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1706 - 1953

Published by The Leicestershire UFO Research Society (Est. 1971)

Edited by Graham Hall & Jeff Lord

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Recorded Regional UFO Reports and Observations Log 1706-1953

Designed to act primarily as a research tool, this log makes a direct attempt to collate and record known Unidentified Flying Object sighting data for the years 1706 to 1953 from the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom, and uses UFO related material occasionally published in the local media etc. during this particular time period, also sightings logged at the ufodna database.

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18th. Century.

-1706 -

51/1706/01. September 1706 - 22:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright white and yellow ball was observed “moving downwards towards male witness at great speed in many different directions (PE-7B). (The Hinckley Times).

51/1706/02. September - Late - 1706 - 17:15 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A strange fireball travelling at great speed was observed - small section parted from main object making a sound “like an electrical machine(PE-7B). (The Hinckley Times).

1707-1748: 0.

-1749 -

51/1749/01.15 September 1749 - Rutland, UK - An object of unknown properties was observed and animals nearby were reported to have been disturbed by it. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

1750-1824: 0.

19th. Century

-1825 -

51/1825/01. 18 December 1825 - Stapleton, Leicestershire, UK - An unidentified object and its occupants were observed by two male witnesses in a wood. (IN-CE). (ufodna).

1826-1842: 0.

-1843 -

77/1843/01. 3 October 1843 - Warwick, UK - A close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants is on record . Several witnesses. (IN-CE). (ufodna).

1844-1888: 0.

-1889 -

51/1889/01. 13 June 1889 - 23:30 - Leicester, UK - A Fireball was seen to zigzag across sky under cloud cover. (PE-7B). (ufodna).

1890-1927: 0.

20th. Century

-1928 -

51/1928/01. In Mid 1928 - Daytime - Anstey Lane, Leicester, UK - A recorded Close encounter with an unidentified square craft and its occupant in a field. Thought to be an early alien encounter; A female witness playing in fields came across a figure without a face dressed in black. Behind him, she could see a circular ‘hut’. By the time she had awoken her father, who was sleeping in a nearby field, both the ‘hut’ and the figure had gone. (IN-CE). (Berger). (ufodna).

1929-1939: 0.

-1940 -

77/40/01. 1940 Afternoon - Meriden, Warwickshire, UK - A metal dome-shaped craft was observed that gave off greyish-blue light. Poking through the grass was a row of chimneys. Also seen were two tall men with high foreheads and tanned skin, wearing one piece grey coloured garments. (IN-CE). (ufodna).

77/40/02. 10 November 1940 - 10:00 - Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - A metallic disc was reported circling over the city. (IN-Med). (ufodna).

1941-1949: 0.

-1950 -

77/50/01. In Fall 1950 - Dusk - Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - A daytime disc was observed and reported. (IN-Med) (ufodna).

1951: 0.

-1952 -

77/52/01. In Mid 1952 - 21:00 - Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - An unidentified object at close range was observed. (Painter). (IN-CE). (ufodna).

-1953 -

51/53/01. 2 November 1953 - Evening - Leicester, UK - An unusual light in the sky was observed. (IN-NL). (ufodna).


1706-1953 - End.


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