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CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-77-35-55.


October 25th 1977 - 16:40 Hours - Leicestershire and Worcestershire, UK .


Witness photograph - The photograph shown above was taken on October 25th., 1977, at 4.30 p.m., Sileby, Leicestershire.

It was taken using a ‘Kodak Instamatic’ hand-held camera and depicts what researchers have named a ‘cloud-cigar’. This type of UFO has been widely seen across the globe over several years and is believed to be associated with major UFO waves, with of course, 1977 being a major UK wave year.

This particular object was visible for almost a hour over both Leicestershire and Worcestershire, between 16:00 hours and 17:35 hours on the date shown above.

Two more photographs were taken by a witness at Hinckley and show the same object over the Hinckley area at 17:15 Hours

It is understood that this type of aerial phenomena is virtually always witnessed at a high altitude, and usually in the centre of a localised wave. As would also be expected, the witness count to such events is high and this particular event was no exception.

The final count, regarding the Leicestershire ’cloud-cigar’ sightings, was 49 individually reported cases, although it is suspected that the real witness figure was probably much higher. The object was last seen over the Malvern Hills in Worcester heading in a south-westerly direction and was well publicised in the Malvern media the following day.

Cited below are selected Leicestershire Reports pertaining to the sightings of October 25th., 1977.

51/77/35. 25 October 1977 -16:00 - Between Leicester and Stamford, UK - A yellow vapour trail moving very fast across the sky. At its head, was a circular object of the same colour. The object was in the north, and in view for 15 minutes. (UN-Med). (Holmes).

51/77/36. 25 October 1977 - 16:00 -Thurmaston, Leicestershire, UK - An object in the sky which had orange fumes coming from the back - object observed for 30 minutes until it finally faded from view. (UN-Med). (Brighty)

51/77/37. 25 October 1977 - 16:18 - Dadlington, Leicestershire, UK - An oblong-shaped orange coloured object was observed in the sky - moved slowly away until nothing more could be seen - in view for 18 minutes. (UN-Med). (Taft).

51/77/38. 25 October 1977 - 16:25 - South Wigston, Nr. Leicester, UK - An object in the sky was observed that appeared to suddenly “drop” out of the sky and head west. The object’s colour was described as yellow/orange, as was the vapour trail it left behind. - 15 minutes duration. (UN-Med). (Steadman).

51/77/39. 25 October 1977 - 16:30 -Leicester, UK - An object was observed in the sky with a vapour trail - object was in view for two minutes and the witness is certain that it was an aircraft. (UN-Med). (Mann).

51/77/40. 25 October 1977 - 16:30 - Between Somerby and Twyford, Leicestershire, UK - Witness was travelling home via Somerby and Twyford, when he glimpsed a bright white light in the sky. At this time, the witness put the light down to being an aircraft landing light. A few minutes later he noticed what appeared to be a very short vapour trail pointing downwards at an angle of 30 degrees. It was stationary for perhaps two minutes before slowly moving off in a westerly direction. (UN-Med).

51/77/41. 25 October 1977 - 16:30 - A46 Road Between Nottingham and Leicester, UK - Witness was travelling by car along the A46 road towards Leicester when she noticed what she what at first seemed to be an aeroplane. It had a vapour trail which was wavy but not so long as that of an aircraft. - trail then disappeared leaving a glowing object which travelled away in a south-westerly direction. - object then remained stationary and stayed the same shape and size for about ten minutes. The whole thing then became obscured as the sky became darker. - object was said to be banana-shaped. (UN-Med). (Holland).

51/77/42. 25 October 1977 - 16:35 - Leicester, UK -An object was observed in the sky leaving a vapour trail - described as a high flying aircraft, which seemed to disappear, and in its place was left a “boomerang-shaped blob.” This shape was in view for 8 minutes before fading away. (UN-Med). (Crewe).

51/77/43. 25 October 1977 - 16:40 - Eyes Monsell, Leicestershire, UK - Lone female witness observed a yellow vapour trail in the eastern section of the sky. She could then hear a high pitched whirring sound. After a few minutes, the noise stopped. The trail then got slowly shorter finally leaving a banana-shaped object. (UN-Med). (Edwards).

51/77/44. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 - Between Beeby and Barkley, Leicestershire, UK - A Married couple observed an object in the western sky at 4.45 p.m. They describe it looking like a “reddish-pink banana The couple were travelling towards Beeby From Barkley by car at the time. This object was in view for approximately 3 minutes. (UN-Med). (Burnham).

51/77/45. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 - Thurnby Lodge. Leicester, UK - A brilliant yellow banana-shaped object slowly travelling towards the south-west was observed - in view for 20 minutes. (UN-Med). (Robinson).

51/77/46. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 - Glenfied, Leicester, UK - A large bright orange object in the sky was observed - stationary at first, then slowly moving south-west - shape of the object was described as cigar. Total duration of the sighting was estimated as 5 minutes. (UN-Med).

51/77/47. 25 October 1977 - 16:45 -Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A bright aerial object with a vapour trail was observed in an easterly direction -the vapour trail slowly disappeared - total duration; 5 minutes. (UN-Med).

51/77/48. 25 October 1977 - 16:50 - Between Coalville and Ravenstone, Leicestershire, UK - A red object with a vapour trail was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I was travelling from Coalville to Ravenstone. About halfway I stopped at a road junction for traffic and looked up to see the object. It was bright red with a wavy vapour trail. This vapour trail was 2 to 3 times the length of the object.” (UN-Med).

51/77/49. 25 October 1977 - 16:55 - Leicester, UK - A single male witness observed an object in the sky which he described as a “half-circle, similar to a vapour trail, but pink/orange in colour.” (UN-Med). (Towers).

51/77/50. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Ibstock, Leicestershire, UK - A lone female witness was standing in her bedroom and went over to the window which faces west of north, and observed a very bright, gold coloured object in the sky at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizon - shape was slightly curved - witnessed for the short period of 30 seconds only. (UN-Med). (Chapman)

51/77/51. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Leicester, UK - A lone female witness observed a golden/orange banana-shaped object in the sky with a vapour trail of the same colour whilst standing in front of her home in Glenhills Boulevard, Leicester - object was in view for 5 minutes travelling approximately south-west. (UN-Med). (Moore)

51/77/52. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - several witnesses were travelling by car along Nutts Lane, Hinckley, when they saw what they described as a “gold-silver boomerang-shaped object” in the southern section of the sky - object was in view for 10 minutes as it slowly away south. (UN-Med).

51/77/53. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An illuminated cigar-shaped object in the sky with a vapour trail was observed and photographed - in view 20 minutes. (UN-Med).

51/77/54. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Loughborough, Leicestershire UK - A lone male witness was travelling by van along Central Road, Loughborough and observed in the sky a bright, gold object with a short vapour trail slowly descending in a west of south direction.(UN-Med). (Black).

51/77/55. 25 October 1977 - 17:00 - Leicester, UK - 8 year-old boy observed a yellow cigar-shaped object in the sky, descending in the south-east - total duration was 15 minutes. (UN-Med). (Bates).

Report below by D. Mayne.

Type 2 Cloud Cigars. Description: As described by French researcher, jaques Vallee after 1961.

The object reported in type 2 or “cloud-cigar” cases, has a slow and sometimes erratic movement; its altitude is a few miles. The duration is always at least several minutes, and commonly in excess of ten minutes. Sightings lasting about ten minutes, involving an “object” in the sky at a moderate altitude either moving slowly or stationary, with sudden and brief accelerations, are typical of type 2 reports from around the World. The shape of the object is often that of a cigar, sometimes, in the clearest cut cases in a vertical position. Descriptions of “cylinders” - “tubes” - “ovoids” or “cloud spheres” - are also recorded. These phenomena are often luminous of themselves, not from reflected light. In certain cases, the “vertical cylinder” was compared to a “white rod” - when seen with the naked eye, or a “neon tube” - when seen with binoculars. The terms “pencil” or “tube” - are often used in the descriptions.

Atmospheric turbulence

Generally, the main object described by the witness is associated with a sharply defined cloud formation; often, the attention of the witnesses is first attracted by a ‘strange, elongated cloud’ a ‘cigar-shaped cloud formation’ etc. Other reports mention that “there was only one cloud in the sky’, and its peculiar shape attracted my attention” - or state that “a funny cloud flying against the wind” was seen. These indications lead to the idea that thermodynamic conditions in the vicinity of the UFO phenomena are affected.

Generation of Secondary phenomena

Type 2B cases are those that present the process of generation. Objects smaller, and more sharply defined than the main ‘cloud’, are seen emerging from it. Their number varies from one to a dozen. They may be seen to ‘float away’ from the first object, or to fall freely from the base of the “cylinder” - cease their vertical fall after a few seconds, and then set off at great speed. In some cases, the witness describes their return to the main object. Some reports represent the “vertical cigars” - as moving along in the midst of enormous formations of flying objects. These sightings are most impressive. The luminosity and size of the formations make them visible over a considerable area, and the number of witnesses is sometimes very great.

A final point to note is that Type 2 sightings are generally centres of activity on a regional scale.

ABOVE: This picture, taken just a little over 27 years after the Leicestershire, Sileby photograph, on December 21st., 2004, at 8.13 a.m. shows what appears to be the same type of object . This particular ‘cigar’ was photographed above east Tamworth, Staffordshire.

(A) 17:00 Hours. (B) 17:10 Hours.

ABOVE: The two main phases of the ‘cigar’ seen above Hinckley on October 25th., 1977, at 17:00 hours, as drawn by witness from two (unfortunately lost) photographs. Note the reducing tail aspect of the object.


BELOW: Same Date Global Reports, UFODNA Data, October 25, 1977.

Around 1700 - Horefoss, Norway.

After 1800 - San Jose,City Cuba, Costa Rica.

20:25 - Fulham Gardens, South Australia, Australia.

23:00 - Cairns, Queensland, Australia.


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