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Sighting Two.


Friday, October 28th., 1994. 13:15 Hours, Queens Park, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 432 937. Geo. A1.

The sighting described below took place on Friday, October 28th., 1994, and involved a lone male witness who wishes anonymity, and so, we respect his wishes here by referring to him as Mr. G. Despite media coverage at the time regarding the sighting, and requests for further witnesses to contact the society, no additional witnesses were discovered. Several enquiries were made to various authorities by investigators, but no evidence was discovered that might help identify the objects witnessed.

On the 2nd., November, 1994, Mr. G gave the following statement to investigators regarding the phenomena he witnessed.

Statement by Mr G.

On Friday, 28th., October 1994, at about one-fifteen p.m., I was riding my moped home from work when, on reaching the top of Mount Road, Hinckley, I saw three dark, or shaded, helicopters all pass between the view ahead. As I got to the very top of the road, I looked further ahead to see two objects in the sky, that appeared to be reflecting the Sun, although I could not swear to the fact that what I saw was reflective, it seemed as if the objects were luminous. My immediate impression was that the objects were hand gliders, but on closer inspection I noticed that the two objects moved like you would see a pair of birds move, very naturally, swirling around the sky, and yet the swirling seemed much more pronounced than that of normal birds.

The pair of objects did not leave each other, and they followed the same path until they both disappeared into a cloud above. About two or three minutes later, I stood on the wall of the Health Centre, which was situated just to the left of my original vantage point, and observed a brief glance between two buildings of the same objects although this time they were shaded dark.

My second sighting was a brief glimpse between two buildings again.

The two objects at this time were brighter and bigger and could not have been too far away. Im sure that there was some general shape to them. I can also include from this that they must have been quite small, but would like to guess their size at this time. Also, I noticed that they were moving quite fast. I decided to try and follow them, and went into Queens Park. On looking downwards towards Parsons Lane, I could see the two objects on the horizon moving in an irregular fashion. The objects finally faded into the distance over Brookside. The time at this point was around 3.30 p.m.

Map: Queens Park.

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