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Ratby Leicestershire. Monday, March 27th., 1978. 21:00 Hours. SK 518 054. Geo. B1

A Student nurse was travelling by motor cycle to Ratby from Kirby Muxloe along a country lane near to the T.I. Desford Tubes Works at about 9.00. p.m., on this date when she saw a strange object hovering over some fields over to her left. The witness estimated that the object was approximately 200 feet in the air, and about two fields away from her vantage point.

The witness, 19 year-old nurse, Miss Lynn B, described what she first saw as a long red object, with white hot flames coming from the rear end. She watched it hovering for about four minutes during which time it made a loud droning noise.

As Miss B. rode on towards Ratby, she said that the object tilted and she saw that it was , large, triangular in shape, with red, blue, and orange lights on each apex. It finally moved off passing over her position, and revealed more detail. The witness states that the object had a raised section running central from front to back, and what looked like a higher circular section on top.

The craft finally moved off very fast in the direction of Hinckley still making a droning noise. A short while afterward the sighting was reported to UAPROL at Leicester, the sighting also appearing in the local newspapers.

Shortly after this the witness stated that she was visited by two men in dark suits who claimed to be from the Ministry of Defence. They took a statement from Miss Brown and asked her to draw what shed seen. This she did, and the men went away.

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