I noticed a passenger airline heading in roughly the direction where the object had been. (nuforc).

- 2002 -

51/02/01. 6 February 2002 - 21:45 - Oakham, Leicestershire, UK - A bright, triangular-shaped light was observed which moved erratically over the area and circled at times - in view 1 hour. Witness (A) stated: We saw a triangular object in the sky with a bright white glow around it, darting about in the eastern sky on February 6th., 2002 at 9.45 p.m. I first noticed a very bright light darting about in the eastern sky, but at a closer look we could see it seemed to be a triangular-shaped object which had a bright white glow around it. At one point, it got very bright but faded again and almost disappeared. It was moving around very quickly and in very strange shapes. Sometimes it would move up, then to the left, to the right and back again. Other times it would fly in a big circle. It made no sound. We left after an hour of watching the object.” (PE-2B). (uk-ufo).

51/02/02. March 2002 - Leicester, UK - A circular aerial object was reported - larger than a star.” (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/02/03. April 2002 - Evening - Leicester, UK - Seven round aerial objects were observed. “I witnessed 7 spheres circling each other in many different directions where I got out of the house which they were hovering over the sky which where are this height of 50 -75 feet off the ground. I then got on my motorcycle and followed them which they had over 6 bright lights over the craft while following these spheres. They stopped, and a light shined on me which was over the diameter of 25 - 30 feet. I then turned the bike around and rapidly raced away. I then looked around while moving away and they where still hovering over the ground motionless. This was where I last saw them as the light had gone and they had rapidly moved away towards the stars. This was the moment where I last saw the spheres.” (IN-Med). (nuforc).

51/02/04. August 2002 - Leicester, UK - Witnesses stated that they saw something that looked like a shooting star and had four lights on each side. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

51/02/05. August 2002 - Leicester, UK - Three aerial white objects in formation were observed. (IN-NL). (ufodna).

77/02/06. 12 August 2002 - 22:30 - Coventry, UK - Witness stated: “I saw 2 dark grey craft, no sound, no lights, moving very fast across the sky. There had been news of a meteor shower coming down over England, so I had gone outside to see if I could see any. I sat in a chair looking up into the sky, and saw a few coming through the atmosphere. I had also seen a few passenger jets go over, and then noticed something moving to my left. I looked up and saw 2 dark grey objects, which I thought at first was a meteor breaking up, so I looked closer. I noticed that they weren’t meteors as they weren’t burning up. It was 2 UFO's, they looked triangular, although it was hard to see as they were dark grey against a black sky. The 2 objects were moving close to each other, occasionally moving apart, or one in front of the other. They were travelling from west to east at a very fast speed. I thought they may have been fighter jets, but there was no light from the rear as you would expect. They passed over head and had gone out of my vision in about 6 seconds. I listened out for any sounds that might tell if they were jets, but they were completely silent, so they must have been using propulsion technology that doesn’t involve burning fuel. Not only was there was no sound, there was also no light from the craft. To me they looked as if they were travelling at about 6000ft, but as I dont know the exact size of the craft, I cant be sure, but they were moving very fast to have gone across the sky and out of my view in around 6 seconds.” (In-Med). (nuforc).

77/02/07. 6 November 2002 - 21:30 - Coventry, UK - A diamond shaped craft with coloured lights underneath was observed in the sky for approximately 15 seconds. Witness stated:I was riding my motorcycle heading north on the A46 between Coventry and Warwick, when a quarter of a mile in front of me I saw a huge grey coloured diamond shaped craft in the sky. The craft was moving west to east and was approx 200/300 feet above me when I passed below it. Although it was dusk, visibility was good and my view was clear and for a few moments I saw underneath the craft. It had 13 lights, 2 red, which were located at two ends of the shape (these were flashing on and off), next to each red was a single white light and then a further 3 white lights in a line, next to these were 3 green lights in a line (these started from the other ends of the shape). I would describe the colour of the craft as matt grey and looking industrial (if that’s the word). I could not tell if it made a noise due to the sound of my engine. I would guess the size of it was about the same as ten football pitches put together and it took about 15 seconds to move across the dual carriageway. I was still observing it over my shoulder as I rode away.” (In-Med). (nuforc).

51/02/08. 17 December 2002 - Congerstone, Leicestershire, UK - Witness (A) stated:The sky was bright over the fields. To our right hovering in the air stationary, just hanging in the air for approximately 5-10 minutes, very low just above trees, was shining a bright light. It was very difficult to see any shape, because the light was so bright. Then it rose slowly & gracefully into the air a considerable way (a few metres) and came overhead, very low and very quietly, gliding above us it seemed as though the engine had been turned off and it just glided above us above the village and disappeared out of view, we ran outside to watch as it went over, there were coloured lights blue, red yellow and white fairly dim now, we think it was a diamond shape. The second craft followed its path, but I think this was an aircraft, it was noisier and a more familiar shape.” (nuforc).

-2003 -

51/03/01.15 February 2003 - Leicester, UK - Witness stated: “Looked up to see a lit up patch in the sky. An almost giant plane (football pitch size) went through the gap where the light was.” (IN-Med). (nuforc).

51/03/02. 5 August 2003 - 23:53 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - Several bright blue flashes of light were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “Travelling on a main, but very deserted road just before midnight, when there was a massive flash. It was almost like lightning, but was bright blue and seemed to come from all directions. Also it seemed to be very close to the ground. That was weird enough but about 3 minutes down the road it happened again, this time appearing a bit more green. About 15 minutes later it happened again near a populated area, quite a way from where the first lights appeared. The third light definitely did not come from the same place that the first two did. There is a chance that the first two lights came from the same place, but it doesn't seem very likely. We later saw the light again, but from a distance. It couldn't have been a plane or helicopter as there was no noise.” (IN-NL). (nuforc).

77/03/03. 25 August 2003 - 13:00 - Coventry, UK - A square-shaped object under cloud level was reported. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

51/03/04. 27 September 2003 01:15 - Leicester, UK - An object was observed that resembled a distant star. Witness stated: “It looked like a distant star - very unusual speed, like it was moving like it was tracking something then disappeared behind clouds. There was a clear blue sky with white clouds. I looked up into the sky and saw a distant object it looked like a distant star way above the cloud level. It was stationary for about five to ten minutes, then it seem to started to move to the right much slower than a jet. I know this because, I look up through my window and can see aeroplanes clearly and their trails, or sometimes no trails. This object seemed intelligent and could for some odd reason at a distance above the clouds, was able to tell that I was watching it which is why it started to move very slowly to the right behind the white clouds and then disappeared. The speed it moved was unusual, because at that height, it could not have been a helicopter of any type, and of that size it was so tiny, to small for a jet and the speed was slower than a jet.” (PE-3B). (nuforc).

77/03/05. 1 December 2003 - 01:00 - Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK - A lone female while walking her dog across car park observed a silent bubble -like object moving in front of her. Witness stated: I was walking my dog last Monday morning (December 1st), at about 1 a.m., I was just passing the back of the Riversmeet Vets and the car park by Stanhope House, (Atherstone) when my dog started to bark and look upwards. At first I saw nothing, but his continual barking made me stand still. What I saw next is a mystery. My first thought was God thats a big bubble. I was standing about 20 to 25 yards away and what I saw was about two feet in diameter, transparent and had two bright lights in the centre. It seemed to be floating at about 10-15 miles per hour. It stopped in the centre of the car park, hovered at about 15 feet high, and then moved silently on, again very slowly. The bubble seemed to be rolling and changing shape, but the lights never left the centre. The object vanished towards the direction of Nuneaton.” (UN-CE). (Original Source:The Tamworth Herald).

77/03/06. 15 December 2003 - 23:50 - Coventry, UK - A bright light in the sky was observed. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

1994 - 2003 End.


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