Press Reports/items Log 1965 - 1977.


(Item 1): Hinckley Times, August 27th., 1965 - Mysterious movements…

A MYSTERIOUS flying object was spotted above Hinckley’s skies by seven people last Saturday night. The unidentified flying object was spotted above Hollycroft Park by policeman’s son John Buchanan, Chris Griffin and Martin Fletcher (all 18) and Jeffrey Fletcher (17). Mr. Buchanan then called his parents and brother Michael who all reported seeing a star-like object moving across the sky and then a green light move towards it as it flew into the distance. (51/65/01). (8).

(Item 2): Leicester Mercury, August 21st.,1969 - UFOs In The Night

Weird flashing objects were reported in the sky above Leicestershire last night. The Leicester Mercury offices had several calls reporting strange things in the sky. One sighting came from 19 year-old student Robert Jordan of Seagrave. He said: It was about 9:45 when I was walking with my girlfriend in Sileby. The night sky was clear and I was just pointing out the plough formation of stars when I saw it. I thought at first that it was a shooting star. It looked like a star, but was moving fairly slowly towards Leicester.” Robert added that when it disappeared behind a cloud, it was immediately followed by another. His girlfriend was frightened. When they got home, no-one would believe their story. Robert was comforted that he was not alone in his claims. The thing had been seen at Evington. Mark Fenn, a 17 year-old apprentice, was talking to friends near his home at Netherhall Estate, Leicester, when he saw it. He described it as red and white, and had seen it wandering to and fro in a set pattern for about half an hour, around 10 p.m. (7).

(Item 3): Leicester Mercury, August 26th.,1969 - ‘Orange Saucer‘ Over City

ANOTHER strange light was seen over Leicester on Saturday night. This time the U.F.O. was described as being an “orange saucer.” This latest sighting follows reports of flashing lights over the city last Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Black of Wintersdale Road, Leicester, saw the light at 12:25 a.m. ‘Shower Of Light’ “It was hovering over the city,” said Mrs. Black. “We watched it gradually move away and pick up speed. It almost disappeared, then came back and threw off a shower of yellow light. It then went out of sight. “I have never seen anything like it before - it was definitely a flying saucer.” said Mrs. Black. During the four minutes that the “saucer” was visible, Mr. Black tried unsuccessfully to awake his neighbours to borrow a pair of binoculars. (51/69/06). (7).

(Item 4): Leicester Mercury letters - 19/3/1970. Re: Loud noise and UFO sighting 12th., March.

Regarding strange noise heard on 12th. March 1970. I was awakened at approximately 3.00 a.m. by this noise which can best be described as an aeroplane in severe difficulty. The duration of hearing it after waking was approximately two minutes of extremely loud noise, seeming to come from directly overhead, after which it suddenly went very faint as if heard from far in the distance, this lasted only a moment. Five other people were woken up and know they heard a noise, but cannot give very accurate descriptions. I did not see any object. In the area where I live we get a perpetual whine from the John Bull factory, sirens going off any odd hour of the day or night, also a helicopter frequently passes over, so I am used to all sorts of noises, but this one was unlike anything I have ever previously heard.” Mrs. J. Spiers. (7).

(Item 5): Leicester Mercury, June 22nd., 1970 - Ball Of Fire Crashed Through Sky…

“I wonder if any readers saw that strange, blinding light last Tuesday (17th June) between 11.15 p.m., and 11.20 p.m. It sounded like a firework rocket and looked like a ball of fire travelling slowly through the sky. My Daughter also saw it. She came dashing down the stairs like a frightened mouse and said she had seen a ball of fire which reflected a yellow coloured pattern over the pillow. We could not sleep wondering what on earth (or off earth) it was. What is also puzzling us is that no-one else seems to have seen or heard it.” Puzzled. (7).

(Item 6): Nuneaton Evening Tribune, March 2nd., 1971 - Another UFO?…

Whilst innocently walking his dog one crisp evening last week, Mr. Reginald Dexter, of St. Nicholas Estate, Baddesley Ensor, was amazed to sight a mysterious object fall from the sky. He described whatever he saw as “a blue and yellow ball of fire, rather like a firework, descending to the ground.” Mr. Dexter was about 1 and a half miles away from the object, in the vicinity of Baddesley and Wood End. (10).

(Item 7): Leicester Mercury, March 30th.,1971 - Flying Objects Were Russian Satellites

Regarding the sightings of UFOs in Leicester, I believe the two objects seen were in fact, a newly launched Russian rocket, followed by its satellite (probably a Proton or Cosmos vehicle). My hobby is observing Russian and American satellites, for the Science Research Council, and the night after the sightings, while I was preparing to find another Russian satellite, I saw the first of these objects, (21:31 B.S.T.) - followed 7 minutes later by the second. The former was the brighter, and varied regularly every 13 seconds, and judging by their speeds, both should burn up in a matter of days. The reason for the 7 minute separation on the 21st., was the large amount of air drag on the rocket (resulting in it speeding up) but their parallel paths do agree with the UFO report. (7).

(Item 8): Leicester Mercury, May 6th.,1971 - Two more saw that UFO

A QUORN woman thinks she saw the mysterious flying object, seen over West Leicestershire yesterday morning, come to earth not very far from her home. Following our story yesterday in which Mr. George Holt, of Top Street, Appleby Magna, spotted a strange glowing in the sky and going at a terrific speed, Miss Edna Selvester of Loughborough Road, Quorn also said she had seen it. Mr. James Gandy of Bird Nest Avenue, New Parks, Leicester, also spotted the object while he was taking the dog for a walk when he got home from night shift. (51/71/20). (7).

A noiseless Unidentified Flying Object has been travelling back and forth over Rutland and Leicestershire. It was first spotted at Newton Harcourt at 6:30 on Monday morning, moving to Stamford by evening and 20 hours later was reported at Hinckley. Mrs. Peggy Metcalfe of Newton Harcourt was the first to see something. She said: It was silver, and at first I thought it was a big helicopter - then I realised that it was slipper-shaped with no rotary blades and no noise Mrs. Metcalfe watched it moving slowly, taking more than five minutes to move out of sight. It left a trail of grey and white vapour. Several people something above Stamford about midnight. A spokesman from RAF Wittering said: It was described as an orange and gold coloured light, about 5,000 feet high. Three hours later, a police patrolman saw it moving west over the George Hotel, in Stamford. Mr. S. Hodgeson, of Cambridge Road, examined it through a telescope and was confident it was not a star. Then at 7:55 last night Mrs. Pauline Hall, of Hinckley, was sitting in a car outside the Hinckley Working Mens Club when she saw a shiny low-flying object move across the sky. She identified it as oblong, about 400 feet high, moving westwards. She commented: I just could not believe my eyes - I have never seen anything like it in my life.” The spokesman from Wittering said: It is certainly nothing to do with the Air Force, it could be a satellite.” At 2:50 this morning police went to the Braunstone Estate, Leicester, after a resident of Hockley Farm Road reported a UFO. But later, Chief Superintendent Douglas Glenn said: We solved the mystery - The UFO was in fact a television aerial lit in a rather odd manner by some nearby sodium lighting that was giving an eerie effect. (7).

(Item 10): Leicester Mercury, August 31st., 1971 - More UFO sightings: boffins theory says satellite or Mars’…

FOLLOWING several reports of sightings of mysterious objects in the sky over several parts of Leicestershire during the last two days, theories have been put forward that the objects could either be a satellite or the planet Mars. At Leicester University Observatory it was thought that what was seen was a satellite or the planet Mars, which can be clearly seen at the moment. Of course, Mars, which is bright and red, and can be observed in the south, would not be moving quickly, so this is an unlikely theory said a spokesman. The Midland Air Safety Centre at R.A.F. North Luffenham, were unable to throw any light on the subject, but the Leicester Astronomical Society say the object is definitely Mars. Mr. Gordon Lennox, of Gwendolen Drive, Countesthorpe, reported seeing a bright object travelling at speed from south to north, which he saw near his home at 9 p.m. last night. It was pulsating with light and no sound came from it said Mr. Lennox, who added that it cleared a 90 degree angle in under 15 seconds. Mr. Geoffrey Richardson, of Burgess Road, Leicester, claims to have seen on Tuesday night an object land in a field near Uppingham, and then take off again. Mr. Richardson, who was driving his car with his girlfriend at 9:30 p.m., said: It looked like a large spinning top. It was round and glowing, and circled in the air. It could not possibly have been an aircraft because it took off so quickly after it landed. There was another reported sighting of a mysterious pulsating white light seen whizzing across the sky by a Leicester man last night. He was standing in the garden of his home in Scraptoft Lane, Leicester, with his Son while they were studying star constellations on a map of the night sky. Then at about 9:30 p.m., he and his Son saw a fast moving object in the southern sky, There was no noise from it and he said it could not have been a plane because there were no red or green navigation lights. It was not a planet or a satellite, I even checked the satellite to make sure. It was white and alternating. It took about five seconds to cross the sky and was moving very fast. I would say it must have been going at 2,000 miles a hour said the witness. Yet another strange light in the Leicestershire sky on Tuesday night has been reported by five people who were driving between Copt Oak and Coalville. Mr. Ian Hodges, a quality control engineer, of Wentworth Road, Coalville, was travelling in a car with his Wife, his two Sons and a young friend. They first spotted the light about 8 p.m. shortly after leaving Copt Oak, and kept it in view for ten minutes. Mr. Hodges said: It was like a flame from a rocket, only it was horizontal - not vertical. If I had held a ruler in front of my eyes, the flame would have been about an inch long. It was coloured red and orange and appeared to be quivering. It looked as if it was red hot. It was moving in a north-north westerly direction. I am certain it could not have been an aeroplane. The Meteorological office in Nottingham could advance no theories at all. The Air Traffic control at the t Midlands Airport said: Two Viscounts and a Chipmunk light aircraft were in the area at the time, but it doesnt sound like an aircraft at all. That leaves us with the popular theory that it could have been a flying saucer. This airport can offer no reasonable explanation at all. (7)

(Item 11): Leicester Mercury, September 1st., 1971 - More sky scanners see mystery light

FURTHER confirmation of a strange light in the sky low over Leicestershire comes today from Coalville. Yesterday, Mrs. Enid McCowen, of South Croxton, reported that she had seen a light glowing orange in a Southerly direction from her home. She said the light glowed orange and faded, alternately, for some time. Mrs. R. H. Middleton, of Croft, also saw an orange-glowing object in the sky, and is sure it was not an ordinary star. Mrs. Sheila Aucott, of Agar Nook, Coalville, also reported to the Leicester Mercury (7) that she saw a similar light last night. This was in a roughly Southerly direction. It faded and glowed orange, alternately, and it appeared to have considerable movement in the sky. Mrs. Aucott said at times when clouds obliterated the stars this bright object remained giving the impression that it was below cloud level. It did not resemble a star and the movement was more than I would have expected from a star over a similar period of time. Mrs. Aucott went on to say that she has a very open mind about the question of flying saucers and does not regard it as outside the realms of possibility that some space vehicle from another world could be hovering over this earth for the purpose of the crew making some observations. Such things could be possible, and although astronomers say that conditions on other planets are not suitable for life as we know it, it has been shown by the way living creatures and organisms adapt themselves to chemical substances which would have initially killed them, that life forms are extremely flexible and adjustable to their environment.” People who are sceptical that the light can only be explained by as an astronomical phenomenon have suggested that the light observed in the last two nights is consistent in colour and behaviour with the planet Jupiter, now in the Southern sky nightly. (7).

(Item 12): Hinckley Times, September 2nd., 1971 - Mystery Lights Still Being Reported

Mysterious lights have again been sighted in the Hinckley area, this time by Mr. James Young, of Alexandra Gardens, Hinckley and his girlfriend, Miss Susan Davies, of Shilton Road, Barwell. It was 10 p.m. on Sunday as the couple were walking along Chapel Street, Barwell, when Susan noticed an unusual light in the sky over the top of Woodwards garage and pointed it out to James. The star-shaped light, which both described as being a brilliant white in colour, was roughly three times larger than an ordinary star. As James and Susan watched, they saw a plane fly by the light. (This is reminiscent of a report earlier this month when witnesses saw seven aeroplanes fly past a strange light viewed from Burbage). The nights happenings were not yet over for as the couple walked along Hill Street, Barwell, Susan noticed the light was moving and as James was going back to Hinckley after seeing Susan home, he saw the light over Powers corner. It appeared to be moving towards Hinckley when slowly it changed direction and moved in a zigzag fashion in the direction of Leicester. On Monday at 11 p.m., as James arrived home from Susans house, he saw the light again, It was the same star-shaped brilliant white light as before, and was once more in the direction of Powers corner. The light was moving quickly away from James but instead of getting smaller it appeared to be growing larger and then it completely disappeared. Mrs. Dorothy Heathcote, of the Sycamores Inn, Burbage, also reports seeing a strange object in the sky early on Sunday morning. Through the window of her bedroom she saw a star-shaped light alternating brilliant red and white. It was stationary in the sky towards the south-east then it moved high in the heavens before returning to its former position and disappearing altogether. (8).

(Item 13): Leicester Mercury letters - 3/9/1971 - Its Mars having a closer look

The mysterious light light in the sky reported in the Leicester Mercury (7) is nothing more sinister than the planet Mars, which members of Leicester Astronomical Society have been observing for the past few weeks from our observatory at Oadby. The reason Mars is now attracting so much attention is that three weeks ago, it was closer to Earth than it has been since 1924 and though moving rapidly away from us, is still the brightest object in the sky with the exception of the Sun and Moon. It is rising in the South-east around 9:00 p.m., reaches a point due South just before midnight, and sets in the South-west in the early hours of the morning. It will still be visible each night for several more weeks. The apparent pulsations, change of colour and shape are explained by the fact that Mars is so low in the sky as seen from Britain, and at this low angle we are observing it through approximately 100 miles of turbulent atmosphere. Although naturally orange in colour, it appears even redder at this low altitude, as does the Sun when it sets. Incidentally, even brighter than Mars is the planet Venus (not observable at present as it is behind the Sun). It will next be seen in November low in the western sky just after Sunset. No doubt this will lead to a further series of mysterious lights in the sky! Derek D. Brown - Leicester Astronomical Society. (7).

Planet Mars... (IFO:3A).

(Item 14): Hinckley Times, July 1st., 1977 - UFO Over Sharnford...

An Unidentified Flying Object was seen last week by Mr. Terence Flude, Managing Director of the Hinckley hosiery firm of H. Flude and Co Ltd. Two members of his family also saw it - At about 11 p.m. last Wednesday Mr. Flude was at his home in Burbage when his daughter Anita (18), who was sitting on the settee looking through the open sliding doors into the garden, said she could see something in the sky. Mr. Flude and his Wife Mavis got up to look but at first thought it was nothing more than a bright star over the Sharnford area, twinkling in the clear night sky. Then my daughter said No its not, its moving, and on sitting down I could see that it was - there were two lights close together flashing on and off all the time as it circled round said Mr. Flude. We listened to see if it was a plane, but there was no sound at all. When I got my binoculars I could see clearly that it had the appearance of a flying saucer except that it had a round dome shape and the lights like two bright stars flashing on and off Mr. Flude said. At first the object hovered over the Sharnford area for about three or four minutes before moving off, and in all Mr. Flude watched the object for about ten minutes before it disappeared over the Atherstone area. (51/77/12).(8).

(Item 15): Hinckley Times, July 8th.,1977 - UFO Sighting Confirmed By Ex-Airman…

The Sharnford UFO reported last week by Mr. Terence Flude of Salisbury Road, Burbage, was also seen by Mr. and Mrs. Jan Rygielski of Brookside. Mr. Rygielski is a former Polish bomber pilot who flew Lancasters during the war. On the same evening that Mr. Flude and his family were observing the object as it hovered over the Sharnford area, Mr. and Mrs. Rygielski were sitting in their lounge watching television. At approximately 10:15, Mr. Rygielski ‘s attention was attracted by a bright light in the sky. He described it as a motionless object which he described as being “a very bright pink.” Mr. Rygielski estimated that the object was 15 feet in diameter and was roughly 1,000 feet above ground level over the Sharnford area. Mr. and Mrs. Rygielski both went outside to get a better view of the mystery object which remained motionless for nearly 15 minutes. Then it seemed to disappear to be replaced by two bright white lights which remained in the area. These lights resembled an aircraft‘s navigation lights but were much too far apart said Mr. Rygielski. The lights then began to move at great speed in the general direction of Leicester until they passed from view. Mr. Rygielski said that it was a very clear evening and there was hardly a star that wasn’t visible. He added that the object was too large to be a star and did not think it could have been an aircraft. (51/77/10). (8).

(Item 16): Hinckley Times, July 15th.,1977 - Another Sighting…

Sir - I was very interested to see two pieces in your paper regarding the sightings of a UFO. Having read them only within the last couple of days, it was even more interesting considering my similar experience of Tuesday of last week. Just prior to retiring to bed at about 10:30 on a very clear night, whilst closing a bedroom window facing south, I saw two large very bright objects travelling very very slowly in an east to west direction, making no sound at all, approx 1,000 feet above ground for approx 2-3 minutes before suddenly disappearing. I just thought this may be of interest. (51/77/15). (8).

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(Item 9): Leicester Mercury, August 18th.,1971 - UFO Spotted Moving slowly over County