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2. The Case Of The Hazy ‘Bat’

Strange aerial object performs 90o turn above two witnesses

Friday, August 28th., 1970 16.18 Hours. Location details: Parsons Lane, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 436 938.

Case summary:

At 4.18 p.m., on the afternoon of Friday, August 28th., 1970, two young men, (one being previously interested in UFOs,) were standing in Parsons Lane, Hinckley, when they noticed a black, apparently cigar-shaped object, very low in the sky slowly approaching their vantage point from the direction of Queens Park recreation ground. (N.W.).

The object continued travelling on a straight direct course towards the witnesses, until it reached a point almost directly above them. On reaching this point, the object halted its continuous motion, pivoted slowly around, tilting slightly to the left as it did so, before levelling itself again, taking up a different direction of flight towards the direction of Brookside. (S.W.). In other words, the object performed a ninety degree turn. It continued moving at the same speed as before away from the witnesses, on a straight direct course, until it finally disappeared into the distance. Whilst over the witnesses, the object was seen to resemble not a cigar, but more a wing shape. A ‘bat - wing’ was the description given by the witnesses, who also describe a heat haze effect which surrounded the entire object.

The duration of the event was approximately two minutes, during which time no sound was heard to emanate from the object.

Reconstruction of the event showed that the object was at a height of approximately 200 feet, with its speed approximately 30 miles per hour.

N.B. Both witnesses were wearing sunglasses throughout the duration of the sighting.

Witness statements: One acquired.

Witness (A) stated: On the date in question, Friday, August 28th., 1970, at just after 4 pm, I went to collect my car after repairs from a small local garage situated at the London Road end of Parsons Lane, Hinckley. My friend had given me a lift to the garage after work finished at 4 pm. After we arrived at the garage, we got out of the car and went to talk to the garage owner/mechanic to see if my car was ready for collection. Unfortunately, I was told that a small job still remained, that being a replacement rear light cover. Furthermore, the cover was apparently available at the garage across the road, and the mechanic was about to collect it, asking us to wait by my car (parked outside), while he went to get it. It was while we were standing there after he left, that my friend first caught sight of a dark object low in the sky, that appeared to be approaching us. He pointed it out to me, and on seeing it for myself, we both agreed that this object didn’t look like anything we had ever seen before - it just looked so out of place in the sky, and was also very low.”

 Left: The Object as it appeared when first seen. (Original drawing by witness (A).

Witness (A)- cont’d. “As we both watched this dark object approach from the direction of nearby Queens park, it first had the appearance of a cigar flying sideways, but as it came nearer, we could see that it was more of a ‘bat-wing’ shape. There was NO sound whatsoever coming from the object as it flew slowly towards us. As it eventually reached a point in the sky almost directly above our vantage point, the object suddenly slowed, then tilted slightly down on one side, tilting back again the other way, before pivoting on it’s axis to head off in a new direction in the same manner as before - towards Brookside, (south-west).”

Below: investigator G. Coxon’s drawing illustrating the witnessed 90 degree turn made by the object.


Witness (A)- cont’d. “At the point when the object was almost directly above us, we saw that it was blurred in appearance as if covered in a heat-haze, similar to the effect seen on roads on a really hot day. Still without a sound, the object then moved slowly away towards Brookside in the south-west, at its original speed and height, gradually diminishing into a black dot in the sky, until finally it was no longer in view. From start to finish, the sighting took two minutes. After this, a few minutes later, the mechanic returned with my new rear light cover, which he immediately fitted to my car.”

  Witness (A).

  Witness (B).

Above: The Parsons Lane UFO as seen from below. (Original witness drawings).

Weather conditions:

Weather conditions at the time of the sighting were good, it was warm and sunny, with only light cloud formation.

Location details:

Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Parsons Lane.

Geo. A1 - B1.

Media coverage: None.

Follow up:

Follow up investigations failed to find any explanation for this particular sighting. A similar object however, was also observed on the same day at around the same time, in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

Other: Report published in Ufolog information sheet Number 76., November, 1970 - (Publication of the Isle of Wight UFO Investigation Society - Editor Mrs. K. Smith).

Same Date Global Reports:

UFODNA Data, August 28, 1970.

Daytime - Amarillo, Texas, USA.

21:40 - Folkestone, UK.


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