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Friday, Nov 2nd., 1979. 17:15 Hours. Wykin Village, Near Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 408 955. Geo. A1.

Another most unusual sighting took place on the above date, a high-strangeness event, classed as a close encounter of the first kind by the investigators involved.

No natural explanation was ever found for the occurrence, which involved a solitary witness who maintained that he had been physically effected by the UFO seen insomuch as he lost all sense of hearing throughout the duration of the event.

Being only 15-years of age at the time, the witness found his sighting fascinating and puzzling to say the least, and testified that his account is a truthful one, the investigators finding no reasons to doubt the boy’s integrity.

Although only of a short duration, (30-35 seconds estimated), and despite the fact that only one witness was involved, (even though a search was made for more witnesses via the local media), the case is felt to be well worth recording here.

The event.

On January 25th., 1980, LUFOIN first learned of the alleged landing of an Unidentified Flying Object in fields situated on the outskirts of Wykin village near Hinckley. The only known witness, 15-year old schoolboy Andrew ‘A‘, claimed that on November 2nd., 1979, at approximately 5.15 p.m.., as he was returning to his home in Hinckley along Wykin Road, that he suddenly, for no apparent reason, lost all sense of hearing. Never before being prone to hearing defects sudden or otherwise, the boy simply could not understand why every sound around him was being eroded away.. The witness said that the bicycle he was riding normally squeaked quite a lot, yet even this familiar sound faded out at the same time as every other sound around him. At this point the witness stopped peddling his bike, came to a standstill, and simply sat there for several seconds, completely baffled by this sudden attack of total deafness. Suddenly, the boy became aware of a large object low in the sky over fields to his left. The object was described by the witness as “cross-shaped”, with bright blue static lights on the outside edges and a bigger and much brighter static red light in the centre. The red light was described further as “dome-shaped”, and it appeared to be of a sharper outline than the smaller blue lights. The witness stated that the object itself appeared to consist of metal tubing, (The term “scaffolding” was used), and that it was slowly descending on a curved trajectory into a nearby field. The boy continued to watch the object as it passed low over electricity pylons, and, after only a few seconds, came to rest in the corner of a field only approximately 150 yards away from his position. On landing, the object is described as ‘melting’ into the ground.

After the object had disappeared into the soil of the ploughed field, the witnesses’ hearing returned suddenly and everything could be heard normally again. The strange thing was, added the witness, the total lack of other people on the road at the time. It appeared as if time stood still during the sighting. Finally, the boy slowly gathered his wits and took off on his bike for home as quickly as he could go when, on arriving home, he informed his parents of the encounter, who reported the matter to the Police who, in turn and somewhat later, contacted LUFOIN.

BELOW: The Wykin Cross-shaped UFO, as drawn by witness.

During investigations, both parents testified to their son’s exited behaviour whilst he related the event to them.

Later examination of the landing site revealed radioactive readings were at twice the normal levels at the point where the object ‘melted’ into the ground, but nothing more was found.

Witness statement:

“I was just on my way home from Spring Hill Farm when everything went dead quiet - I could not hear the rattle of my bike, nor the wind in the trees - it was then that I saw a large, flying object - it was four large poles joined in the middle with blue lights around the outside, and a red light in the centre. It came down in an arc, and landed in the corner of a field - it stayed there for around three seconds, and it melted, running off the higher parts of the plough and disappeared under ground. Then the sound went back to normal and I carried on peddling - I turned round further down the road, but saw nothing

ABOVE LEFT: Photograph taken from witness’s vantage point, showing field and electricity pylons. The cross-shaped UFO was first seen falling in a curved trajectory, just above the pylon seen on the right hand side of the picture. - ABOVE CENTRE: Photograph taken from landing area - looking back towards witness’s vantage point a few yards away from the house seen on the extreme right. - ABOVE RIGHT: LUFOIN Technical Officer David Stanley pictured during radioactive trace tests on original soil samples taken from the Wykin landing site.


CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51/79/51 - Associated Media Item:

March 7th., 1980 - Hinckley UFO investigation - Nuneaton Evening Tribune.

A 14-year-old Hinckley boy’s claim that he spotted a UFO over fields at Wykin is being investigated by the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network, one of its spokesmen said today. He said that the boy saw a cross-shaped object with red and blue lights descend into a field - and then vanish. Object - The spokesman also said that the boy was only yards from the object when it came down. “He suffered complete loss of hearing during the encounter, and was said to be in a state of shock for some time afterwards” he said. The “sighting” happened while the boy was working part-time at a farm near Wykin village. “Other farm workers have confirmed the boy’s story”, added the spokesman. (51/79/51). (10).

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