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CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-80-26 - 51-80-27.


Monday, July 28th., 1980. 14:30 Hours. Groby Road Hospital, Leicester. SK 557 067. Geo. B2 - C.

12 year-old schoolboy, Michael Culver, was receiving treatment in the Orthodontic Department at Groby Road Hospital on the above date. As he looked out of a nearby window he saw something crossing the sky. His statement is as follows:

Statement by Michael Culver.

“I was looking out of a window in the Orthodontic Department of Groby Road Hospital, when I saw a saucer-shaped object in the sky. It was a gold colour, and had a clear outline. It was travelling at a steady speed in a north-westerly direction. All of a sudden, it turned red, then shortly afterwards, about half a minute later, it turned green. I pointed it out to two adults when it went out of my sight. They told me that it had started rotating, but kept a steady speed.”

Monday, July 28th., 1980. 14:30 Hours. Groby Road Hospital, Leicester.

Mr . F, who was giving treatment to Michael Culver at the hospital, also saw the strange object. His statement regarding the incident is as follows:

Statement by Mr. F.

“I was giving treatment to Michael Culver when he remarked that he could see an object moving in the sky. When I saw it the object was glittering like transparent cellophane, reflecting the Sun, then it turned to green, and then red. The object appeared spherical in shape, with no definite edge. The size was equal to a 10 pence piece held at arm’s length.

The object moved slowly across the sky, and began to rotate. It disappeared out of view from the window. The weather at the time was hot and sunny.”



Monday, July 28th., 1980. 18:06 Hours. Hollycroft, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 419 945. Geo. A1.

The following account refers to a kite-like object, seen over Hinckley later on the same day as the Groby Road Hospital sightings above. Although apparently of a different shape, as with the Leicester sightings, the object at Hinckley was also seen to revolve, whilst also presenting to the witness, differing colours of green and then red. Whether or not this second sighting involved the same object, (presumably having travelled somehow from Leicester to Hinckley within the approximate 4 hour time window), seen at a slightly closer distance than the Leicester sightings is un-determined.

This second object was travelling in a straight line from west to east. No further witnesses were found.

The Hinckley witness was a Mr. John Phillips of Bearsden Crescent, Hinckley, His account is as follows:

Statement By Mr. Phillips.

“I had just returned home and had parked my car on the front drive when I happened to glance up and saw a strange object crossing the sky.

It appeared as a diamond or kite shape, and seemed to be slowly revolving. As it revolved, it showed different colours, two of which I remember were red and green. This object looked solid, and was very low in the sky. It looked to me as if it were covered in different colours of tin foil.

Fig. 1. 

(Fig. 1). The kite-like object as drawn by Mr. Phillips.

 Fig. 2.

(Fig. 2). Second witness drawing illustrating how the object must have appeared from above. “It appeared to have four sides” . (Phillips).

It appeared to have four sides, and, as it revolved, each side was revealed to me in turn. Each revolution was sudden and ’jerky’ however, not like an object turning in the wind, but more as an intelligently controlled device, although I could not see how.

There was a definite loud ‘droning’ sound heard at the time, although I can’t say for certain that this was coming from the object. The sound started to get loud, but then faded away, although the object was still in my field of vision, and still quite close. This object would have been only about 200 feet high if that , and really stood out. I must mention that one of the sides, as it was revealed to me, was definitely rounder than the other three.”


Investigation comments: Although this second case for July 28th., 1980 received quite a lot of local media interest, with requests being published for further witnesses, if any, to come forward, Mr. Phillips appears to have been the only witness to this particular aerial event.


BELOW: Same Date Global Reports, UFODNA Data, July 28, 1980.

Around 0400 - Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


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