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Monday, (possibly) October 24th., 1994. 21:00 Hours. Forest Farm Cottage, Kirkby Muxloe, Leicestershire. SK 519 029. Geo. B1.

Two unusual independent sightings made around the same time period, where multiple helicopters were also seen in the same area at the same time in re-occurring locations.

Sighting One :

Witness details: Andrew F, 36 years. Ivana F, (Wife) aged 35 years.

The sighting area is situated on a slight ridge, on the main A47 Hinckley Road, opposite Beggars Lane.

Area: Clear, flat, fields, bushes and hedgerows etc. - rural aspect. Sports ground at rear.

Statement by Mr. F.

During the winter months between 1994 - 1995, I was watching television with my Wife, I remember that it was a Monday, and it would be around 9.00 p.m. At the end of the programme, or during the break, I went out to our back garden to let our dog out, and I lit a cigarette. The sky was bright, with some light cloud, when, from over the top of my head, the biggest shooting star I had ever seen. It was large star size, and no trail was visible. It remained the same size whilst in view, and finally disappeared over the northern horizon. I then looked up again and caught sight of another object in the sky. I saw a red/orange triangular-shaped object* appear before my eyes. It had no sharp distinctive edges, and appeared as big as the Moon in size as viewed from the ground, and appeared to be at a height that was the same as the low cloud. As I was trying to come to terms with what I was seeing, the object suddenly de-materialised into thin air. Within seconds, the object re-materialised again, but this time, in another area of the sky. After a few seconds, the object repeated this action and disappeared again before re-materialising again further to the north. The object continued to do this for the next 15 minutes, all the time heading northwards towards Coalville. I called my Wife to come out into the garden and watch with me. She saw the same thing as me as the object proceeded northwards, each time repeating the same actions. We went upstairs, to try and get a better view, and I tried to video the object.

As we looked, two, what looked like military aircraft, screamed over the house, they were different from each other, one looking like a tornado jet, with the other looking like a Harrier jump jet. I must add that during the five years or so that we had lived at that house, I have never seen any aircraft of that description before.

The next day, my Wife and I went to work as normal, when we returned home, our cleaner had left a note for us saying that our dog had been disturbed all day by the helicopters hovering over the fields at the rear of our house.

The following day, on Wednesday, I arrived home to find bright lights occasionally shining through our windows, the light was coming from the ground at the rear of the sports field, where there were at least four vehicles with large searchlights, and uniformed men roaming over the fields. We went upstairs to watch in more detail, and witnessed something glowing near a hedge at the far end of the sports field.

At this point, my Wife called the Police to enquire just exactly what was going on. They said they didnt know, but would send someone round to us to try and find out. The telephone was put down, although my Wife couldnt remember giving details of who we were, or where we lived. Even so, within minutes, two smart black suited men turned up at the house and asked what we had seen. We took them upstairs to show them the orange glow. One of them asked did you see a UFO or something? I turned and looked at my Wife and said well I did see something. My Wife interrupted and asked what are all the searchlights for, are they looking for, a joy rider? She then asked them about the helicopters hovering over the field the previous day. Both men said that they didnt know anything about any helicopters. They then said that they would investigate the glow in the field. We then let them out and they got into a plain black car and drove off. We continued to watch the searchlights at the end of the field for a time afterwards, and then went to bed

The next day, as I was travelling to Desford, I saw two more helicopters hovering over the fields that were several fields away from our house, one was a single prop, the other twin. We never did find out what was going on, perhaps it was sorted.


N.B. Note similar coloured triangular UFO seen over the same area on March 27th., 1978, (Case 51/78/47), and almost the same time, by single, female witness, Lynne B, who was also visited by two men in dark suits who drove away in a black car. Enquiries by LUFOIN revealed that the Police have no record regarding the visit made to the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. Are there MIB (1). in Leicester, or were they genuine callers? Co-incidence?! - Ed.

(1)> Men in Black. Sinister characters, nearly always dressed in black suits, who sometimes call on alleged UFO witnesses, usually claiming to be from the government.

Map: Cottage Farm.


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