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Daylight Twin Cones

Sunday, July 29th., 1979, 16:15 Hours. Hollycroft, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 419 945. Geo. A1.

An interesting observation of two identical flying objects was made on the above date. The first witness involved was an 7 year-old boy who, after watching something unusual in the sky for a certain period of time, decided to act on instinct and alert his parents.

The weather at the time was hot, (23 degrees), dry and sunny. Cloud formation was light, with a light south-westerly breeze blowing. However, only twenty minutes after the sighting ended, a violent thunderstorm erupted, which lasted approximately one hour. After this time, the weather again became settled.

ABOVE: Cumulous Congestus cloud formation. Usually forms in late afternoon during periods of atmospheric instability. 20 minutes after the sighting, a violent thunderstorm erupted

Statement one is an account of the sighting by the boy’s mother Mrs. Pauline S, A 29 year-old housewife living in Bearsden Crescent, Hollycroft Estate, Hinckley.

Her account of the occurrence is as follows:

Statement by Mrs. S:

“My Husband and I were upstairs decorating, when our eldest son rushed in from the garden saying that there were two black objects in the sky which were not moving. We looked out of the rear bedroom window and I saw one object moving quite fast between the clouds from right to left, travelling along a straight course, and then behind it, another object doing the same. They were too small to see any details, and just looked like two black dots. At first, I though they were birds, but as I watched, I became unsure

Statement by Mr. S:

“My Wife and I were upstairs, when our eldest son (7 years), came running in from the garden shouting that he had just seen two objects in the sky that had flown from the direction of Hinckley town centre, and that at a point directly opposite the rear of our house, had stopped suddenly and remained motionless. We asked him to show us and we all went over to the bedroom window to look. On looking out, we could see nothing at first, and our son said that the large white cloud that was in the sky at the time, must have gone in front of the objects. We were about to forget the whole matter, when I caught sight of a black object travelling rather quickly through the sky, and I told my wife to fetch my binoculars from the other bedroom so that I could verify what the object might be. It was too small to discern any detail without an optical aid, and I thought that the object could have been a bird, or an aircraft at this stage. My wife brought my binoculars, and, on looking, I could see a sharply defined object, black in colour, that looked like, what I can only describe as an ice-cream cone without the ice cream.

This object continued to fly on a straight course, passing in front of a low, (and large), white cloud, and I kept it in view for something like half a minute. At the last moment of my observation, the object ‘fell’ and dropped down in a strange manner, similar to a leaf falling from a tree, a kind of pendulum movement, and then it disappeared upwards.

My Wife asked if she could borrow the binoculars and on passing them to her I lost sight of the object altogether. On attempting to use the binoculars, my wife too did not see anything further. I must point out that at this point I did not know that my wife had been watching two objects

BELOW: The Bearsden Crescent ‘Cones’ - Original Witness Drawings.


BELOW: Same Date Global Reports, UFODNA Data, July 29, 1979.

00:45 - Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA.


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