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Sunday, August 24th., 1969. 00:25 Hours. Wintersdale Road, Leicester. SK634 045 Geo. B2. - C.

On the 24th., August, 1969, at approximately 12.25 a.m., in the very early hours of Sunday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Black were at their home in Wintersdale Road, Leicester, and were retiring to bed when they saw, through the bedroom window, what they first assumed to be the Moon. They both watched the object which was hovering rather low directly over the city centre of Leicester,(N.E.) some distance away. It looked like a crescent Moon lying on its back and had a blurred outline, like a heat-haze effect. The object coloured a very bright orange “like the setting Sun.“ Mr. Black stated that it must have been quite large for its distance, and compared it to the size of a golf ball held at arm’s length.

As both witnesses watched, the object, whilst hovering with a shimmering movement, began to move directly away. As it did so, a white light shot upwards from the side, ‘like a shooting star’, then faded. Immediately, the object moved very quickly away, and diminished to the size of a point of light. It then came back to its first position. Moments later, it tilted upwards to the right, and both witnesses were astonished to see the object change into a circle of 20 to 30 yellow lights which were slowly rotating. All the lights were evenly spaced and the direction of rotation appeared to be anti-clockwise.

At this stage, Mr. Black decided to rouse his neighbours hoping to borrow their binoculars. While he was away, and trying unsuccessfully, Mrs. Black had opened the bedroom window and continued to watch the object. Once again, to her astonishment, the object travelled away until it was a point of light again, and then, no longer visible. The object was visible for a total of 4 minutes, during which time, neither witness heard any sound.

ABOVE: The orange UFO and its movements, as drawn by Mr. Black.

Investigator’s comments:

My investigation established that the crescent was approximately three miles away, at an angle of no more than ten degrees above the horizon, which is fairly low. I interviewed the witnesses the following Thursday night when there were very few distant bright sources of light etc. visible. All such sources appeared insignificant, and in my opinion, could not have attributed to the sighting. Obviously, there would have been even less bright sources visible at 12.25 a.m., on a Sunday morning, when most factories etc. are closed for the weekend.

Most of the described observation was made through a single-sheet glass window, which possibly could have distorted the view, and may have caused reflection and refraction of light from nearby street lamps. However, Mrs. Black had, at one stage during the sighting, opened the said window to watch the aerial object. This would seem to rule out this possibility.

The object was first observed to be in the shape of a crescent, which would suggest that it was in fact, the Moon. The diminishing in size on two occasions could be attributed to moving clouds which could have effected recession. However, both witnesses stated that the sky at the time of the sighting was clear, in fact, my investigation established that the Moon, at that time, was in an entirely different position.

During the course of interviewing both witnesses, I found them to be intelligent people, and was impressed by their sincerity and clarity about what they had and had not seen. (tape recorded interview on file - ed.). Their calm attitude, after many repeated questions, to which they always gave the same answers, and, after I had failed to find a logical solution for their sighting, I was convinced that Mr. and Mrs. Black had genuinely witnessed a very unusual aerial object which could not be explained as any kind of natural phenomena or conventional aircraft. Mr. Black said that he had not seen anything like it in his life, and Mrs. Black was totally convinced that both she and her Husband had witnessed what she termed as a flying saucer.


All the evidence seems to point to the fact that the object was under control, and it would also seem that the described ‘shooting white light’, was in some way connected to the mechanism. It could be postulated further that this could have been the end product of an increase in energy which was required in order that the object could carry out the described rapid manoeuvre - travelling quickly away and diminishing in size and the returning to its original position - which immediately followed.

The twenty to thirty rotating yellow lights which became visible after the object tilted upwards, and then its rapid departure, also suggests that it was a controlled craft of some kind.

An alternate explanation of course is some early form of unknown weekend light show in the city.

CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-69-06 - Associated Media Item:

August 26th.,1969 - ‘Orange Saucer‘ Over City - Leicester Mercury.

ANOTHER strange light was seen over Leicester on Saturday night. This time the U.F.O. was described as being an “orange saucer.” This latest sighting follows reports of flashing lights over the city last Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Black of Wintersdale Road, Leicester, saw the light at 12:25 a.m. ‘Shower Of Light’ “It was hovering over the city,” said Mrs. Black. “We watched it gradually move away and pick up speed. It almost disappeared, then came back and threw off a shower of yellow light. It then went out of sight. “I have never seen anything like it before - it was definitely a flying saucer.” said Mrs. Black. During the four minutes that the “saucer” was visible, Mr. Black tried unsuccessfully to awake his neighbours to borrow a pair of binoculars. (51/69/06). (7).

Map: Wintersdale Road.

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