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Expanded Sighting Report Data - Selected Cases

-1978 -

CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51/78/09-30.

JANUARY 24th., 1978.


Tuesday, January 24th., 1978 - 16:15 Onwards.


This particular series of observations took place on the afternoon and evening of January 24th., 1978, with all the reports apparently relating to the sighting of one, or perhaps two, objects circling over a small geographical area of the south Leicestershire region.

Between 4.15 p.m. in the afternoon and 10 p.m. at night, more than forty people from all over the south-west area of Leicestershire, claimed that they had witnessed strange lighted UFOs moving slowly over the area.

They described dark, triangular-shaped objects with steady blue, orange and red lights, that hovered, circled and rocked from side to side, and except in one case where a ‘dynamo sound’ was heard, all in complete silence. The object’s lights were described further as extremely bright and “glowing.”

In particular, three female witnesses saw something strange in the sky as they driving through the village of Elmsthorpe, near Burbage Common at 8 p.m. on the evening in question.

The three witnesses, who had travelled along Leicester Road from Hinckley and then turned into Elmsthorpe Lane, say that they saw two lighted objects which suddenly appeared and began to follow their car on both sides and at low altitude. When the driver of the vehicle stopped the car, one of the objects swooped out of the sky and hovered above as if watching them. “It was a very frightening experience and one we will never forget. We stopped the car to get a better view, but to our amazement, the object stopped too. The object moved off when we did. It was bright red and glowing around its perimeter, we were terrified.” said one of the witnesses.

All the reports were initially received by telephone , within 24-hours of the occurrence of the sightings. Full written reports were obtained from telephoning percipients as rapidly as possible thereafter.

As there was no media publicity concerning UFOs at the time, all the reports were treated as genuine statements of real observations.

Certain eyewitnesses requested anonymity. This has been preserved here, un-named percipients being designated simple capital letters, viz: ‘A’, ‘B’ etc.

By projecting all the sightings and times onto a map of the area the approximate locations of the object/s was determined. These locations were found to be the John Cleveland College, Hinckley, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, (in particular - Brookside), Burbage Common, Burbage Woods, A47 Leicester Road, Elmesthorpe, Barwell, and Earl Shilton. (Line B1 Projected), also part of the M69 Motorway, Parts of Enderby, and Braunstone. South Leicester.


Estimation of height/s could not be made due to lack of critical detail, but witnesses maintained that the object/s moved at a height lower than that of aircraft in normal flight. This is admittedly a loose statement, but it nevertheless conveys a general eyewitness impression very well, and indicates a consistency in eyewitness estimates of approximate height.

Descriptive variation

Descriptive variations are doubtless due to the angle and distance of each observer relative to the object/s sighted. The descriptions given are similar to the two earlier January sightings namely case ref’s: 51/78/06 and 77/78/08.

It is worth noting here that residents of the main sighting area are well used to aircraft and helicopter flights as it is directly under the main flight-path AMBER ONE, and in the proximity of Sapcote Beacon to Lichfield Beacon.

A survey of the area in question produced no evidence of static red lights (described in some of the cases) which could have been accidentally mistaken for the object/s.

Finally, it should be stressed that all witnesses felt certain that the object/s represented something ‘unusual’. This consistency of impression is regarded as being of some significance.


Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. 16:15 Hours. Rowanberry Avenue, Leicester. SK 545 047.

An unusual aerial phenomena was observed above Leicester on the above date by a Mr. Kenneth C., 56 years. His statement is as follows:

Statement by Mr. C.

“At approximately 16:15 hours on Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, I rose from my armchair in my living room to see what the weather was like. I observed an object in the sky travelling at great speed in roughly a north-west, to south-east direction.

Whilst travelling along, the object changed shape from elliptical to almost round. It was bright silver in colour, this was not caused by reflected sunlight as the weather was overcast at the time, and the sky was a dull grey in colour. My window is six feet wide, and the object took approximately 8-10 seconds to travel from edge to edge. The object left an unusually shaped vapour trail, almost spiral in shape, and wider than that usually associated with aircraft. I called to my son who was in the kitchen at the time, but by the time he arrived in the living room the object had disappeared, but he clearly observed the unusual vapour trail.”

ABOVE: Original drawings made by the witness showing the unusual spiral vapour trail in the sky left behind by the shape-changing flying object.

Map: Rowanberry Ave

Tuesday, 24th., January 1978, 18:35 Hours, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage. SP 433 933.

A flare-like object was seen over the Sketchley Hill Estate on the above date by a Mr. and Mrs. P. Mr. Packer’s statement is as follows:

Statement by Mr. A. P.

On the evening of Tuesday, 24th., January, 1978, My Wife and I were driving along the road when she pointed to something in the sky. We were in Higham Way, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, it was around 6.35 p.m. This particular part of the estate is high up and it was a clear evening. My Wife’s attention was attracted to what looked like a flare, and was in the direction of Birmingham, making it roughly south-west. This flare, or UFO, was falling in an arc, but instead of burning out like a flare or shooting star would do, it remained the same size and brightness. The (white) object then stopped still in the sky for a few seconds, then it moved slowly away at right angles and disappeared. There wasn’t a sound from the object all the time we had it in view. I remember stopping the car engine to specifically listen for aircraft engine noise but heard nothing.”

Map: Higham Way

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 18:45 Hours. Ruddington Walk, Abbey Rise, Leicester. SK 585 077.

Witness Mr. Robert H. and his wife also witnessed an unusual object in the sky on January 24th., 1978 whilst looking through their window. The couple, who lived at the time in Ruddington Walk, Leicester, said that the object first appeared as a bright orange ball of light that gradually moved towards their vantage point.

As it came closer, the witnesses saw a group of non-flashing bright lights in the shape of a triangle, coloured red and blue/green.

After approximately 5 minutes, the lights moved silently away very low over the rooftops heading towards Enderby.

BELOW: Original drawings of the Ruddington Walk UFO as drawn by Mr. H.


Phase One - Object appeared as a bright orange ball of light. | Phase Two - Object appeared alter its shape showing three static lights. | Phase Three - Object seen as a triangle of lights.

Map: Ruddington Walk

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. 19:10 Hours. Nedham Street, Leicester. SK 598 049.

A triangular formation of coloured lights was seen by 46 year-old Mrs. Norma E. on this date. The lights were described as static, very bright and coloured red white and yellow. Mrs. E’s statement regarding her sighting is as follows:

Statement by Mrs. E.

“I was walking up Nedham Street, approaching Melbourne Road, on the evening of January 24th., 1978, at 7.10 p.m. As I looked at the sky I noticed 3 lights which were still. They were not flashing as on plane lights, they were steady. I kept looking and I came to walk under two railway bridges. When I came through the other side of the bridges, the lights were exactly in the same position as when I first them. What attracted my attention to this object was: First; the lights were steady. 2; they had not moved from when I had first seen them. They remained there for at least 55 minutes, then I left. 3; There was no sound. What I saw was not railway signals, the lights were far too high.”

Map: Nedham Street.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. Braunstone Close, Leicester. SK 563 023.

A triangular object was observed at Braunstone, Leicester, at 7.10 p.m., by 19 years- old Miss Joan B.

Her statement is as follows:

Statement by Miss B.

“I was walking out from the avenue and I sighted it between the garage and pub. I observed it for about 5 minutes and it appeared stationary. It then appeared to move along Narborough Road south, and I followed it until I reached the bus stop. It was still moving when I stopped there, and then it doubled back on itself, and, as it passed overhead, I saw that it was definitely solid. I pursued it up Braunstone Close, but then I had to go back to catch my bus. I kept watching it until I caught my bus. I lost sight of it once I was on the bus.”

LEFT: Miss B’s original drawing of the Braunstone Close UFO.

Map:Braunstone Close.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. (A & B). John Cleveland College, Leicester Road. SP 445 948.

An object witnessed by Steven ‘L’ (14 years), and Andrew ‘S’ (14 years) at 7.30 p.m. on January 24th. , in Forest Road, Hinckley. The observers were facing N.E. looking towards Burbage Common, which, at that spot, was some three quarter miles distant. Both these witnesses were interviewed on February 6th., 1978.

Statement by Steven ‘L’:

“We were skateboarding when Andy noticed it. He went to fetch his binoculars and it came to within 200 yards at about 60 degrees. When Andy came back out (with his binoculars) : it had gone behind some trees so we went to the fence. It then went towards Leicester and hovered for a couple of minutes.

It moved off again and when it was level with the John Cleveland College it appeared to bounce back towards Leicester showing a blue/green light instead of orange. It then moved back retracing its tracks showing an orange light .

It Then moved over the J.C.C. and went towards Stoke Golding and disappeared over the horizon travelling in a north-westerly direction.”

Statement by Andrew ‘S’:

“We had just come back from the chip shop and we walked up the road and saw something in the sky. So I went and got the binoculars and came back out. We looked over the college playing field at the object. It was rocking and changing colour. It went from side to side then went over the horizon and towards Leicester Road.”

  LEFT: Original drawing by Steven ‘L’, showing both sides of the strange, silent ‘rocking’ flying object witnessed over the John Cleveland College playing field.

Map: Forest Road.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. A47 Leicester Road. SP 478 954. 19:30 Hours.

What seems to have been the same object as described above, was seen by 33 year-old John ‘B‘, of Spa Drive, Sapcote, at 7.30 p.m. on the same date. Mr. B. claims that he watched the light for approximately 30 minutes as he drove along towards Barwell, and stated that its brightness was comparable to the planet Venus. His statement is as follows:

Statement by Mr. ‘B‘.

“As I was travelling from Sapcote to Barwell I noticed a bright orange light in the clear sky. It seemed to hover over Barwell then go towards Leicester, then come back. It turned sideways to show a blue light as well as the orange one, then back to orange only. I could see it until I went indoors at Barwell.”

Presumably the ‘blue’ light of Mr. B’s sighting was the same as the ‘blue-green’ light of the L/S observation Ed.)


Huncote, Leicestershire. Tuesday, Jan 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. SP 519 976.

At 7.30 p.m. on this date, a 51 year-old head teacher - Miss ‘A’ - of Huncote, saw, on looking out of her kitchen window towards Hinckley in the south-west, the following aerial phenomenon:

Statement (obtained on February 2nd., 1978) by Miss ‘A’

“While washing up in my kitchen in the dark I noticed the sky was clear, the lights of the motorway (M69) were clearly visible, also lights of Barwell and Shilton. I saw a bright red light over the M69; it was, at first appearance, an aircraft. However, it did not appear to be travelling either nearer or further away, but was stationary or nearly so. As I watched, it seemed to be over the M69, and either circling or travelling for a few hundred yards north to south. As I thought it was behaving oddly, I went upstairs and observed it from the landing window. I then telephoned friends in Forest Road and asked them if they could see the red light over the motorway. They telephoned back and said they thought it was a helicopter. Meanwhile I took my binoculars and went outside. Through the binoculars which are not very powerful, I observed a hazy black shape and, as the craft turned, it showed a steady yellow light and a blue-green one. Its behaviour struck me as odd. Also the fact that I could not hear any aircraft noise, only the motorway traffic rumble. It did not appear to be very high, and the lights did not flash but remained steady.”

ABOVE: Miss A’s original drawing of the M69 UFO.

Huncote, Leicestershire, Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. SP 519 976.

The person contacted telephonically by Miss ‘A’ was Mr. ‘B’, a 53 year-old resident of Forest Road, Huncote. His observations of the object sighted are as follows:

Statement by Mr. ‘B’.*

“Following a phone call from Miss ‘A’, I went into the back garden (facing S.W.), and observed what appeared to be an aircraft flying slowly and making a wide anti-clockwise circle apparently over the M69 motorway (or the nearby electricity grid power line), to the right of Croft Hill and to the left of Thurlaston village. At all times there appeared to be a bright red light visible with a white light and, as the object turned, a green-blue light. I was convinced at first that it was a light aircraft and that the pilot was perhaps circling over the M69 to fix his position before moving on, but on reflection I was puzzled because the red light was always visible, and this would be unlikely if it was a normal port wing navigation light.”

Clearly the ‘blue-green’ light reported by both Miss ‘A’ and Mr. ‘B’ corresponded to the similar light

seen by Messrs L and S and the ‘blue’ light of Mr. B. Presumably the ‘yellow’ light of Mr. ‘A’s account was the orange light described by B, L. and S.- Ed.)

Map: Forest Road

Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 19:35 Hours.

15 year-old Miss Linda ‘C’, also a resident of Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, was walking along Brookside with her boyfriend at approximately 7.35 p.m., when she saw a bright white light in the sky slowly approaching her vantage point at a low altitude. The light came from the north-west, and when it reached a point almost directly overhead, it stopped and abruptly changed colour to red. After a few seconds, and still in a stationary position, the light changed colour again, this time to a very bright bluish-green. Then, as Miss ‘C’ and her boyfriend continued to watch, they saw two additional lights of the same brightness as the first suddenly appear at the rear and to either side of the original light, thus forming an overall triangular shape. These additional lights were coloured white and red respectively, and, as with the first, were non-flashing. After remaining stationary for a further three minutes, the lights suddenly started to move slowly away in a new direction towards the north-west and in the direction of Burbage Common, approximately one mile distant. The lights were lost to view as they moved into the distance, and finally appeared to vanish suddenly at the last moment of observation. The total duration of the sighting was estimated to have been at least 5-6 minutes, during which time neither witness heard any sound being emitted by the said lights.

Miss ‘C’s own statement regarding the sighting is as follows:

Statement by Miss ‘C’.

“My boyfriend and I were walking through to Park Road from Brookside, Burbage, when we saw a large white light in the sky. It was first seen over the Park Road crescent, it came across the sky in a diagonal and changed from white to red, then to green, then back to red. It then hovered, but there was no noise. It then started off again a bit faster in a diagonal across the sky. We then followed it into Queen’s park and then it just disappeared heading towards Burbage Common

Welford Road, Leicester, January 24th., 1978. 19:45 Hours.

37 years-old Mr. Colin Best was parked in his car in Welford Road, Leicester, at 7.45 p.m., when he observed the following aerial phenomenon.

Statement by Mr. Colin Best.

“I was in a car behind the New Road Inn Public House, Welford Road, Leicester, facing north, when I looked up in the sky and saw an orange-brown light, not particularly high or going fast, moving north towards the city. I thought to myself that it was a plane going into Castle Donnington. Then, as I watched, it suddenly turned 90 degrees towards the west and continued at approximately the same speed. It was at this time I saw some green and blue flashes approximately 30 yards to the right of the light. The light then stopped and just hovered for about a minute. Then it carried on still to the west, and disappeared into some cloud. From the way it turned 90 degrees, there was no way it could be a plane. I then thought it was a helicopter, but there was no flashing light. I could not see any outline at all, just the light. Since I had my engine running and never left the car, I do not know whether there was any noise. I would said that the speed was equivalent to a piston type plane going in to land at Castle Donnington airport and at about the same height.”

Map: Welford Road.

Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, January 24th., 1978. 19:55 Hours.

20 years-old Miss Jane ‘M‘, a clerk living in Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, sighted the following aerial phenomenon at 7.55 p.m. on January 24th., 1978. Interviewed on the following evening, her account is as follows:

Statement by Miss ‘M‘.

“I was standing at the bus-stop along Brookside, which is situated at the bottom of Featherstone Drive, at approximately 7.55 p.m., when I saw a fairly large red light moving across the sky. It was travelling at a rather fast speed. It moved across the sky and disappeared behind some houses. A few seconds later it moved back along the same path. Again it returned, making several trips back and forth across the Brookside road before moving off towards Burbage Common. It was all red and seemed to be very low in the sky.”

Map: Brookside.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. A47 Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire.SP 454 963.- SP 466 968. 19:55 Hours.

Three occupants of a car travelling along Leicester Road, Hinckley, at approximately 7.55 p.m. on the aforementioned date, were 43 years-old Mrs Eveline P, 46 years-old Mrs. Nancy S. , and 31 years old Mrs. ‘C’. They were interviewed on January 27th., and submitted the following accounts of their observations of an unusual aerial object noted at that time.

Statement by Miss P.

“Travelling in a car down Netherly Road with my two Friends, I saw a bright white light going at a very fast speed, I thought it might be a shooting star, it disappeared behind the trees. As we approached Leicester Road I saw a bright red glowing light which appeared to be hovering at first, I took it to be a pylon light. As we approached, the white light disappeared and the red light followed us around the corner onto Elmsthorpe Lane. It kept on the left hand side of the car , in fact, it seemed to be travelling at the same speed as the car. We all began to feel very frightened, but stopped the car so that the driver could get a better view. To our amazement, the object stopped too. We were so frightened, we drove away immediately. The object disappeared behind a house. The red object seemed to be observing us.”

ABOVE: The sighting location- Leicester Road, looking towards Elmsthorpe Lane.

Statement by Mrs. S.

“I was driving my car with two friends as passengers. My first surprise was a bright light in the sky. A star perhaps, but it didn’t stay put as a star does but was moving very fast. Later, I saw a red light in the sky. We all thought that it must be a light on a pylon in the distance, but when it moved seemed to be that it must be a plane. However, it didn’t travel and disappear but followed us around as I drove. The object hovered and was low in the sky. By this time I stopped the car. We were quite scared by this time. The object stopped when the car stopped.”

Statement by Miss ‘C’.

“I was travelling with two other people in the car. The passenger in the front seat asked if it was a plane she could see in the sky with its tail lights flashing. At first we thought it was, but remarked on the round-about course it was taking, the speed it was travelling, and the way it was going up and down. We concluded that it couldn’t be a plane. The driver of the car then asked what the red light on the left hand side was (the other light had been on the right). At first I said it was a pylon, but then realised it was much too high. As I turned back to look at the other light so it stopped, and the red light started to move. We had treated the first light as something of a joke, but when the red light appeared to be moving in the same direction we began to wonder. The red light was also travelling at great speed, and appeared to drop down and hover round in a circle, rise and move on to once again appear opposite the car. On one occasion it appeared to be so close that I’m sure I could distinguish its shape. It appeared to be similar to pictures of ‘flying saucers’ that I had seen, and this made it all the more strange. It was glowing all around its perimeter. The driver had now decided that she was stopping the car to take a look, and, as the car stopped, so did the object. On proceeding, the light did not follow.”

Map: Elmesthorpe Lane.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. Earl Shilton. 20:00 Hours. SP 443 971.

Two observations of one or more unusual aerial lights were made by Mrs. ‘D’, a secretary resident at Waterfall Way, Shilton Road, Barwell, on the evening of January 24. Details of her sightings follow: :-

Statement by Mrs. ‘D’

“I was travelling home when I noticed two bright lights in the sky. My first thought was that it was a plane, but my attention was particularly attracted by the lights. As far as I can remember at this time, there was a red light at the front, and a blue-green light at the rear. The object was travelling from the north-west, in a south-easterly direction. As I pulled onto the drives of my house, I again noticed bright red lights in the sky. I put the car away, ran upstairs, and began to watch the object through my bedroom window. Looking east, the object was directly in front of me. It circled twice in the sky over the Earl Shilton area, and then went off in the direction from which it had come. North-west. Whilst the object was circling, I watched it through binoculars, but I could not make out its shape. However, what was particularly noticeable was the two bright red lights on the front of the object. The object disappeared from my view at approximately 8.07 p.m.”

Map: Waterfall Way

ABOVE: Photograph taken from Mrs. ‘D’s vantage point, Shilton Road, Barwell - looking towards the Burbage Common complex.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. Barwell. 20:05 Hours

37 years old sales representative Mr. John K, who lives in Earl Shilton, witnessed a very singular aerial apparition at 8.05 p.m. on January 24th., while driving between his home and Barwell.

His account is as follows:

Statement by Mr. K.

“At 8.05 p.m. on the evening of January 24th., 1978, I was driving from Barwell to Earl Shilton when I saw in the sky ahead what appeared to be a mass of red lights forming a circle. The lights were in a northerly direction and stationary at an angle of approximately three minutes as I drove along, and then, as I turned right into Heath Lane, Barwell, I saw the lights begin to move slowly to the west. I then stopped the car and watched until the lights ultimately disappeared from view over house rooftops. The total duration of the sighting was five minutes, during which time I heard no sound whatsoever being emitted by the lights.”

Map: Barwell

January 24th., 1978. 21:20 Hours. Enderby, Leicestershire.

*Mr ‘B’ of Huncote, added in a separate statement that he again saw the red light, (the light as seen by Mr. ‘B’ at 19:35 Hours), at the later time of 9.20 p.m., as he drove towards the village of Enderby. Mr. ‘B’s second statement is as follows;

Second statement by Mr. ‘B’

“I am fairly convinced that I saw the same object again at approximately 9.20 p.m., as I was on my way by car to Enderby to collect my son from evening class. Travelling in a general northerly direction, the object, lit similarly to the first, was dead ahead of me at about the same height over the motorway near Braunstone. I took particular note to see if the object moved on a straight flight path like an aircraft, but it seemed stationary or nearly so. I watched the object for about five minutes, but lost it from view behind houses as I entered Enderby itself. I did not see the object again after this time

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. 22:20 Hours Severn Trent Water Authority, Anstey Lane, Leicester. SK 562 071. Geo. B2 - C.

The following aerial phenomena was witnessed by late night shift worker, Ernest ‘J,’ as he was about to start work at the Leicester Severn Trent Works in Anstey Lane.

Statement by Mr. ‘J’.

“On the night of January 24th., 1978, I had just started my nightshift at the Severn Trent Water Department, Gorse Hill, Anstey Lane, Leicester. About 22:20, I was just finishing my security patrol when I heard a sound like a dynamo in the sky. On looking up, the sky was cloudy at the time, I saw a green glow. About a minute later there was a ring of different coloured lights, red, blue, green, yellow and these lights glowed. I could not make out the shape of this thing, but the green glow was still above what ever it was. After about 1 or 2 minutes, the lights faded in the clouds above, but the dynamo sound was still there for a minute or two afterwards, then it faded away fast. It could not have been a plane as there would not have that many coloured lights, and the green glow.”

Map: Anstey Lane.

CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51/78/09-30- Selected Associated Media Item:

January 26th., 1978 - UFO - spotters probe mystery craft sighting - Leicester Mercury.

UFO Enthusiasts are investigating reports from more than 17 people who saw a delta-shaped object circle Leicester and Hinckley last week. The object was spotted by five Leicester people as it flew low over the Braunstone area between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Tuesday January 24. Eyewitness Miss Joan Bott, of Cleveleys Avenue, Braunstone, said: “The object passed very low overhead, but made no noise”. The craft was lit by steady red, blue and yellow lights as it headed south towards Hinckley where it was sighted by more than 12 residents. “We have checked with RAF Waddington, and the Vulcan bombers and other aircraft had not been in the same area and it doubtful whether they would fly that low,” said head of Leicester’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation, Mr. Trevor Thornton. (51/78/09-30). (7).


BELOW: Same Date Global Reports, UFODNA Data, January 24, 1978.

Evening - Pender, Nebraska, USA.


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