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Published by The Leicestershire UFO Research Society (Est. 1971)

Edited by Graham Hall & Jeff Lord

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Recorded Regional UFO Reports and Observations Log 1978

Designed to act primarily as a research tool, this log makes a direct attempt to collate and record known Unidentified Flying Object sighting data for the year 1978 from the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom, and uses material directly investigated mainly by members of the Leicestershire (with Warwickshire) UFO Investigation Network, occasionally making reference to associated items that have occasionally appeared in the local media etc.

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-1978 -

51/78/01. 1 January 1978 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK - An orange vapour trail was observed moving across the sky. A male witness and his 16-year-old daughter, were out collecting logs in the afternoon when they saw what appeared to be an orange vapour trail moving across the sky. Witness (A) stated: “It was stationary at first then moved very fast and came back before disappearing completely.” (IN-Med). *See Item 1: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/02. 1 January 1978 - 16:30 - Leicester, UK - A red light and two green aerial lights were observed. (IN-NL).

51/78/03. 2 January 1978 - 17:00 Leicester, UK - A small silver aerial object was observed - white vapour seen - (IN-Med).

51/78/04. 3 January 1978 - 17:10 - Aylestone, Leicester, UK - A round aerial object was reported - hazy outline - suddenly vanished - (IN-NL). (Killip).

51/78/05. 3 January 1978 - 16:05 - Leicester, UK - An inverted white, cone-shaped aerial object that swayed, then shot upwards out of sight. (PE- 5A). Possible weather -balloon explanation.

51/78/06. 14 January 1978 - 20:00 - Ashby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Triangular object, hovered - coloured lights seen by female witness - orange, green/blue and red. ‘swishing sound’ when object moved off. On the evening of January 14th., 1978, A Burbage lady together with her father, were travelling along Ashby Road, (A447) towards Hinckley at approximately 8.00 p.m., when they noticed a formation of lights hovering low over a nearby field. (Barwell fields). Three lights in all were observed, coloured red, orange and green/blue. The lights were steady and very bright, and remained in a triangular formation for approximately two minutes before rising straight up into the sky at great speed until they disappeared from view. As the lights moved off, a loud ‘swishing sound’ was heard. Witness stated: “I was driving from Stapleton towards Ashby Road, Hinckley, when I noticed a triangular object in the sky. We stopped the car for a closer look, and watched the object hovering above. There were three lights visible, red, orange and green. After a minute or so, the object seemed to glow and left at enormous speed westerly, towards Leicester Road, making a swishing sound as it gathered speed. It then re-appeared over the Ashby Road about one minute later.” (UN-Med).

51/78/07. 15 January 1978 - 18:00 - Leicester, UK - Alternate red/yellow flashing lights in the sky were reported. (IN-NL).(Smith).

77/78/08. 19 January 1978 - 20:00 - Higham-on-the Hill, Warwickshire. UK - Three young boys observed A blue triangular object above the village - heat-haze surrounded object. On the evening of January 19th., 1978, at about 8.00 p.m., three young boys were walking through the village of Higham on the Hill, near Hinckley, when they observed an unusually bright blue light in the clear evening sky. The boys watched the light for ten minutes as it hovered without making any noise. The light was ‘shimmering’ as if surrounded by a heat haze. Finally, the light turned bright orange before moving off at great speed towards the north-west. (UN-Med). (Additional) *See also Item 3: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/09-30. 24 January 1978 - 16:15 - 22:20 - Leicestershire, UK - Triangle with coloured lights - Multi-witness case - (Selected reports listed below) - (Also Expanded - See ‘Night Of The UFOs‘).*See also Item 2: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/09. 24 January 1978 - 16:15 - Rowanberry Avenue, Leicester, UK - An unusual aerial phenomenon was observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “At approximately 16:15 hours on Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, I rose from my armchair in my living room to see what the weather was like. I observed an object in the sky travelling at great speed in roughly a north-west, to south-east direction. Whilst travelling along, the object changed shape from elliptical to almost round. It was bright silver in colour, this was not caused by reflected sunlight as the weather was overcast at the time, and the sky was a dull grey in colour. My window is six feet wide, and the object took approximately 8-10 seconds to travel from edge to edge. The object left an unusually shaped vapour trail, almost spiral in shape, and wider than that usually associated with aircraft. I called to my son who was in the kitchen at the time, but by the time he arrived in the living room the object had disappeared, but he clearly observed the unusual vapour trail.” (UN-Med).

ABOVE: Original drawings made by the witness showing the unusual spiral vapour trail in the sky left behind by the shape-changing flying object.

51/78/10. 24 January 1978 - 18:35 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A flare-like aerial object was observed by a married couple. Witness (A) stated: “My Wife and I were driving along the road when she pointed to something in the sky. We were in Higham Way, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, it was around 6.35 p.m. This particular part of the estate is high up and it was a clear evening. My Wife’s attention was attracted to what looked like a flare, and was in the direction of Birmingham, making it roughly south-west. This flare, or UFO, was falling in an arc, but instead of burning out like a flare or shooting star would do, it remained the same size and brightness. The (white) object then stopped still in the sky for a few seconds, then it moved slowly away at right angles and disappeared. There wasn’t a sound from the object all the time we had it in view. I remember stopping the car engine to specifically listen for aircraft engine noise but heard nothing.” (UN-Med).

51/78/11. 24 January 1978 - 18:45 - Ruddington Walk, Abbey Rise, Leicester, UK - A married couple witnessed an unusual object in the sky whilst looking through their window. The couple said that the object first appeared as a bright orange ball of light that gradually moved towards their vantage point. As it came closer, the witnesses saw a group of non-flashing bright lights in the shape of a triangle, coloured red and blue/green. After approximately 5 minutes, the lights moved silently away very low over the rooftops heading towards Enderby. (UN-Med).

51/78/12. 24 January 1978 - 19:10 - Nedham Street, Leicester, UK - A triangular formation of coloured lights was seen by 46 year-old female witness - The lights were described as static, very bright and coloured red white and yellow. Witness stated: “I was walking up Nedham Street, approaching Melbourne Road, on the evening of January 24th., 1978, at 7.10 p.m. As I looked at the sky I noticed 3 lights which were still. They were not flashing as on plane lights, they were steady. I kept looking and I came to walk under two railway bridges. When I came through the other side of the bridges, the lights were exactly in the same position as when I first them. What attracted my attention to this object was: First; the lights were steady. 2; they had not moved from when I had first seen them. They remained there for at least 55 minutes, then I left. 3; There was no sound. What I saw was not railway signals, the lights were far too high.” (UN-Med).

51/78/13. 24 January 1978 - 19:30 - Braunstone Close, Leicester, UK - A triangular - shaped object with static coloured lights at the corners, was observed in the sky by single female witness. Witness stated: “I was walking out from the avenue and I sighted it between the garage and pub. I observed it for about 5 minutes and it appeared stationary. It then appeared to move along Narborough Road south, and I followed it until I reached the bus stop. It was still moving when I stopped there, and then it doubled back on itself, and, as it passed overhead, I saw that it was definitely solid. I pursued it up Braunstone Close, but then I had to go back to catch my bus. I kept watching it until I caught my bus. I lost sight of it once I was on the bus.” (UN-Med).

LEFT: Original witness drawing of the Braunstone Close UFO.

51/78/14. 24 January 1978 - 19:30 - John Cleveland College, Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An object witnessed by Steven ‘L’ (14 years), and Andrew ‘S’ (14 years) in Forest Road, Hinckley. The observers were facing N.E. looking towards Burbage Common. Witness (A) stated: “We were skateboarding when Andy noticed it. He went to fetch his binoculars and it came to within 200 yards at about 60 degrees. When Andy came back out (with his binoculars) : it had gone behind some trees so we went to the fence. It then went towards Leicester and hovered for a couple of minutes. It moved off again and when it was level with the John Cleveland College it appeared to bounce back towards Leicester showing a blue/green light instead of orange. It then moved back retracing its tracks showing an orange light. It Then moved over the J.C.C. and went towards Stoke Golding and disappeared over the horizon travelling in a north-westerly direction.”

Witness (B) stated: “We had just come back from the chip shop and we walked up the road and saw something in the sky. So I went and got the binoculars and came back out. We looked over the college playing field at the object. It was rocking and changing colour. It went from side to side then went over the horizon and towards Leicester Road.” (UN-Med).

51/78/15. 24 January 1978 - 19:30 - A47 Leicester Road, Hinckley Leicestershire, UK - A bright orange light in the sky was observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “As I was travelling from Sapcote to Barwell I noticed . It seemed to hover over Barwell then go towards Leicester, then come back. It turned sideways to show a blue light as well as the orange one, then back to orange only. I could see it until I went indoors at Barwell.” (UN-Med).

51/78/16. 24 January 1978 - 19:30 - Huncote, Leicestershire, UK - A 51 year-old head teacher - Miss ‘A’ - of Huncote, saw, on looking out of her kitchen window towards Hinckley in the south-west, the following aerial phenomenon: Witness stated: “While washing up in my kitchen in the dark I noticed the sky was clear, the lights of the motorway (M69) were clearly visible, also lights of Barwell and Shilton. I saw a bright red light over the M69; it was, at first appearance, an aircraft. However, it did not appear to be travelling either nearer or further away, but was stationary or nearly so. As I watched, it seemed to be over the M69, and either circling or travelling for a few hundred yards north to south. As I thought it was behaving oddly, I went upstairs and observed it from the landing window. I then telephoned friends in Forest Road and asked them if they could see the red light over the motorway. They telephoned back and said they thought it was a helicopter. Meanwhile I took my binoculars and went outside. Through the binoculars which are not very powerful, I observed a hazy black shape and, as the craft turned, it showed a steady yellow light and a blue-green one. Its behaviour struck me as odd. Also the fact that I could not hear any aircraft noise, only the motorway traffic rumble. It did not appear to be very high, and the lights did not flash but remained steady.” (UN-Med).

 LEFT: Miss A’s original drawing of the M69 UFO.

51/78/17. 24 January 1978 - 19:30 - Huncote, Leicestershire, UK - The person contacted telephonically by Miss ‘A’ - (51/78/16) - was Mr. ‘B’, a 53 year-old resident of Forest Road, Huncote. His observations of the object sighted are as follows: Witness (B) stated: “Following a phone call from Miss ‘A’, I went into the back garden (facing S.W.), and observed what appeared to be an aircraft flying slowly and making a wide anti-clockwise circle apparently over the M69 motorway (or the nearby electricity grid power line), to the right of Croft Hill and to the left of Thurlaston village. At all times there appeared to be a bright red light visible with a white light and, as the object turned, a green-blue light. I was convinced at first that it was a light aircraft and that the pilot was perhaps circling over the M69 to fix his position before moving on, but on reflection I was puzzled because the red light was always visible, and this would be unlikely if it was a normal port wing navigation light.” (UN-Med).

51/78/18. 24 January 1978 - 19:35 - Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 15 year-old Miss Linda ‘C’, also a resident of Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, was walking along Brookside with her boyfriend at approximately 7.35 p.m., when she saw a bright white light in the sky slowly approaching her vantage point at a low altitude. The light came from the north-west, and when it reached a point almost directly overhead, it stopped and abruptly changed colour to red. After a few seconds, and still in a stationary position, the light changed colour again, this time to a very bright bluish-green. Then, as Miss ‘C’ and her boyfriend continued to watch, they saw two additional lights of the same brightness as the first suddenly appear at the rear and to either side of the original light, thus forming an overall triangular shape. These additional lights were coloured white and red respectively, and, as with the first, were non-flashing. After remaining stationary for a further three minutes, the lights suddenly started to move slowly away in a new direction towards the north-west and in the direction of Burbage Common, approximately one mile distant. The lights were lost to view as they moved into the distance, and finally appeared to vanish suddenly at the last moment of observation. The total duration of the sighting was estimated to have been at least 5-6 minutes, during which time neither witness heard any sound being emitted by the said lights. Witness (A) stated: “My boyfriend and I were walking through to Park Road from Brookside, Burbage, when we saw a large white light in the sky. It was first seen over the Park Road crescent, it came across the sky in a diagonal and changed from white to red, then to green, then back to red. It then hovered, but there was no noise. It then started off again a bit faster in a diagonal across the sky. We then followed it into Queen’s park and then it just disappeared heading towards Burbage Common(UN-Med).

51/78/19. 24 January 19:45 - Welford Road, Leicester, UK - A 37 years-old male witness was parked in his car in Welford Road, Leicester, at 7.45 p.m., when he observed a strange aerial phenomenon. Witness stated: “I was in a car behind the New Road Inn Public House, Welford Road, Leicester, facing north, when I looked up in the sky and saw an orange-brown light, not particularly high or going fast, moving north towards the city. I thought to myself that it was a plane going into Castle Donnington. Then, as I watched, it suddenly turned 90 degrees towards the west and continued at approximately the same speed. It was at this time I saw some green and blue flashes approximately 30 yards to the right of the light. The light then stopped and just hovered for about a minute. Then it carried on still to the west, and disappeared into some cloud. From the way it turned 90 degrees, there was no way it could be a plane. I then thought it was a helicopter, but there was no flashing light. I could not see any outline at all, just the light. Since I had my engine running and never left the car, I do not know whether there was any noise. I would said that the speed was equivalent to a piston type plane going in to land at Castle Donnington airport and at about the same height.” (Best). (UN-Med).

51/78/20. 24 January 19:55 - Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - 20 years-old Miss Jane ‘M‘, sighted a glowing, red aerial phenomenon whilst she was waiting at a bus stop. Witness stated: “I was standing at the bus-stop along Brookside, which is situated at the bottom of Featherstone Drive, at approximately 7.55 p.m., when I saw a fairly large red light moving across the sky. It was travelling at a rather fast speed. It moved across the sky and disappeared behind some houses. A few seconds later it moved back along the same path. Again it returned, making several trips back and forth across the Brookside road before moving off towards Burbage Common. It was all red and seemed to be very low in the sky.” (UN-Med).

51/78/21. 24 January 1978 - 19:55 A47 Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK -Three female occupants of a car travelling along Leicester Road, Hinckley, observed strange aerial objects on the date in question. They were 43 years-old Mrs Eveline P, 46 years-old Mrs. Nancy S. , and 31 years old Mrs. ‘C’. Witness (A) stated: “Travelling in a car down Netherly Road with my two Friends, I saw a bright white light going at a very fast speed, I thought it might be a shooting star, it disappeared behind the trees. As we approached Leicester Road I saw a bright red glowing light which appeared to be hovering at first, I took it to be a pylon light. As we approached, the white light disappeared and the red light followed us around the corner onto Elmsthorpe Lane. It kept on the left hand side of the car , in fact, it seemed to be travelling at the same speed as the car. We all began to feel very frightened, but stopped the car so that the driver could get a better view. To our amazement, the object stopped too. We were so frightened, we drove away immediately. The object disappeared behind a house. The red object seemed to be observing us.”

Witness (B) stated: “I was driving my car with two friends as passengers. My first surprise was a bright light in the sky. A star perhaps, but it didn’t stay put as a star does but was moving very fast. Later, I saw a red light in the sky. We all thought that it must be a light on a pylon in the distance, but when it moved seemed to be that it must be a plane. However, it didn’t travel and disappear but followed us around as I drove. The object hovered and was low in the sky. By this time I stopped the car. We were quite scared by this time. The object stopped when the car stopped.”

Witness (C) stated: “I was travelling with two other people in the car. The passenger in the front seat asked if it was a plane she could see in the sky with its tail lights flashing. At first we thought it was, but remarked on the round-about course it was taking, the speed it was travelling, and the way it was going up and down. We concluded that it couldn’t be a plane. The driver of the car then asked what the red light on the left hand side was (the other light had been on the right). At first I said it was a pylon, but then realised it was much too high. As I turned back to look at the other light so it stopped, and the red light started to move. We had treated the first light as something of a joke, but when the red light appeared to be moving in the same direction we began to wonder. The red light was also travelling at great speed, and appeared to drop down and hover round in a circle, rise and move on to once again appear opposite the car. On one occasion it appeared to be so close that I’m sure I could distinguish its shape. It appeared to be similar to pictures of ‘flying saucers’ that I had seen, and this made it all the more strange. It was glowing all around its perimeter. The driver had now decided that she was stopping the car to take a look, and, as the car stopped, so did the object. On proceeding, the light did not follow.” (UN-Med).

51/78/22. 24 January 1978 - 20:00 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - Two observations of one or more unusual aerial lights were made by Mrs. ‘D’, a secretary resident of Barwell, on the evening of January 24. Details of her sightings follow: Witness stated: “I was travelling home when I noticed two bright lights in the sky. My first thought was that it was a plane, but my attention was particularly attracted by the lights. As far as I can remember at this time, there was a red light at the front, and a blue-green light at the rear. The object was travelling from the north-west, in a south-easterly direction. As I pulled onto the drives of my house, I again noticed bright red lights in the sky. I put the car away, ran upstairs, and began to watch the object through my bedroom window. Looking east, the object was directly in front of me. It circled twice in the sky over the Earl Shilton area, and then went off in the direction from which it had come. North-west. Whilst the object was circling, I watched it through binoculars, but I could not make out its shape. However, what was particularly noticeable was the two bright red lights on the front of the object. The object disappeared from my view at approximately 8.07 p.m.” (UN-Med).

51/78/23. 24 January 1978 - 20:05 - Barwell, Leicestershire, UK - 37 years old sales representative Mr. John K, who lives in Earl Shilton, witnessed a very singular aerial apparition whilst driving between his home and Barwell. Witness stated: “I was driving from Barwell to Earl Shilton when I saw in the sky ahead what appeared to be a mass of red lights forming a circle. The lights were in a northerly direction and stationary at an angle of approximately three minutes as I drove along, and then, as I turned right into Heath Lane, Barwell, I saw the lights begin to move slowly to the west. I then stopped the car and watched until the lights ultimately disappeared from view over house rooftops. The total duration of the sighting was five minutes, during which time I heard no sound whatsoever being emitted by the lights.” (UN-Med).

51/78/24. 24 January 1978 - 21:20 - Enderby, Leicestershire, UK - Mr ‘B’ of Huncote, added in a separate statement that he again saw the red light, (the light as seen by Mr. ‘B’ at 19:35 Hours), at the later time of 9.20 p.m., as he drove towards the village of Enderby. Mr. ‘B’s second statement is as follows; Second statement by Mr. ‘B’: “I am fairly convinced that I saw the same object again at approximately 9.20 p.m., as I was on my way by car to Enderby to collect my son from evening class. Travelling in a general northerly direction, the object, lit similarly to the first, was dead ahead of me at about the same height over the motorway near Braunstone. I took particular note to see if the object moved on a straight flight path like an aircraft, but it seemed stationary or nearly so. I watched the object for about five minutes, but lost it from view behind houses as I entered Enderby itself. I did not see the object again after this time(UN-Med).

51/78/25. 24 January 1978 - 22:20 - Severn Trent Water Authority, Anstey Lane, Leicester, UK - An unusual aerial phenomenon was witnessed by late night shift worker, Ernest ‘J,’ as he was about to start work at the Leicester Severn Trent Works in Anstey Lane. Witness stated: “On the night of January 24th., 1978, I had just started my nightshift at the Severn Trent Water Department, Gorse Hill, Anstey Lane, Leicester. About 22:20, I was just finishing my security patrol when I heard a sound like a dynamo in the sky. On looking up, the sky was cloudy at the time, I saw a green glow. About a minute later there was a ring of different coloured lights, red, blue, green, yellow and these lights glowed. I could not make out the shape of this thing, but the green glow was still above what ever it was. After about 1 or 2 minutes, the lights faded in the clouds above, but the dynamo sound was still there for a minute or two afterwards, then it faded away fast. It could not have been a plane as there would not have that many coloured lights, and the green glow.” (UN-Med).

51/78/31.25 January 1978 - 05:20 - Shoby, Leicestershire, UK - A ‘diamond-shaped’ object was observed in the sky - 4 lights were seen - red forward - white starboard and aft. Object slowly moved away. (UN-Med).

51/78/32. 25 January 1978 - 17:40 - Leicester, UK - Stationary red and white flashing lights were reported. (PE- 1C).

51/78/33. 25 January 1978 - 17:40 - Leicester, UK - Stationary red and white flashing lights in the sky were observed. (PE-1C).

51/78/34. 26 January 1978 - 17:30 - Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - Two white lights in the sky - then four - observed briefly - disappeared suddenly. (IN-NL).

51/78/35. 26 January 1978 - 19:15 - Leicester, UK - A white aerial globular light was reported - red light at front - no sound - fast movement. (IN-NL).

51/78/36. 26 January 1978 -19:30 - Leicester, UK - A delta-shaped dark coloured object was observed - two large red domes seen underneath object - hovered. (IN-Med).

51/78/37. 26 January 1978 - 21:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Observation of a red-orange ball of light. (DE-1A). Identified aircraft landing light. (Robinson).

51/78/38. 27 January 1978 - 19:20 - Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, UK - A kite-shaped object was reported - one light at rear - 4-5 at rear - coloured yellow - red and blue - dark outline - noiseless. (UN-Med). (Brocklebank).

51/78/40. 1 March 1978 - 22:45 - Old Fosse, Brinklow, Leicestershire, UK - A round object was observed in the sky that left a vapour trail - object paced a conventional aircraft and then vanished. (IN-Med). (Bracker).

51/78/41. 8 March 1978 - 19:00 -Edith Weston, Leicestershire, UK - A fast moving white light was observed in the sky by 2 independent witnesses. (IN-NL).

5178/42. 12 March 1978 - 19:30 - Old Dalby, Leicestershire, UK - A large white light was reported - stationary in sky - changed colour to orange and then blue. (IN-NL). (Wills).

51/78/43. 12 March 1978 - 21:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK -A young Hinckley couple claim to have spotted a UFO last week that appeared to fall out of the sky in the area of the Hollybush Inn. The couple first saw the object as they were leaving their home in Westray Drive, Hollycroft at about 9.45 p.m. on Sunday, 12th. March. Witness (A) stated: “It first appeared as a large pulsating reddish-pink light just above the rooftops. It seemed to circle towards Hollycroft Hill very slowly, and appeared to be following us as we walked up the hill. We then saw the object fall out of the sky over the Hollybush and disappear. There was no sound whatsoever.” (Bedford).Possible aircraft. (Evaluation Code PE-1A). *See Item 4: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/44. 14 March 1978 - 22:20 Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, UK - A saucer-shaped object - two independent reports. (IN-Med).

51/78/45. 24 March 1978 - Dusk- Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A large bright orange object that ‘fell’ out of the sky - smoke trail that remained in sky for several minutes. (DE-7B). Definite fireball explanation.(Hall).

51/78/46. 26 March 1978 - 00:20 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Witness observed two royal blue objects ‘fall out of sky’. Witness stated: “I was sitting in my lounge watching television, the curtains were open, and the lights out. Glancing towards the window, I saw two very large blue lights, close together, falling out of the sky in an arc shape. They were pulsating quickly, and seemed very close. They were in view only a few seconds, before being lost from view behind rooftops of houses on the opposite side of the road.” (DE-7B). Definite fireball explanation.

51/78/47. 27 March 1978 - 21:00 - Ratby, Leicestershire, UK - Student Nurse Case - Hovering triangle - droning noise. A Student nurse was travelling by motor cycle to Ratby from Kirby Muxloe along a country lane near to the T.I. Desford Tubes Works at about 9.00. p.m., on this date when she saw a strange object hovering over some fields over to her left. The witness estimated that the object was approximately 200 feet in the air, and about two fields away from her vantage point. The witness, 19 year-old nurse, described what she first saw as a long red object, with white hot flames coming from the rear end. She watched it hovering for about four minutes during which time it made a loud droning noise. As the witness rode on towards Ratby, she said that the object tilted and she saw that it was , large, triangular in shape, with red, blue, and orange lights on each apex. It finally moved off passing over her position, and revealed more detail. The witness states that the object had a raised section running central from front to back, and what looked like a higher circular section on top. The craft finally moved off very fast in the direction of Hinckley still making a droning noise. A short while afterward the sighting was reported to UAPROL, it also soon appeared in the local newspapers. *See also Item 5: Press Report Log 1978. - Shortly after this the witness stated that she was visited by two men in dark suits who claimed to be from the Ministry of Defence. They took a statement from the witness and asked her to draw what she’d seen. This she did, and the men went away. In a statement to Mr. Trevor Thornton of UAPROL, Witness stated: “I saw a long red object, with white hot flames coming from the rear end. I watched it hovering for about four minutes during which time it made a loud droning noise. I rode on towards Ratby, the object tilted and I saw that it was , large, triangular in shape, with red, blue, and orange lights on each apex. It finally moved off passing over my position, and revealed more detail. I saw that the object had a raised section running central from front to back, and what looked like a higher circular section on top. The craft finally moved off very fast in the direction of Hinckley still making a droning noise.” N.B. Note similarity of lights on this particular object to 14th., 19th., and 24th., January phenomena.- Ed. (Reference cases: 51/78/06, 77/78/08 and 51/78/09-30). (UN-Med). (Expanded).

77/78/48. 29 March 1978 - 21:55 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A female student, together with her boyfriend, observed a bright stationary star-like light in the sky - stayed in same place for over 1 hour - disappeared. Witness (A) stated: “My boyfriend and I saw what we thought was a plane. My boyfriend said that it wasn’t a plane because it held it‘s position for too long. My boyfriend left at 10:45 p.m., and I saw the object again in the same position. I continued watching it until 11.45 p.m., and then it disappeared.” (PE-3B). (Originally reported to local media). Explanation: probable star or planet. (Ashby).

51/78/216. 29 March 1978 - 22:40 - Shenton, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary aerial bright light was observed in the sky. A middle-aged lady and a friend who were driving along the Upton road near to Shenton station and the Richard III monument at about 10.40 p.m. on Wednesday evening. The lady had only remarked what a beautiful starry night it was when she saw a bright light above the top of a tree, giving the impression of a star on a Christmas tree. As they watched the oval object, which was not very high in the sky, the lady got the impression that the object was looking at them. She says it was an uncanny feeling and one that turned her stomach. After watching it for about two minutes and thinking of stopping a car to get confirmation of the sighting, the witness says that they decided to drive on and try to get near to it. As the witnesses did so, they lost sight of the object behind a cottage, over in the direction of Shenton viaduct. (IN-NL). (Jones). *See also: Item 5: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/217. 29 March 1978 - 22:40 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary aerial bright light was observed by male witness. Witness stated: “I noticed a bright light through the window. I went outside and saw it was stationary. The light dimmed for a second then became very bright again. After one minute it moved off in an easterly direction. I went upstairs and watched it for a further three minutes until it moved out of sight. As it moved away, the light dimmed slightly and then brightened, continuously, pulsating rather than flashing.”(IN-NL). (Chesterton).

51/78/217 (b). March 1978 - Evening - (Exact date and time un-noted) - Wanlip Road, Syston, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light in the sky was observed by a male witness. Witness stated: (2008 statement) - “At first I thought it was a bright star, I couldn’t make out any shape to it, it was just a bright light in the sky, palish blue. I just kept looking at it. It was there for for a few minutes, and then it just went at such a speed in a few seconds. As I was looking, on my right hand side was Bradgate Park, and then it shot off, not vertically, or horizontally, but at an angle, going upwards.” (IN-NL). (Leicester Mercury - 16/2/08).

51/78/50. 7 April 1978 - 19:50 - Great Glen, Leicestershire, UK - Two slowly approaching lights in the sky were observed - green and red - Stopped overhead and shone down bright light - Raced away. (IN-NL). (Smith).

51/78/51. 7 April 1978 - 21:45 - Kibworth, Leicestershire, UK - Red lights observed in the sky - abruptly stopping at times - Zigzag flight path. (IN-NL).

51/78/52. 17 April 1978 - 20:45 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - Five teenage boys were playing in a field behind nearby houses when they looked up and saw a circle of bright lights 8 altogether, coloured red, blue, green and white. The lights rotated around the circle was appeared very large. No solid object inside the lights was seen, and no sound could be heard. The lights finally lost to view over rooftops after approximately two minutes, heading towards Nuneaton. (IN-NL).

5178/53. 22 April 1978 - Dusk - Burbage Common, Leicestershire, UK - A lone female witness claimed to have seen a ‘Big-foot’ - type creature at edge of woods. (Non-UFO event) Witness stated: “It was about dusk and I was, as was my frequent habit, exercising my dog on some grassy fields near Burbage Woods on the date in question. The woods spill over into part of the nearest field in the form of small bushes and trees, the actual fence separating the field proper from the wood running through or inside this obtruding patch of scrubby growth. My dog and I were passing within 35 feet of this bushy area when I happened to notice a hairy creature, light brown in colour, but otherwise rather manlike, and about 6 feet tall, standing amid these bushes and saplings. It was quite still, but seemed to be staring at me and the dog. The dog however, seemed to be unaware of it. Suddenly, with a very quick movement, it turned and trundled off into the wood with a fast shambling action. It quickly vanished from sight. It made no noise. I was not frightened at the time, and the sighting only took about 45 seconds, but was scared afterwards, and hurried home as fast as I could go. I have not returned to that field, and now take my dog on a different exercise route nearer roads and houses.” (Contact UK files).

BELOW LEFT: Burbage Common - Was This The Scene Of A “Bigfoot” Encounter In April 1978? - BELOW RIGHT: Alleged Photograph Of The Real Bigfoot. (1).


51/78/54. 23 April 1978 - 21:30 - Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A moving aerial object was observed from outside witness’s house. He had been called out by his son’s friend, to observe the object. Apparently ,the first sighting had been of the object going over house. Therefore, it appeared that the object had ‘doubled back’ over the house. It was visible now for about three minutes, during which time witness had a good view of it. It appeared to be triangular, and to consist of rotating red, green blue and white lights, and was apparently silent. Close inspection gave witness the impression that it was solid. The colour of the object, other than the lights, was silvery-grey. (UN-Med). (Dagley).

 : The Sketchley Hill Triangle seen on April 23rd. - Original Witness Drawing.

77/78/59. 8 June 1978 - 23:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A Local family observed a stationary white globular nocturnal light in the sky for 30 minutes before it suddenly vanished. Witness (A) stated: “My husband called me outside to see this object in the sky. My children also came out with me, and I also fetched my three neighbours to also watch. It was a ball of light in the sky, smaller than a full Moon, but bigger than a star. It was pulsating slightly and was stationary. After 30 minutes, it moved away at a fairly rapid speed until it disappeared.” (Rossi). (Evaluation Code PE-3A).*See also local press reports.

51/78/226(B). Summer, 1978 - Dusk - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A long cigar-shaped object was observed in the sky. Witness stated: (2012 Statement) “I was playing with a friend on the green on Maple Road South, Shelthorpe, in Loughborough. I can’t recall who saw it first. I just became aware that we were both stood on the green staring down the road where it intersects with Broadway. Probably no more than 30ft above the houses on the crossroads was a long cigar shaped spacecraft. It’s hard to recall the exact details and it seemed to just hang there motionless for what seemed like several minutes. But then the most amazing thing happened. It split in half vertically down the middle, creating two bullet-shaped craft. First the one on the left shot off on a level and was gone within a second. Then the one on the right shot off at an arc and headed straight up into the sky. Again within a second it was out of sight.” (IN-Med). (Carter). (uk-ufo).

51/78/63. 10 July 1978 - 22:30 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - 3 bright white lights in the sky - triangle formation were observed by male witness. Witness stated: “I was in my car when I saw 3 lights in the form of a triangle - at first I thought it was an aircraft landing at the east Midlands airport, but it did not move - I stopped and got out of the car - the lights were still on my right in the direction of Woodhouse - I followed the B5330 and it was still there at Beacon cross-roads - then, on my left, it followed the car - I went across the Copt Oak cross-roads onto the Shepshed Road - the lights disappeared over the M.1 motorway just before the bridge.” (IN-NL). (Cooper).

51/78/64. 16 July 1978 - 1715 - Loughborough, UK - A silver cigar-shaped object was observed which rose into the sky with a ‘falling-leaf’ motion - black and white stripes seen on middle. (IN-Med). (Taylor).

ABOVE: The Loughborough ‘cigar’ that rose vertically into the sky - (witness drawing).

51/78/66. 24 July 1978 - 12:20 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A bright multicoloured stationary light in the sky was reported. Witness stated: “We arrived at the Bullring in Shepshed. We then saw a light high up in the sky, like a star - it had a rotation movement - going back and forth, and side to side, then going back to the centre again, then hovering for about three minutes at a time. There were two lights on it, but most of the time you could only see the one. When it shone bright, it was white-silver, then it turned orangey/red. It was visible for about 45 minutes it moved higher in the sky and disappeared.” (Pooley). (Evaluation Code PE-3B).

51/78/67. 24 July 1978 - 00:30 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary red and yellow aerial light was observed for 50 minutes. Witness stated: “I saw from the Bull Ring, Shepshed, what appeared to be a UFO. At first, it appeared to be the size of a sixpence, and had a reddish to orange tinge at the top, and possibly a white to yellow smaller light just off centre to the left. It seemed to repeat it’s movements every ten minutes or so. It moved to the right and just became a dot.” (PE-3B). (Gangel).

51/78/68. 24 July 1978 - 01:10 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - 2 white lights and 1 red in triangular pattern were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I saw a bright light with two smaller lights underneath - this was hovering from side to side, and up and down. I watched for twenty minutes, then I went to bed. I got up ten minutes later to see if it was still there, and it was. I watched it again for a further two minutes, and then it disappeared.” (PE-1A). (Cooper).

51/78/69. 24 July 1978 - 22:45 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A white light in the sky moving slowly. (PE-4A). (Blundell).

51/78/70. 25 July 1978 - 21:00 - A512 Between Blackbrook/Belton, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white light was observed by married couple - light stationary at first, then moved down and vanished. Witness (A) stated: “Whilst travelling along the A512 with my Husband, I noticed a large bright light in the sky straight ahead which appeared several times bigger than a star - we stopped the motorbike, took off our helmets and listened for sound - we could hear nothing - The object could have been stationary, but I had the impression that it was slowly moving away from us - After about 1 minute, the object descended slowly in the direction of Belton and disappeared below the horizon.” (PE-1A).(Thornley).

51/78/71. 25 July 1978 - 21:15 -Bagworth, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light that zigzagged across the sky was observed by several witnesses. (PE-4A).

51/78/223. 25 July 1978 - 21:30 - Loughborough, UK - A bright white light was observed in the sky by 13 year-old male witness. Witness stated: “I was having trouble sleeping, as I often do, and looked out of my bedroom window, and on looking east I saw a bright white light in the sky about the size of a star. I watched this for about 10 seconds until it went out of sight. It was at an angle of around 35 degrees.” (Chafer). (IN-NL).

51/78/72. 25 July 1978 - 23:30 - Loughborough, UK - An intense white light was observed in the sky by several witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “I was night fishing when the object was drawn to my attention. I saw a bright light which appeared high in the sky. It moved in an arc descending as it moved. It finally disappeared over an embankment, still descending.”

Witness (B) stated: “On the date in question, three friends and I decided to go fishing down Stanford Lane on the River Soar. The light decreased so much that we decided to stop fishing and to boil some soup. After this we tried to get some sleep and at about 11.30 p.m., my friend ‘_____ - noticed a bright light in the sky across the road at a reasonably low height. This light was very bright indeed and tended to dazzle me a little. This light decreased in intensity and then increased again but not to the same brightness as before. After 2 minutes of hovering, the object moved westwards over Stanford. There was no sound of engines or propellers etc. Approaching Stanford, the craft increased in height (we could now see 2 white lights and a red one). The object carried on westwards and over the horizon.” (Ryan). (IN-NL).

 : The silent object over Stanford Lane, Loughborough, as drawn by witness (B).

51/78/74. 30 July 1978 - 02:45 - Sapcote, Leicestershire, UK - An object was observed in the sky - ‘fell’.(PE-4B). Possible meteor.

51/78/75. August 1978 - 21:30 - East Goscote, Leicestershire, UK - An object was observed in the sky that circled low over the area - size of a car - bottom half silver, top half orange -cigar-shape - noise heard by children only. Witness (A) stated: “I saw this object moving above the houses, the bottom part was a silvery colour, and the top orange - I was stunned, it was about the size of a car and quite low - the children said that it made a noise but I didn’t hear it, although my Husband said there was a lot of interference on the radio at the time.” (IN-Med). *See Item 8: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/76. 10 August 1978 - 04:48 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white globular light was observed in the sky - 3 separate directional changes-silent. Witness stated: “I was walking across the works at Brush,Loughborough, when I noticed a light in the sky - it was moving west to east but suddenly changed direction to go south to north. 4 other people began to watch the light with me and then it again changed direction to west to east. The light then stopped, hovering in the sky for 10-15 seconds. The light then seemed to get brighter and brighter as if it was about to explode, then faded down to normal brightness again and moved off eastwards at a very rapid pace. There was no sound to be heard.” (IN-NL). (Holliday).

51/78/77. 11 August 1978 - 21:30 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A kite-shaped aerial object was reported.(IN-Med).(Collie).

51/78/218. 11 August 1978 - 22:45 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - Several objects of various descriptions were observed by whole family for over 30 minutes -Witness (A) stated“: “I saw a white-looking airship with white lights around top section - it revolved.”

Witness (B) stated: “There were 3 lights to the left and 3 lights to the right - To the left in a ‘L’ shape - one bright light at the top of the ‘L’ and 2 red lights under it side by side, the left one being directly under the white light. The lights to the right were lighting an object above showing it to be round in shape, then the object on the left changed lights and showed the object to be cigar-shaped with a city on top. It then moved towards the object on the right sloping towards the other object. It disappeared behind the other object and dimmed its lights completely.” (PE-8N). (Holt).

BELOW: Various drawings made by witness (B) of the Loughborough aerial phenomena of August 11th.


 51/78/78. 14 August 1978 - 20:55 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An unusual bright white light in the sky was observed circling above the local area by many witnesses - photographed. Witness stated: “I was standing in a field approximately 200 yards from Saint Saviours Road. I heard the sound of a passing jet aircraft and looked casually into the sky, which was by this time fairly dusk, and saw what I thought to be the tail lights of the aircraft looking like a bright star in the S.E. sky. After a while, the sound of the jet died away, however, the bright star-like light remained. I had my camera with me so I decided to take a shot of it, as I did so it began to move to the left and keep a fairly even height. I hastily set up my tripod and followed the object, taking photographs as I did so. When the object reached a clump of trees, situated near the bottom of St. Saviours Road, it disappeared behind the first tree. I continued panning with the camera expecting it to re-appear from behind the tree, it did not. There was no sound while this object was moving and I did not see it again on the short journey home. Just before it disappeared I noticed a flashing red light similar to an aircraft recognition light. From this, and from earlier when it appeared to be stationary, I thought that it may have been a helicopter.” (IN-NL). (Duckworth).

BELOW: The Saint Saviours Road UFO, (centre of Picture) - Original witness Photograph.

51/78/82. 18 August 1978 - 00:45 - Syston, Leicestershire, UK - An aerial saucer with dark windows was observed - surrounded by orange glow. (UN-Med). (Expanded - See:Investigation Report By W. Hayes).

51/78/84. 18 August 1978 - 21:10 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A star-like object in the sky was observed. (Evaluation Code PE-4A).

: The Shepshed Object - Original witness drawing.

51/78/222. 23 August 1978 - 08:00 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - On rising from her bed, the young daughter of the family (Aged 9 years) observed a white cigar-shaped object move across the sky. Later, when she was playing with her young brother, the object was still there and so the girl told her Mother who also saw the object. The first object was joined by another. As the Mother took the children to school, other people saw the objects, and as they reached the school, many of the staff and pupils also observed them. (IN-Med).

: The Loughborough UFOs of August 23rd.- (Investigator’s drawing).

51/78/89. 23 August 1978 - 19:30 - Charnwood Forest - Leicester, UK - Several unusual illuminated aerial objects were observed hovering and circling above the area by several independent groups of witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “I went upstairs to my daughter‘s room at the rear of the house. I saw an object in the sky travelling towards Nanpanten. It flew a perfectly straight course. I watched the object for about 3-4 minutes, I then left the window and came away. At approximately 8 0, clock at the Hunters Moon Inn, I saw three objects, two were travelling towards Shepshed, and one was travelling towards Charnwood Forest.” (PE-1A). (Toms).

51/78/223. 23 August 1978 - 23:40 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - Red lights in the sky was observed by male witness. Witness stated: “I was walking home after finishing work, I came around the back of our house and I saw 2 red lights in the sky which appeared to be joined - they were moving from south to north. I watched them for about 20 seconds to make sure that they were not a plane. They then dropped below the horizon. I went upstairs in the house - I looked out of an open window and saw a single red light in cloud, this appeared to move up and down. All this lasted for about 15 minutes.” (IN-NL). (Lee).

51/78/90-92. 26 August 1978 - 16:45 - Burbage Common, Leicestershire, UK - Several sets of witnesses observed an illuminated, white and orange oval aerial object which hovered over the area for over a hour before shooting towards and lowering into woods. - No traces found after 2 hour ground search by investigators. (UN-Med). (Expanded).

51/78/90. 26 August 1978 - 16:45 - Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary illuminated oval-shaped object was observed hovering in the sky by a married couple. (UN-Med).

51/78/91. 26 August 1978 - 17:00 - Laneside Drive, Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary illuminated orange ball was observed in the sky. - Witness stated: “At 5.00 p.m. on this particular Saturday, I was walking down Zealand Close on the Stonygate Estate, Hinckley, towards Laneside Drive, when I noticed an extremely large object just above the houses in Laneside Drive. The object appeared as an extremely bright orange, flattened ball-shape, with an hazy outline. This object seemed to be totally illuminated. The oval was in view for approximately one minute, and had disappeared by the time I had walked around the corner into Laneside Drive. Four people were also standing at the Barwell end of Laneside Drive looking up into the sky.” (UN-Med). *See Items 12 and 13: Press Report Log 1978.

ABOVE: The Laneside Drive UFO, as drawn by witness.

51/78/92. 26 August 1978 - 18:00 - Burbage Common, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary silver ball-shaped object was observed by 3 female teenage witnesses over woods - object ‘shot towards the ground’ and vanished amongst trees. (UN-Med).

51/78/93. 30 August 1978 - 07:45 - Burbage Common, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK. - Married couple observed two, large ‘bird-like’ objects hovering above woods. Witness (A) stated: “My wife and I were travelling along the A5070 between Sapcote and Hinckley. We were approximately 400 yards from the junction when we spotted two objects in the sky. They were silver/grey in colour and did not seem to be moving. We observed them for approximately three minutes as we drove along. They seemed to be long and curved in shape and at first my wife got the impression that the objects were big birds of some kind, but on closer inspection we ruled out that they could be birds. The objects did not appear to be making any noise as we drove away from them. I estimated later that they appeared to be hovering at an angle of approximately 45 degrees above the horizon, and their size would be equal to a one pence piece held at arm’s length.” (UN-Med). (Jackson).

: Drawing by main witness of one of the Two bird-like UFOs seen hovering above Burbage Common.

: The Crescent Road, Hugglescote UFO - Original witness (A) drawing.

: The Round Daylight UFO seen above Hinckley - Original witness drawing.

 51/78/101.12 September 1978 - Evening - Croft, South Leicestershire - UK - A red illuminated disc that ‘fell’, and was observed to eventually apparently land briefly - observed by several independent witnesses. - Reported to be flying very low over the general region for over 3 hours. Witness (A) of 4 (at Croft) Stated: “We were returning from a fishing trip, it was around 10 past 8. Peter said ’Look up there at that red object’ - we all watched for about 10 minutes, a ball-shaped red object to the north of our position - moving about the sky - stopping and moving off again. In a random fashion - varying its speed and brightness - Peter had his camera with him and decided to take pictures, but when he looked through the lens, he could only see black sky, but he still took a picture of it.” (UN-Med). (Sibson). (Orton) (Springthorpe) (Dobson).

Witness (B) of 2 (Leicester) stated: “At first we thought it was a plane, but it seemed odd as the light was not flashing as a plane light does. We moved into the kitchen to look through the windows for a better view - I looked through binoculars at the light - it seemed to have a half-circle shape of red light at the back, and a dark, shadowy front. It moved across the sky, circled, then moved away towards Wigston Magna - The time was 8:15 p.m.” (UN-Med).

Witness ‘C’ of 3 (Braunstone) Stated: “At approximately 8.20 p.m., I saw a red light, similar to a rugby football, over the junction of Kingsway and Narborough Road - We tried to follow it in the car, but the object gained speed and moved away from us. It seemed to stop before moving off at varying speeds, towards Knighton.” (UN-Med). (Cadwallader).

Witness (D) of 2 (Glen Parva) Stated: “We watched a red object in the sky and saw it float down behind some trees - as it floated down, it crossed paths with an aircraft - The time was around 8.25 p.m.” (UN-Med). (Stevenson) (Elliott).

Witness (E) stated: (Birstill) Stated: “It was 10.35 p.m., I observed a red object moving across the sky - at first I thought it was an aircraft until it started flashing its red light erratically, also changing its speed from fast to slow, then it stopped. It then started to move again, making the same movements as before - it then dropped out of the sky, like a stone, dropping near or on the Birstill gravel pits.” (Clayton). (UN-Med). (*See Full investigation Report by William Hayes).

51/78/102.12 September 1978 - 22:30 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An orange and green-blue light in the sky was observed by a female witness. (IN-NL).

77/78/103.16 September 1978 - 22:10 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An oval-shaped illuminated object was observed crossing the sky. (IN-Med).

77/78/219. 19 September 1978 - 21:20 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An Unidentified Flying Object, orange coloured and shaped like the bottom of a teacup, was seen. Witness stated: “It was very big, and seemed to be over the Abbey Green side of town. It was round at the bottom, flat on top, and was a pinky-orange colour.” (IN-Med). (Taylor).

51/78/104. 23 September 1978 - 21:20 - Sketchley Hill, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK. - A stationary set of red and white flashing lights in the sky were reported by lone male witness. Witness stated: “I was walking down Station Road, Hinckley, when I observed to my left and towards and above Burbage, a stationary, silent set of rapidly flashing red and white lights. They continued to flash as I made my way home via the footbridge over the railway. I stopped on the railway bridge to get a better view. It was in the same position. I watched it for approximately five minutes, during which time it remained stationary. I decided to run home to tell my Mother, and I stopped along Brookside to check it again. After that, it must have disappeared, for after reaching the top of Sketchley Hill, I could no longer see the object.” (IN-NL). (Robinson).

51/78/105. 25 September 1978 - 21:30 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A formation of 6 nocturnal white star-like lights was reported by 14 year-old male witness - formation broke up at one point to again re-form. Disappeared when moved off behind buildings. Duration 10 minutes. Witness stated: “I was just outside my home closing the gates, when I looked up and saw six white dots in the sky like stars only slightly brighter and twinkling a lot. They came into view from behind the houses and stopped in the air. They then split up and began a sort of erratic dancing about in a circular motion which lasted about seven minutes. The lights then re-grouped into their original formation and moved off left to right quite slowly and disappeared.” (IN-NL). (Hannant).

51/78/106. 27 September 1978 - 19:05 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A round pulsating light was observed circling above the local area by several witnesses. (IN-NL).

51/78/96. 1 September 1978 - 23:53 - Birstall, Leicestershire, UK - A rectangular-shaped aerial object with white static lights on corners, and a red central flashing light was observed flying low over the local area. Police involved. Witness (A) stated: “ Heading out of Birstill on the A6 my friend spotted something through the window of the car. I looked out of the side window and I could see what I thought were four rectangular white lights in the sky, in the shape of a rectangle. In the centre of the rectangle was a flashing red light. The two nearest white lights appeared to be dimmer than the others. I wound down the passenger window and looked over the roof of the car - I couldn’t hear anything but I could still see the same object. It appeared to be ’book’ shaped silhouetted against the sky.” (IN-Med).

51/78/221. 2 September 1978 - 21:15 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - 2 bright lights were observed in the sky by five teenage witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “My friend and I and four other lads were outside the club at the Brush sports ground near the out woods, when the four lads said for us to look at the sky. We all looked and there were two bright lights, one positioned above the other one and a little ahead as well. They were going fairly fast and came from the direction of Copt Oak heading in the general direction of Castle Donnington. We watched this until they disappeared over the horizon.” (IN-NL). (Chafer).

51/78/97. 2 September 1978 - 21:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Two star-like objects were observed in the sky by two teenage boys. Witness (A) stated: “My friend and I were out in his back garden when we saw a white and round object crossing the sky - about five minutes later a similar object followed the first.” (IN-NL). (Boyle) (Gilbert).

51/78/224. 2 September 1978 - 21:45 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - 2 bright objects were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I was travelling northwards along the B5330 road towards the junction of the B591 near Beacon Hill, when I saw two bright objects in the sky towards the north-west. They were moving in an easterly direction along parallel courses, one before the other. We turned the car in the B591 and stopped, and got out. The objects were still visible and as we watched they came to a standstill almost directly above us. After observing them for some moments we lost them against the starry background, and then drove off.”(IN-NL). (Robinson).

 51/78/98. 3 September 1978 - 04:30 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A pulsating triangular object was observed by lone, that hovered and then moved off. - Photographed unsuccessfully. Witness stated: “I looked out of my bedroom window and saw in the sky an object with lights on - the outer lights were larger than the inner ones - I watched it for 2-3 minutes, then went downstairs to get my camera - I then went outside to get a picture - the object was pulsating all the time - it moved off towards the M1 - by this time it was a cigar-shape.” (IN-Med). (Squires).

77/78/99. 7 September 1978 - 20:30 - Ansley, Warwickshire, UK - 8 stationary white lights were observed in the sky for 30 seconds by two 13 year-old boys. Witness (A) stated: “We saw about eight bright, white lights hovering in the sky. I thought it could probably be an aeroplane but as it was hovering, I knew that it was not. The lights suddenly shot off to the left and went out.” (IN-NL). (Green).

51/78/100. 10 September 1978 - 18:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A round black aerial object with a silver ‘patch’ was observed in daylight and reported by a 12 year-old schoolboy. Witness stated: “First I was looking out of the window in my dad’s car, then and I saw what looked like a helicopter from the front, but when it moved normally you would be able to see the helicopter from the side, unlike this object which stayed the same shape at all times. I watched it for a minute and then lost it from sight when the car went behind a building.” (Jameson) (IN-Med).

51/78/94. September 1978 - 16:45 - Ellistown. Leicestershire, UK - 3 white lights in the sky were observed by single male witness. Witness stated: “I saw three lights, all white in colour - the middle one was on all the time, but the two outside ones flashed at regular intervals. I heard no sound.” (IN-NL). (Kendrick).

51/78/95. September 1978 - 20:00 - Hugglescote, Leicestershire, UK - A red/orange ‘rugby ball-shaped’ object was observed in the sky for 5 minutes. Witness (A) stated: “My Wife and I were sitting in our front room when suddenly the room and window lit up with a bright red glow similar to a car’s brake lights - I then went to the window but there was nothing outside but over the top of the houses on the opposite side of the road, just above the chimneys, was a rugby ball-shaped object - it moved straight across the sky and then stopped, then it moved up into the sky like a flash and disappeared altogether.” (IN-Med). (Davenport).

51/78/107. 27 September 1978 - 19:05 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A pulsating white light in the sky was observed by several witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “My friends and I were walking down Ashby Road when one of them saw an object in the sky. He said ‘look there‘s a UFO‘. We ran down into the Rosebery School field and it was in the air, stationary, and it was also pulsating. It had a spike on the top and it was a round shape. After about 20 minutes, it darted off very fast towards Shepshed.”

Witness (B) stated: “I was walking down the road with friends when we saw an object in the sky. It shot off towards the woods and was about 600 feet high. It looked like a football in the sky(IN-NL). (Brooks/Gibbons).

51/78/108. 27 September 1978 - 20:00 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A white cylindrical beam of light that circled the area several times was reported. Witness (A) stated: “While we were tending a fire one evening, we saw a light in the sky coming from the south. This turned out to be a plane, but later, a white cylindrical beam of light cruised along the sky. A few minutes later, we saw this object again and again until we had seen it about five time. It seemed to be passing over in a circle, but it disappeared at a certain point. The sixth time that we saw this object, it seemed to be moving across the sky heading towards the north.” (IN-Med). (Dalrymple).

51/78/109. 27 September 1978 - 20:20 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A small, yellow/white object above Charnwood forest was reported - circled - disappeared - re-appeared - vanished. Witness stated: “We were playing in the garden from approximately 8.20 p.m., until 9.15 p.m. We were observing the stars and several planes that flew over when Paul noticed a small yellow and white dot in the sky. It appeared to be over Charnwood when I looked and it was circling. It kept disappearing and re-appearing. A little later, we went out into the street. Paul asked Mrs. ‘A‘ if she had seen anything. She said she had seen a square light and that some children had seen it nine times.” (IN-NL). (Bradbury).

51/78/110. 27 September 1978 - 20:30 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A square-shaped aerial object with a central red light was observed by female witness. Witness stated: “On Wednesday evening at around 8.30 p.m., I was taking my dog for a walk when suddenly a child screamed out. I asked what was the matter and the child said that a big, square thing with a red light in the centre, kept flashing which I thought at that time was a hoax. Anyway, I stayed a little while and it came back, a yellow light which kept flashing, and it also had red in the centre, and it seemed to be square-shaped. I personally thought it was someone playing around with a kite.” (UN-Med).(Annely).

51/78/111. 30 September 1978 - 21:10 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - Several nocturnal aerial lights moving in different directions one of which was observed to briefly hover before moving on. Witness (A) stated: “We were walking down High Street when we saw a white object in the sky. At first, we dismissed this as a shooting star, until we saw another moving light in the sky. This second one stopped for a while and hovered, then it moved away in the same direction as the first. The third light just moved in the same direction, only this time, it did not stop at all, it just moved on towards Hinckley.” (IN-NL). (Farmer).

77/78/112. October 1978 - 19:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A nocturnal white globular light in the sky was observed by family. Witness (A) stated: “My Son called us outside, we saw a light above adjacent properties but there was no sound - when it was directly opposite the rear of the house it stopped, still no sound and we were able to observe it for some time. It then moved away at a constant speed and not giving an impression that it was moving very fast until it reached the skyline in about 15 seconds - it was then that I realised the fantastic speed compared with aircraft travelling the same way fairly regularly, when it is possible to observe these for up to five minutes.” (IN-NL). (Place).

77/78/113. 1 October 1978 - 20:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A nocturnal yellow globular light. (IN-NL). (Harrison).

51/78/225. 1 October 1978 - 22:00 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A slow moving, very bright white light was observed by a married couple. Witness (A) stated: “We were laying in bed when we both observed a very bright light in the sky. At first, we thought that it could be a plane or a glider as it was moving very slowly. It was coming straight towards us from the direction of Wolvey, approximately south-west. There was no noise associated with the light and it was rather low in the sky. The light must have been visible for about 20 minutes, during which time we phoned a friend in Salem Road and asked him to take a look. He looked but said that he could not see anything.” (IN-NL). (Patrick).

51/78/114. 1 October 1978 - 22:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent, nocturnal yellow globular light at rooftop height was observed by male witness. Witness stated: I was walking along Hollycroft Crescent, Hinckley, when on glancing up I noticed a bright yellow/white light in the sky to my left. My first thought was that it was the landing light of an aircraft, however, I dismissed this explanation because of its low height and the lack of any sound whatsoever. I had the impression at first that the light was further away than it looked, but on turning left into Lismore Drive, (by this time the light had passed over Lismore and was over the rooftops to my right) - I saw that it was very close indeed, in fact, my estimation would be 150 feet away to my left when first seen, and about the same in height. As I was walking along the crescent, when the light was parallel with myself, it was travelling a little faster than my own walking pace.” (IN-NL). (Jones).

51/78/115.1 October 1978 - 22:15 Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A large, brightly lit cigar-shaped object low in the sky was observed by several independent witnesses. Object totally silent. Witness (A) of 2 stated: “On Sunday, October 1st., 1978, I was with a friend taking a break outside Bennett Brothers, Southfield Road, It was approximately 10.30 p.m. We noticed in the sky to our left, (N.E.), a bright white light. It appeared to consist of two white lights close together. We watched it pass by in front of us from left to right. During the observation, which lasted for a few minutes, we noticed that there was no noise associated with the object. We finally saw the light disappear on the horizon, travelling towards Nuneaton - (S.W.) (UN-Med).

Witness (B) of 2 stated: “My workmate and I were standing at the gate of our factory having a break, at between 10.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m., when we observed two large lights travelling towards us, from over Burbage. And flying towards Nuneaton. We thought it strange as there were no aircraft navigation lights on the object, and also there seemed to be smaller pinpoint lights above it, which could have been lights from inside. It was travelling at about the speed of an old type piston biplane, e.g. a Tiger Moth , rather slowly. There was no noise at all, and no shape to be observed against the night sky.” (UN-Med).

Witness (C) of 2 stated: (Clarendon Road, Hinckley) “My Husband and I arrived home after visiting my parents - we parked the car outside the house. As we opened the front gate, I looked at the sky and commented on how clear it was. As we observed the stars, I noticed an object moving steadily across the night sky - it seemed very high and made no sound - it looked like two lights very close together or two small stars close together - there was no particular shape or outline to the object. It travelled in a straight line in a north-westerly direction, and continued out of my sight over the rooftops.” (UN-Med). (Expanded).

77/78/220. 1 October 1978 - 22:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An amateur astronomer and his Wife witnessed a strange, moving light in the south, south-east sky. first thought to the bright yellow light was the planet Jupiter. Witness (A) stated: “Jupiter should be up around now, and that is what I thought it was at first, - but it suddenly veered off, too fast to follow with a telescope it was in the wrong place to be Jupiter, or one of its moons. the light began to look more like a boomerang shape, and then sped off to the west - I contacted Birmingham Airport air traffic control who said that there were no scheduled aircraft over the area at that time.”(IN-NL). (Hill). *See Item 15: Press Report Log 1978.

51/78/125. 23 October 1978 - 17:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A black kite-shaped object was observed in the sky - followed by 5 ball-shaped smaller objects - daylight - silent. A female witness was walking in Radmore Road when she saw a black kite-shaped object in the sky at a 45 degree elevation. At the rear of the object were what appeared to be red ball-shaped objects in a line which gave off light. The whole thing was sharply defined and had the apparent size of a 2p piece held at arm’s length. There was no sound as the object travelled quickly towards the north. (UN-Med).

LEFT: The Radmore Road “Kite”, as drawn by witness.

 51/77/78/126-193. 23 October 1978.- 18:00 onwards - Many areas in Leicestershire and Warwickshire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed over the region by over 200 known witnesses - 62 left statements (See selected statements below) - movie film obtained by Burbage witness. (Also Expanded - See 'The Case Of The Silent Vulcan'). *Additionally, see Items 19 to 22: Press Report Log 1978. (Evaluation Code (UN): -Med).

Selected statements;

51/77/78/126. 23 October 1978 - 18:00 - A447 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed. Witness stated: “I was coming along Ashby Road in my car at about 6p.m.. on Monday night. I was leaving the Cadeby turn when I saw travelling towards me. Their outline was delta shaped. I went along for about another 500 yards looking up into the sky. I was so interested that I stopped the car in a lay by to get out for a better look. I stared at it for a while then it disappeared faster than the eye could see. In fact it disappeared so fast that I wondered if I had imagined it, although I knew I hadn’t(UN-Med).

51/77/78/127. 23 October 1978 - 18:20 - Littlethorpe, Leicestershire, UK - A mass of very bright lights in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I was travelling home and I was between Littlethorpe and Cosby at 6.20 p.m. when I noticed 3 white lights travelling towards me. I thought at first it was an aeroplane going to land at Castle Donnington with its landing lights on, as it got nearer the lights got very bright and formed a triangle. This in itself seemed an unusual formation. I slowed down to view it more safely, and realised there were no other lights as on normal aircraft, wingtips and tail etc. I stopped my car and opened the windows as it got closer. I could see the shape as a black silhouette, it was like a Vulcan bomber, triangular shaped with a light on each point and large. The other strange thing was that I heard no noise at all, no sound of engines etc. After it passed, the lights were no longer visible and it disappeared from my view into the dark. I have never seen the like before and that includes 3 years in the R.A.F. when I saw aircraft day and night(UN-Med).

51/77/78/128. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK - A bright and shining aerial object was observed by two female witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “My daughter and I were walking the dogs in the park when we saw the UFO. We did not see it appear, so we did not know how long it had been there. It was bright and shining and stayed in the same place all the time we saw it Witness (A) also stated: (June 1981 Statement). “I cannot quite remember what time it was, but I think it was round about 7 p.m. We had taken the dogs for a walk across Bosworth Park. When we reached the car park, there this thing sat overhead. It did not appear to be very high up. I do not know how long it had been there for we heard no noise at all. It did not move at all, and no sound came from it. We stood looking at it for about 10 minutes, then my daughter said she was feeling afraid of it, as it was so large. As we went towards Bosworth, I could see it still sitting there, then all at once, it was gone. We heard afterwards that it was seen racing across the sky towards Measham. I now wish that we had waited just that little while longer as I would have loved to have seen it moving(UN-Med).

51/77/78/129. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed. Witness stated: “We were walking down my friends house when I saw the lights in the sky. First of all it went up and down, then from side to side and one of my friends ran in to get a camera. We watched it move off at a fast rate, a lot faster than any plane I’ve seen. As it went there was a blue light underneath. When my friend came out again it was gone. It wasn’t dark but just going dark. It was about 6.30 p.m on the corner of Greenmoor Road(UN-Med).

51/77/78/130. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A large light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I was sitting at home watching T.V. In my top window I saw a large light that was going on and off. I fetched my two children who were scared. The object seem to be moving, it was very large. I went outside and didn’t hear any engine noise. I watched for a few minutes and then the lights seemed to go off and the object disappeared (UN-Med).

51/77/78/131. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A number of bright lights in the sky were observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “On 23rd., October 1978, prior to putting my car in the garage, I was talking to a neighbour and we both saw an object in the sky. It had a number of bright lights which dimmed, then became brighter. The object was moving slow and seemed lower than an aircraft(UN-Med).

51/77/78/132. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Measham, Leicestershire, UK - Three bright aerial lights were observed by a married couple walking their dog. Witness (A) stated: “The object approached from the south-west. It looked like a star to begin with and gradually got brighter and larger as it approached us. It was approximately 4 to 6 inches in diameter at arm’s length with 3 lights, the middle one being like a searchlight with a powerful beam. It moved slowly and took almost half a hour to pass overhead. As it moved over and headed towards Castle Donnington, we lost sight of it as the lights faded out of view. There was no noise at all. Our Alsatian dog was whining and barking furiously as the object passed over (UN-Med).

51/77/78/133. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Measham, Leicestershire, UK - An unusual aerial object with three beams of light was observed by a number of witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “It was about 6.30pm. We were called outside by our friend and we looked up into the sky. We thought it was a plane but as we looked it was sort of round and had three beams of light. First they were on white then turned to red. It was about one and a half inches long at arm’s length and was going very slowly, then, as it reached the front of the house it was going faster - it seemed to be coming from Tamworth and heading for Castle Donnington (UN-Med).

51/77/78/134. 23 October 1978 - 18:30 - Ravenstone, Leicestershire, UK - Three lights in a triangle shape were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I was feeding my livestock down the garden when I noticed three bright lights in the sky. After about 2 minutes I returned into the house and when I came back out again I saw to only two lights and a red, and green, (or blue). I then watched it disappear all of a sudden (UN-Med).

51/77/78/135. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Elmesthope, Leicestershire, UK - A hovering lighted mass was observed. Witness stated: “As we looked at the object it appeared as one lighted mass, its movements were as if it was hovering or pulsating upwards at first, then coming down. It then remained static for a few minutes. The object began to move towards us slowly gradually accelerating. There was however, no noise at all from the craft(UN-Med).

51/77/78/136. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - Bright white lights were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I saw bright white lights, one either side of the object and two smaller lights that could have been red. It was night time but I definitely got the impression of a large triangle(UN-Med).

51/77/78/137. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed. Witness stated: “Being ex-RAF I would have said that the object was a Vulcan Bomber flying south to north on the flight path used by East Midlands airport. However, the object was stationery in sight for approximately three minutes. Imagine a Vulcan bomber with bright lights on each wing tip and two very bright landing lights in the centre. It then moved towards us and overhead gather speed. When overhead I could see what looked like a red navigation light in the centre and another white light where the tailplane would be. THERE WAS NO NOISE! - I rushed to the front of our bungalow, (taking a few seconds), but it had completely vanished Second Statement made June, 1981 - Witness stated: “Firstly, I am ex RAF and still an active member of the Duxford Aviation Society restoring aircraft. The night in question I was looking out of my kitchen window after dark when I saw these three lights.,(I add at this point that we are the flight path for East Midlands airport) that I thought was another aircraft coming over. However, a short time after I noticed the lights were still there, so I went straight outside. At first I thought it to be a VULCAN AIRCRAFT (emphasis by witness) and realised that the lights were stationary. (No shape was visible but I could imagine it to be a Vulcan). I must have watched for two minutes and then rushed to get my binoculars out of the car which was close to hand. Before I had time to focus, the lights suddenly moved forwards at speed in a northerly direction without noise. The houses then hid it from view. I assure you that there was NO NOISE, and a Harrier Jet could not clear the distance from HOVER TO SPEED in the time and without noise. I often think of this and keep looking out but cannot find a single solution(UN-Med).

51/77/78/138. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Three bright lights in a line were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I saw three bright lights in a line. It came down Whitestone Way and went towards Atherstone. About 10 minutes later a plane passed over(UN-Med).

51/77/78/139. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Three lights in a saucer shape were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I saw three lights in the shape of a saucer. It hovered then began to move, not very fast but you could follow it. As it faded the light on top seemed to be underneath it(UN-Med).

51/77/78/140. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, UK - White lights in the sky were observed. Witness (A) stated: “We first saw white lights in the sky from the south-east, we then went to investigate and stood in the garden for about three minutes. It came towards us and we could see that it was something that we hadn’t seen before. It then stopped still in the sky for about fifteen seconds. There was no noise from any engines at all. We could see the white light at the front, and four green lights around it. We could see it very clearly because it was not very high, and it was a clear night. It disappeared at about 7.45 p.m., heading slowly north-west(UN-Med).

51/77/78/141. 23 October 1978 - 18:40 - Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, UK - A white cigar-shaped aerial light was observed. Witness stated: “I was driving from Blaby to Countesthorpe along Winchester Road, at approximately 6.40 p.m., on Monday, 23rd., 1978. As I passed the entrance to Countesthorpe College, I saw directly in front of me in the sky at approximately 20 degrees to the horizontal, a white cigar-shaped light. I kept this in view and then turned left into Station Road, Countesthorpe. (This is a ninety-degree turn). I then kept this light in view and it appeared to be travelling in the same direction as me. I turned again and the light was now visible directly through my windscreen and appeared as three spotlights in a Delta shape at approximately 50-60 degrees to the horizon. I stopped my van and got out. The lights had disappeared and there was no sound of aircraft of any type. The night was clear(UN-Med).

51/77/78/142. 23 October 1978 - 18:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A large bright light in the sky was witnessed by Father and Daughter. Witness (A) stated: “My Daughter called me out to see this UFO. She and a friend had watched it come from in the distance (south) as a bright stationary light. When I saw it, it was moving from right to left. The appearance was three lights in Delta formation with one of the lights leading the other two. I could make out no solid shape but had the impression of a Delta-shaped object. In my foreground was a sodium streetlamp, the object passed in front. I looked away, then at some time it must have turned 180 degrees, because when I looked again they were moving to my right. I then clearly saw the three lights turn through 180 degrees to go left, (approximately north again). After a few moments they were enveloped by cloud (UN-Med).

 51/77/78/153. 23 October 1978 - 18:45 - Hastings High School, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed by several witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “I left the school around 6.45 p.m., on Monday, 23rd., October, 1978. I walked towards our house which is in the grounds, my two grandchildren came to meet me. As we walked up the side of the house, in front of us in the sky was a reddish-orange light. We watched it for a few minutes then I called my Husband and Sons out of the house to look at it. We watched it for about five minutes, then I went across to the school to ask the Deputy Headmaster, (who gives lessons in astronomy), I thought that if it was a star he would be able to explain it. He was talking to the headmaster and I asked him if he would come outside and have a look. When we got outside and looked towards where the light had been, it had gone. On looking down the field due south, we could see three bright lights coming towards us. My youngest Son came over to us asked Mr. Goodman what it was. He didn’t know. It then came nearer to us and it looked to me, head on, very much the shape of a Vulcan bomber, or a half circle. As it went right over us, it looked to have a dull, red light underneath it. We thought it was a plane, but as it went over, there was no sound whatsoever, also, there were no navigation lights on it. As we turned around to look at it, but it was completely black at the back and we could see nothing. It was travelling south to north but not on a flight path. After we got back in the house we rang LUFOIN at Leicester to report it. After talking about it and saying that it looked from the front very much like a V. Bomber, I rang up Bitteswell where the V. Bomber that comes over is stationed, and asked them if it had been up in the last hour and a half and they said no, if it had, we definitely would have heard itSecond Statement made June, 1981 - Witness (A) stated: “When the object was seen, it was stationary, and was like a star but was an orange - red colour. This first drew my attention to it. As we walked up the side of the house, in front of us in the sky was a reddish-orange light. I went to fetch the school Headmaster. When we looked towards where the light had been, it had gone. Then, on looking down the field due south, we could see three bright lights coming towards us(UN-Med).

  LEFT: The unknown aerial object, as filmed by Son of above witness in the grounds of the Hastings High School © T. Evans 2013.

51/77/78/154. 23 October 1978 - 18:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed by several young witnesses. On behalf of witnesses it was stated by one of their Fathers: “On Monday, 23rd., October, 1978, at approximately 7. 07 p.m., my Son Mark, aged 8 years, ran into the house with three friends, to tell me he had just seen a UFO. I must admit to taking little notice at the time, however, I noticed a report of a sighting in the Tuesday edition of the Nuneaton Evening Tribune, and that evening, I questioned Mark further. Whilst I was talking to him, two of his friends, Lee and Paul ‘B’, called for him to play outside. My Wife asked them in, and before they, or Mark, had time to discuss the matter together, we separated them and asked them to draw what they had seen in the sky on the previous evening. That same evening, I asked John ‘M’, to make a drawing to also make a drawing, and this he did, in his own home, and without having seen the other children or their drawings. I appreciate that the said drawings may include some imagination, but what struck me was the similarity, particularly as Mark made two drawings, which co-ordinated with both Lee and Paul’s on the one hand, and John’s on the other(UN-Med).

Below: Original witness drawings of the object made by the four boys.

 Mark Lee Paul John

51/77/78/155. 23 October 1978 - 18:45 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - Two bright lights in the sky were observed. Witness stated: “I was sitting at home when I noticed a bright light. First I thought it was a firework, but it got brighter and nearer. I then went outside and as it got nearer I could see that it wasn’t one bright light, but two lights similar to two powerful car headlights. Because of the intensity of the lights I was unable to make out any clear shape. It wasn’t making any noise at all. After watching it for about a minute or so I then went in home and thought nothing more about it until I read the Hinckley Times on Friday(UN-Med).

51/77/78/156. 23 October 1978 - 18:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A silent, large triangular object was observed. Witness stated: “I saw an object which I first thought was a large aircraft, because it had three lights on and my first thought was that it had landing lights on, then I realised that the centre light would cover the whole of the cockpit. The other two lights were set back, and at this point I had stopped my car and got out. I realised that the object was stationary, so I stood and watched. There was no sound. Suddenly, it started to move in my direction very slowly, and I stood and waited until it was above me and I felt that there were windows of some sort around it. At this point I felt afraid, so I got back into my car and drove away(UN-Med).

51/77/78/193. 23 October 1978 - 23:45 - Kibworth, Leicestershire, UK -A large white light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I saw a large, round white light moving very fast. I watched for about four seconds, before it went out like a light being switched off(UN-Med).

51/78/195. 25 October 1978 - 18:25 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - 2 large white lights hardly moving were observed over the area. (IN-NL). (Tebbutt).

51/78/196. 25 October 1978 - 18:30 - Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, UK - A white flash in the sky was observed - followed by red streaks. (IN-NL).

51/78/197. 25 October 1978 - 22:15 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A saucer with lights was observed in the sky - described as an upside down frying pan with 2 main lights that changed colour - ‘whooshing’ noise heard. (IN-Med). (Law).

51/78/198. 25 October 1978 - 22:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - 2 white lights in the sky one above the other - upper light remained lower light vanished. (IN-NL).

51/78/199. 26 October 1978 - 21:45 - Featherstone Drive, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - white and red aerial lights were observed by two teenage boys. (IN-NL).

51/78/200. 28 October 1978 - Evening - Sapcote, Leicestershire, UK - A large orange ball of light in the sky that hovered was reported. (IN-NL).

51/78/201. 2 November 1978 - 17:35 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary object was reported - dome-shaped with 4 green lights and 1 larger red central light. A female witness was about to get on a bus when she noticed four green lights in the sky. The lights appeared to be attached to a vague silvery, oval-shaped object the size of a 1p piece at arm’s length. At the top of the object was a larger red light. The object was stationary in the south at elevation 45 degrees, and did not appear to be making any sound. (IN-Med).

51/78/202. 2 November 1978 - 17:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A cigar with windows was observed in the sky. 14 year-old witness reports a cigar-shaped object, silver in colour, with white lights along the side and a red beam below. It was travelling very slowly north-east at elevation 75 degrees. There was no sound. Total duration was five minutes. (IN-Med).

51/78/203. 2 November 1978 - 17:45 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - An oval of lights in the sky that shone down a red beam. Were witnessed by 14 year-old schoolgirl. Witness stated: “I was walking down the drive of my granddad’s bungalow when I looked up at the sky and noticed four green lights, a red light just above them and surrounded by a silvery glow. At first I thought it was a firework that someone had let off but it lasted about thirty seconds which is too long for today‘s fireworks. I stood looking at it for thirty seconds then it just disappeared.” (Parsons). (IN-Med).

 : The “Oval of lights” above Burbage - Original witness drawing.

: The Springfield Road ‘disc‘ - Original witness drawing. (Husband).

77/78/211. 28 November 1978 - 03:30 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An object in the sky was observed - described as an illuminated cigar-shaped object with blue tinge. (IN-Med). *See Item 24: Press Report Log 1978.

LEFT: Wood Street, Hinckley. Photograph shows the tree in the centre of the picture over which the daylight UFO travelled very, very slowly from right to left. (South-east to North-west) witnesses were parked on the left. (Photograph courtesy of the Hinckley Times).

BELOW: The Wood Street cigar - (Original witness drawing).


51/78/213. 9 December 1978 - 16:50 - Leicester, UK - A slow moving illuminated cigar at low height was reported. (UN-Med).

51/78/214. 14 December 1978 - 17:35 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A nocturnal aerial light at low-level was observed. Witness stated: “I was in Standard Hill, Coalville, when I saw a white light travelling westwards on a course parallel to Standard Hill and to the south of it. I estimate that the light was about Ό of a mile away from me at about 200-300 feet altitude, travelling at a speed similar to that of a light aircraft. The object maintained a constant course and speed, and after about 20 seconds it disappeared below the skyline in the west-south-west.”(IN-NL). (Hannant).

1978 - End.

(1): Additional References: Alien animals: A Worldwide Investigation - (Bord) - Amazon Books.

(2): The 1978 UFO Chronology - NICAP.

Also: Robert Barrow: The Great Central NY UFO Wave of 1978 - Part 2.


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51/78/212. 9 December 1978 - 16:50 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A very slow moving illuminated yellow/white cigar-shaped object was observed in daylight by 3 witnesses. Object low and silent. A 29 year-old man and his two young sons were sitting in a car (Austin Mini), which was parked in Wood Street, Hinckley, when the eldest of the two boys, (8 years), asked his father to look at a ‘funny plane in the sky’. On looking, the man observed, low in the sky, a very slow moving cigar-shaped object, which appeared to be illuminated by an internal white-yellow light of extreme brilliance, giving the object the appearance of a flying fluorescent tube. The object itself seemed close, and appeared sharply defined against a clear blue sky. It had the apparent size of a one pence piece held at arm’s length. No sound was audible as the object moved extremely slowly (approximately 5 m.p.h. - reconstructed), across the sky on a straight course towards the north-west. After remaining under observation for a total duration of five minutes, the object became obscured from view behind nearby shop rooftops. At no time during the sighting did the witness hear any sound.

51/78/208. 16 November 1978 - 18:30 - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK - Female witness observed red and green flashing lights in the sky - stationary.(DE- 3B). Explanation: Star.

51/78/209. 22 November 1978 - 17:20 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - A red flashing light in the sky was observed. (PE-1B). Possible conventional explanation.

51/78/210. 23 November 1978 - 18:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Nocturnal red and green lights in the sky were observed. (PE-1B). Possible conventional aircraft lighting.

51/78/204. 2 November 1978 - 18:45 - Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK - A large pulsating orange light in the sky - pulsating - very low- disappeared - then a roar like a jet. (PE-1A). Possible explanation: Aircraft.

51/78/205. 4 November 1978 - 18:15 - Croft Hill, Leicestershire, UK - A red dome-shaped object was observed hovering over the area for over 2 hours. Witness stated: “On the evening of Saturday, November 4th ., 1978, at around 6.15 p.m., I took my son to look for fireworks out of our landing window which is at the side of the house. On looking downhill towards Croft, we saw a large red shape. At first I thought it to be a bonfire on Croft Hill. We watched, and even the really big rockets came nowhere near this object. On watching, one could see it pulsating darker and brighter. I fetched my husband from downstairs and he also saw the object. At no time did it move and of course, we were too far away from it to hear any sound it might have made. We left home about 6.45 p.m. and the object was still there. Whilst we were at a bonfire party at Thurlaston my husband saw the object again but this time over the Kirby Muxloe area. This time it just seemed to vanish. We had watched the object in total for almost a hour. On Sunday morning, a neighbour called in and asked if we had seen anything in the sky. He said he saw a light at first and at first thought it was a fire, then he was not so sure. When he saw it, it was over the Kirkby Muxloe area (PE-3C). Possible Moon observation. (Hunt).

51/78/206. 4 November 1978 - 23:07 - Sibson, Leicestershire, UK - 2 silver/green lights in the sky - hovered. (IN-NL).

51/78/207. 8 November 1978 - 17:55 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent white object in the sky was observed by whole family - disappeared over Burbage. Witness stated: “My daughter and I were walking up the drive of our house, it was dark, but it was a very clear night. My daughter saw a bright white flashing light, it was quite large and pretty low. As we watched it we were joined by my Husband and my son. We all thought that we could see a disc shape within the light. It moved in a straight line, steadily and quite slowly. We all watched it for about 3 minutes. It came approximately from the direction of Burbage/Sapcote and passed over the town centre. It was completely silent. When my daughter and I first saw it we thought we could very faintly see windows in it with lights behind them.” (PE-1B). (Moore).

77/78/116. 2 October 1978 - 05:30 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A revolving aerial yellow crescent-shaped object was observed - changed colour to green, then to orange before moving off. (IN-Med). (Marston).

77/78/117. 4 October 1978 - 18:05 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A dome-shaped shining aerial object with a haze around it was observed - visible for 1 minute. Witness stated: “My Wife and I observed a shining silver object in front of a cloud layer. The object resembled a dome with a halo around the outside. It was clearly visible for about one minute.” (IN-Med).(Davies).

51/78/215. 4 October 1978 - 19:38 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A bright light in the sky was observed by lone female witness. Witness stated: “I saw a big, huge light in the sky. As it went across the sky, the light was flashing, but it was not going on and off - it was just getting brighter. It was very low and big - it was like looking at a star because it had no shape to it. The light was very bright, there was no need to look through binoculars, I knew it was not an aircraft of any type, because in the distance an aircraft was approaching, and it looked totally different.” (IN-NL). (Hopper).

51/78/118. 7 October 1978 - 19:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A hovering blue-pink object was observed in the sky by three witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “Over the past few months, this object has been seen, sometimes constantly, over a few nights, then quite a time has elapsed before its been noticed again. Recently, while being observed, its movements have been more erratic. It can be seen to have a yo-yo movement.” (PE-3B). Possible Star. (Wright).

51/78/119. 7 October 1978 - 23:30 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - An unidentifiable flashing aerial object was observed by a leading member of the Coalville mobile UFO watch team. (PE-1B).

51/78/221. 9 October 1978 - 20:30 - Leicester, UK - 2 white lights in the sky were observed by several witnesses. (IN-NL). (Clarke).

77/78/120. 10 October 1978 - 02:00 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - Witness noticed an object in the sky with 2 bright lights and a ‘hump’ in the middle. (IN-NL). (Whitehouse).

51/78/121. 11 October 1978 - 21:45 - Hinckley, UK - A conventional aircraft was observed that was mistaken for a UFO. (Mayne). (DE-1B).

51/78/122. 16 October 1978 - 22:30 - Barwell, Leicestershire, UK - An illuminated aerial object with a flashing blue light was observed by lone female witness.(IN-NL). (Faulks).

51/78/123. 17 October 1978 - 19:32 - Thurlaston, Leicestershire, UK - - A large object in the sky that headed in the direction of Croft Quarry before vanishing. (PE-7B).(Possible meteor).

77/78/124. 21 October 1978 - 18:45 - Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK - A schoolboy reported the observation of four large white lights hovering over his school. (IN-NL).

51/78/85. 18 August 1978 - 21:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - In the clear sky, a bright flash of white light at an elevation of 20 degrees. A few seconds later, a similar flash occurred in the same direction but slightly lower. Flashes were as big as an old 5p coin at arm’s length, and in a south-south easterly direction. (IN-NL). (Phillips).

51/78/86. 18 August 1978 - 21:27 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A red and yellow nocturnal light which flashed was observed. (PE-1A). - Possible explanation - conventional aircraft.

51/78/87. 19 August 1978 - 01:45 - Hathern, Leicestershire, UK - A white/yellow bright light in the sky was observed. (IN-NL). (Sutton).

51/78/88. 20 August 1978 - 02:15 - Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK - A very slow moving bright white globular light in the sky was reported by lone female 15 year-old witness. Witness stated: “Walking home I saw a bright white light in the sky - oval-shaped, more or less - It was in view for about 2 minutes travelling slowly north - It disappeared behind houses and trees.” (PE-4A). (Burton).

51/78/83. 18 August 1978 - 20:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Witness observed a large, circular object just above the rooftops travelling slowly towards Burbage. The object was yellow/red and slightly larger than the Moon. Total duration of the sighting was 10 minutes, and the object was still in view when witness left. Interestingly, the sighting fits in exactly with Moon - rise on this evening, although the witness states that the Moon was not in the sky at the time. (PE-3C). Possible explanation; Moon.

77/78/79. 14 August 1978 - 22:10 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A 15 year-old girl was standing outside her house with her friend, when she spotted an extremely bright, white light approaching from the south-west. The light came closer and a saucer-shaped object came into view. This was illuminated by the attached light which remained constant in brightness throughout the sighting. Object vanished into distance. (IN-Med).

51/78/80. 15 August - 1978 - 21:40 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A “torpedo-shaped” aerial object with red and white flashing lights was observed by female witness. Witness stated: “I was walking down Oxford Street when I spotted what I thought was a plane going in for landing. But as I looked, the lights, which were flashing red and white, were too big to be aircraft lights .Five or six minutes passed and I was walking home in the opposite direction with my Daughter when I spotted this thing again. It stopped moving and just hung there, but this time there was only a white light showing.” (IN-NL).

51/78/81. 17 August 1978 - 22:15 - Sketchley Hill estate, Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A 13 year-old boy saw a semi-circle of lights that moved towards him and then hovered over rooftops at an elevation of 30 degrees for a few seconds before moving back in the direction they had come from (N.E.). The lights were rotating and coloured red green and white. There was no sound heard during the 30 seconds the lights were in view. The aerial phenomena finally disappeared from view over houses. (IN-NL).

77/78/73. 26 July 1978 - 00:15 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A Bright yellow ball in sky was reported. (IN-NL).

51/78/65. 22 July 1978 - 19:15 - Loughborough, UK - A silver ‘top’ - shaped aerial object was observed which hovered for over 15 minutes. Witness stated: “I was sitting in my conservatory and thought I would take my glasses and have a look at the clouds - as I did so I saw this round silver object high up in the sky - the object that I saw was towards the east , it stayed in the same place for around 10 minutes and then it just vanished behind clouds.” (PE-5A). Possible balloon. (Scott).

77/78/60. 9 June 1978 - 22:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A nocturnal stationary object resembling a large star, was observed by a 10 year-old boy - Object was stationary in the NW for 5 minutes before it vanished. - (PE-3B). Possible astronomical explanation.

77/78/61. 9 June 1978 - 22:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A nocturnal stationary white ball in the sky was observed by whole family and three other witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “My Husband fetched me outside to see this object in the sky. My children came out with me, and three neighbours, to see this object. It was a ball of light in the sky - smaller than the full moon, but bigger than a star. It was stationary, and pulsating slightly. After about half an hour, it moved away at a fairly rapid speed until it disappeared.”

Witness (B) stated: “I was taking the dog up the garden, and while I was waiting for him, I glanced up and noticed a silver ball going fast across the sky. I watched it for about 30 seconds until it disappeared out of sight.” (IN-NL). (Starkey).

51/78/62. 28 June 1978 - 02:30 - Melton Mowbray, UK - An orange disc was observed at tree-top height. Ninety degree turn - appeared to land in woods. Witness stated: “It was at 2.30.a.m. when it happened. I had my eyes closed but was not asleep. There was a bright light on my face, filling the whole bedroom, which made me think that thunder and lightning were about to start. But the light remained constant. I went to the bedroom window and saw an oval-shaped object, orange in colour, below the height of the field hedge trees, on the far side of the field on the other side of the terrace. The object was surrounded by mist which reflected the glow radiated by the object. The object was dithering and trembling as if in preparation to move off. The intense glow illuminated the whole field. Due to the brightness of the object, no features were visible, there was however, a high pitched whistling sound. The object then moved from below the tree height up over the road bridge which was over the railway. It then backed off along the railway before moving off across the rooftops of the Jelson Estate, illuminating the whole area. The object then rose up the contour of a large hill with tall trees near Leicester Road. It then passed over the trees and dipped below, out of sight.” (IN-Med).

51/78/55. 25 April 1978 - 21:50 - A46 Road - Leicester, UK - A green light was observed - stationary - flashed red and moved off - triangular lighting pattern on a cigar-shaped object. (PE-1B). (Brown).

51/78/56. 9 May 1978 - 03:30 - Davenport Terrace, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A buzzing sound outside the bedroom window was heard, with bright flashes of white light seen that reflected off the bedroom walls. A Hinckley lady heard strange noises, and saw strange lights, in the early hours of the morning. She was lying awake in bed, when she heard a loud whirring noise which seemed to grow louder and then fade away. A sudden flash of light pierced the room, to be followed seconds later by another one. The witness admits that she was too frightened to look out of the window to see what was causing the flashing and accompanying noise. (IN-NL).

77/78/57. 29 May 1978 - 02:00 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A 19 year-old female witness observed a golden ball of light falling slowly through the sky which met up with a bright white light that ‘exploded’ which then turned into a rotating domed disc. Witness stated: “I was walking down my road to my house when I noticed a gold flare falling through the sky - this caught my attention. Immediately after this, a small circular object collided with this flare causing it to explode. A large grey cloud of smoke appeared after the flare dissolved. As the grey cloud moved off, I noticed an object which I would say represented a spacecraft. This object was very clear and was circular in shape with an oval top. The base was surrounded by a blue ray. The object revolved, during which time it appeared to be observing the grey cloud. It/they moved off and disappeared from sight.” (PE-8E). (Morris).

77/78/58. June 1978 - 21:45 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - A white light in the sky was reported. Witness stated: “I was observing an approaching aircraft through binoculars (16x50 power). As the aircraft came to an overhead position, I noticed what appeared to be a light away to one side. I passed the binoculars to another person who was present, but they could not find the object. As I watched again the object moved off a short distance at high speed and with instant acceleration. I passed the binoculars over again, but after this time, no further trace of the object could be found. (PE-8J). (Daft).

51/78/49. 4 April 1978 - 20:45 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - Two young girls were walking through Argents Mead when they observed a bright white flashing light in the sky. (PE-1A). Probable aircraft.

51/78/39. 6 February 1978 - 20:00 - Old Fosse, South Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A Star-like aerial light, with various flashing lights in the centre. (IN-NL). (Brundish).