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Media Archive - Leicester Mercury

Publishing date - Wednesday May 26th., 1971

Mystery Object Seen…

Case Ref: 51/71/21, May 25th., 1971

A mysterious light in the sky near Ibstock terrified a young Hinckley housewife as she drove alone in a car along the main Ashby to Hinckley Road. Now, Mrs. Eunice Rose, of Hinckley, wonders if anyone else saw a mystery object in the sky. 1t was, she said, about the size of a Double Decker bus and passed above her car moving in the direction of Oddstone and lighting up the countryside. The frightening feature of the incident for Mrs. Rose was that as the object went over the engine of her car began to fade out. All the car lights including the headlamps were dimmed and a transistor radio that was playing in the car at the time faded out completely for a few minutes. "'I was so frightened that I could feel the hair on the back of my neck bristling up," Mrs. Rose said. " I am not the sort of person who believes in unidentified flying objects. There must be an explanation for what happened and I should like to know what it is and also if anyone else saw this incident.” Mrs. Rose had been visiting friends at Oddstone and left to drive back to Hinckley at 10.50 p.m. As she went along the country road from Oddstone to join the main road at Belchar's Bar, she saw a glow in the sky in the direction of Ibstock and at first thought it could be the headlights of a ditched car shining up into the sky. The glow persisted, and it was after she had turned right on the main road and was driving towards Hinckley that the bright object crossed the road approximately above her car.