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Edited by Graham Hall & Jeff Lord

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Recorded Regional UFO Reports and Observations Log 2013

Designed to act primarily as a research tool, this log makes a direct attempt to collate and record known Unidentified Flying Object sighting data for the year 2013 from the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom, and uses material directly investigated by members of the Leicestershire (with Warwickshire) UFO Investigation Network, (lufoin), also sightings logged at the uk-ufo, beams and Our UFO Society databases, occasionally making reference to associated items that have occasionally appeared in the local media etc.



- 2013 -

51/13/01. 3 January 2013 - 17:05 - Nailstone, Leicestershire, UK - A green aerial object was observed by several witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “We were in our car when we saw a bright green object fall out of the sky. This object left a yellow trail that disappeared. The object broke into 2 - 3 pieces before vanishing.” (PE-7B). (lufoin).

51/13/02. 5 January 2013 - 21:00 - Leicestershire, UK - A triangular object was observed in the sky. Witness stated: I went out in the garden for a smoke. The sky was very clear so I took a look up at the stars, then I saw out the corner of my eye what on first sight I thought I saw a shooting star. On closer inspection I realised I was looking at a triangle shaped craft. It moved very fast with no noise.” (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

 51/13/03. 5 - 8 January 2013 - 21:00 - Fleckney, Leicestershire, UK - Several unusual lights in the sky were observed by male witness on three consecutive evenings. Witness stated: For the last 3 nights (beginning on the evening of Saturday 5th January 2013), I have witnessed lights moving over the above mentioned area. I live in a flat based on the outskirts of South Wigston with clear and open southern and westerly views of surrounding fields (designated flood land, meaning no artificial lights in most directions for a fair few miles). My flat backs directly onto the River Soar and as such has several walking paths in the area. On Saturday night just after 9 p.m. I went out for a stroll. I have an amateur interest in photography and do this quite often as the view of the night sky is fairly clear in the area. The path I was walking along faces the direction of Fleckney, Kibworth, Rutland Water etc. After 5 minutes I saw what I thought was the space station shining in brightly in the distance (almost exactly the same size as the visible stars but much brighter and rapidly flickering white/red/blue/green). I walked to the edge of a line of trees in an open field and after watching it for a minute or two my heart stopped when it moved with great speed to the right. Thinking it was my imagination or that I was simply swaying myself I watched it again, and it saw it moving tens of times in all directions, stopping for a second before rapidly (almost immediately) moving again and again. It was at this point that I ran back to the flat to get a camera (Canon DSLR 600D) to try and film it. When I got back to the tree line the light started to slowly rise and then split into three different lights, two orange, and one bright red, and then line up together and hover. Unfortunately I hadn’t even got the camera on the tripod at this point, and when I had I was unable to pick anything up whilst trying to film, but I did manage to take several long exposure timed shots which picked up the lights. After the first couple of pictures I looked up and realised that another orange ball had appeared separate the other three, and was far out in front of the orange/red/orange lights forming a sort of “T” in the air, but over a massive area, so I took another shot, only for three much smaller lights to then appear behind the first three. The objects stayed in formation moving slowly (against the wind) and at times sped up and moved at speed individually before finally disappearing. This all happened over a period of 40 minutes or so. I then went out again the next night with a friend to see if it came again, to my surprise (this time around 8 p.m.) we saw two yellow lights moving together, about the same distance apart, in unison and again very erratically in a start stop motion. However this time the lights were further away and much lower on the horizon.

  LEFT: The Strange Aerial lights over Fleckney - (Witness photograph) © Wood 2013.

We stood and watched them for about 20 minutes zipping left/stopping/right/stopping and then rising vertically, before they dropped behind the tree line across from us and out of sight. I again went out last night (January 8th.) at around 8:45 p.m., (this time with my flat mate), and unbelievably the original light I mistook for the space station has seemingly returned, in a slightly different area of the sky, but still flickering red/blue/white/green and moving with great speed. This time I went out with a digital camera with a bigger zoom capability, and watched it hang and then move for almost half an hour, again unable to film it because of its relatively small size and distance from us. After a short while another light (orange) then seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and began moving in the same zipping fashion as before to the now almost stationary main light. At one point it lit up and easily became the brightest object in the sky, dwarfing the light from passenger planes flying overhead (as I mentioned, the sky in this area is relatively clear at night meaning we could see all passenger planes etc. flying overhead, giving us a pretty good means of comparison to what we were seeing). The orange light in the direction of the main bright light (still moving in a small area, dimming and brightening, rising and falling) for a few minutes before evaporating/vanishing. At one point we could see the light beam from people on what I guess was a nearby farm with powerful torches, who started shining them in the sky in the direction of the objects like spotlights. This continued for over half an hour until clouds started moving in, and the remaining (flashing) main light went behind them. . . and then almost cheekily popped back out again for about ten seconds (staying in advance of the moving cloud) before moving again behind them.” (Wood). (IN-NL). (lufoin).

 12 January 2013 - Video: Object Makes Incredible Manoeuvres over Nuneaton - UFO Casebook.

 12 January 2013 - Whatever caused sonic boom, it was not an alien - Leicester Mercury. (Non-UFO Event). (7).

 51/13/04. 12 January 2013 - 23:12 - Desford, Leicestershire, UK - Three orange red lights were observed in the sky by male witness. Witness stated: “I Witnessed 3 x objects in a rough line astern, spaced at roughly 1/2 mile intervals at circa 1,500 feet, travelling at roughly 250 to 350 miles per hour in a westerly direction. The objects themselves could be best described as looking like a ‘fireball’ with a single oscillating orange/red light as opposed to separate wingtip & tail strobes. Altitude appeared constant and all three passed directly overhead with no noise whatsoever. I would estimate size of objects to have been at 30 to 50 foot diameter. Would put sighting down as three military aircraft but totally silent, no engine noise whatsoever. Also witnessed by other family members. I don’t believe in ‘little green men’ but I’m struggling to explain what I saw.” (PE-5C). (uk-ufo). Also: (Our UFO Society).

51/13/05. 13 January 2013 - 00:00 - Braunstone, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary flashing round object was observed in the sky by male witness for approximately 20 minutes. Witness stated: “I saw a flashing, blue, red, green, yellow - round object spotted around 12 a.m. last night above Braunstone. The object moved slightly to the right over a space of 20 minutes then went extremely high and stayed in same position for an hour until I went to bed.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

 51/13/06. 27 January 2013 - 21:50 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - An indiscernible aerial object was observed low in the sky with what appeared to be two very large and extremely powerful flashing white oblong-shaped anti-collision lights attached to it. It was in view by three witnesses for approximately fifteen minutes during which time no sound whatsoever was heard even though it appeared close.

© Roberts 2013 - One of two witness photographs of the object showing a single light source. - (Camera type: Coolpix S2700).

The object moved slowly towards the north-west, before slowing slightly and then changing direction to head direct west for approximately eight minutes, finally changing direction again to fly southerly at an accelerated rate of speed before finally disappearing. (PE-1A). (lufoin).

51/13/07. 28 January 2013 - 20:00 - Scalford, Leicestershire, UK - A stationary bright light was observed by married couple. Witness (A) - Wife - stated: “Between mid December 2012 and 28th Jan 2013 (last night) my husband and I have travelled 3 or 4 times in the evenings on the A607 between Waltham on the Wolds and Melton Mowbray in both directions and every time we look in the direction of Scalford/Holwell we see a stationary bright light that at first we thought was Jupiter or Venus, but as we watch it, it changes from a bright yellow light as we drive along, to flashing green/red like an aeroplane then changes to yellow (not flashing) again. We can watch it for a good few minutes and then it seems to disappear. Waltham transmitter is in the other direction while we observe this. If it is a hovering helicopter why is it in the same place every time we travel this road whatever the time of night? It can't be a star as it changes colour but not position in the sky, and not a plane as it does not move. We think it may be another transmitter but a long way off and so can't see a tower below it?” (PE-2B). (lufoin).

51/13/08. 30 January 2013 - 21:02 - Loughborough Meadows, Leicestershire, UK -A green aerial object was observed. Witness stated: I saw something in the sky but I don’t know what it was! It was green, travelling downwards faster than an aeroplane, and had a very short tail. It was only in view for seconds so it had disappeared before I could work out what I was seeing. I observed the object from Holm Fields Avenue Loughborough. I am not a UFO person but I could not identify it.” (PE-7B). (uk-ufo).

 51/13/09. February 2013 - Daytime, Leicester, UK - Three disc-shaped aerial objects were observed and photographed by 13 year-old schoolboy. Witness stated: I was taking pictures with my iphone when I noticed hovering objects outside of my house. I took a photo and then they vanished. There where 3 of them. I put the picture on facebook. A few days after I was playing out side with my friends seeming as I was only 13 and car parked near us. One of the men got out of the car he was wearing a ball fedora a black suit black shiny shoes and black glasses. ‘Luke Robinson’ he said, I replied yes. He told me that the photo on my Facebook had to be taken down or else. They said ‘a young boy could get hurt in a dangerous world like this.’ Then he got in the car and drove off me and my friends went to my home. I took the photo down put I still have it on my phone.” Robinson. (IN-Med). Credit: UFO Evidence.

 LEFT: Original witness photograph of the three disc-shaped objects over Leicester. © L. Robinson 2013.

51/13/10. Late February/early March 2013 - 23:00 - Leicester, UK - A thin beam of light was observed coming from the ground. Witness stated: It was late February or early March about 11 p.m., when I went out my back to have a smoke. The sky was clear and my yard faces south in south east. Suddenly, a white thin line of light came up from the ground direction to about 100 ft and then stopped for two seconds. Then, two shafts of light shot out, one each side. They then seemed to be in the middle. They shot straight up at speed so fast and with no noise at all. No trail of light followed it up. It certainly was no fire work. I'm only reporting it because it looked like something out of a science fiction film.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

77/13/11. 26 March 2013 - 11:05 - Coventry, UK - A peculiar bleeping sound was heard then a purple cigar-shaped object was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I heard a peculiar sound, it sounded like a repeating bleep. I looked up at the sky and saw a purple shaped cigar object with lights on either side and a banana shaped yellow visor. I saw it for only 4 seconds.” (IN-Med). (nuforc).

51/13/12. 2 April 2013 - 23:00 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A bright flash in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I looked up towards the north when suddenly, a small area of the sky seemed to explode with light - this lasted for a few seconds and then vanished. There wasn’t a sound.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

51/13/13. 16 April 2013 - 16:00 - Wykin Village, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A black ‘teardrop’ - shaped object was seen in the sky. Witness stated: “My Wife and I were approaching Hinckley by car along Wykin Road, when I noticed a black object hovering low in the sky above a field over to our right. This object seemed to resemble an elongated teardrop. I told my Wife to stop the car so that I could see it clearer and to see if I could hear any aircraft engines. We eventually stopped, but the object was nowhere to be seen. I then caught sight of the object again, this time it appeared over to our left, and it was moving away from us very fast. It remained in view for a few minutes, never changing it’s shape, and still looking like an elongated teardrop.” (PE-2B). (lufoin).

51/13/14. 19 April 2013 - 16:20 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A strangely lit aerial object was observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “There was one big light at the front and then a lot of little ones - it was too big and too high to be anything else - not a balloon or Chinese lantern. It was way higher than that.” (Thornton). (IN-Med). (The Hinckley Times).

51/13/15. 29 April 2013 - 23:00 - Leicester, UK - Unusual lights in the sky were observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “First of all I saw what looked like a star moving which was quite bright, but with the speed it was travelling. I next thought it was probably a satellite, then it went really bright and gathered speed before fading out and looked as if it was travelling straight up. Around 20 seconds later exactly the same thing happened again in almost the same part of the sky, which was followed quickly by two planes, one which seemed to circle that part of the sky then backtracked and the other plane flew straight through the area and onwards, these lights which I am quite sure were not satellites, planes, lanterns or meteors.” (IN-NL). (uk-ufo).

77/13/16. 1 May 2013 - 18:08 - Hurley, North Warwickshire, UK - A round black object was observed in the sky travelling at the speed of a powerful bird - 12 seconds duration. (IN-Med). (beams).

51/13/17. 8 May 2013 - 21:30 - Leicestershire, UK - Witnesses in various parts of Leicestershire reported observing a large green aerial object crossing the sky. Witness (A) stated: "I saw a bright green light which moved at high speed across the cloudy sky from east to west immediately overhead across Oadby. It was quite a sight.'' (DE-7B). (Leicester Mercury).

Witness (B) stated: “My mum-in-law and I were sitting in the conservatory and saw what looked like a falling star in Huncote. We had friends round and were chatting. We glanced out of the window and saw a white light going past behind trees. To begin with, we thought a plane was going down.” (DE-7B). (Leicester Mercury).

Witness (C) stated: “I am just informing you of a UFO sighting my parents have just seen in the Ratby area of Leicestershire. They were watching the television when out of the window they saw a low bright green object going through the night sky at a massive amount of speed (faster than a aircraft) and then going into the distance, they said they haven’t seen anything so bright green like that before. Very weird, they said it was really close, no noise or anything, I was in the house at the time when they told me so I know there wasn’t a sound.” (DE-7B). (uk-ufo). (Same date UK; 22:00 - Helsby, Cheshire - Detail | 22:00 - Harborne, Birmingham - Detail | Wirral - UFO sighting Wirral, UK, 8th may 2013 - Detail).

51/13/18. 9 May 2013 - 10:00 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A small circular aerial object was observed emerging from a cloud and entering another. Witness stated: “Today was very cloudy and I was looking at them moving with the strong wind when I saw a small circular object come out from behind one cloud and into another. It looked white in colour and was moving at a speed similar to that of an aircraft. I tried to look at the other side of cloud waiting for it to come out other side, but it didn’t. I then saw another identical object travelling in same direction and go behind cloud again.” (PE-1B). (uk-ufo).

 10 May 2013 - Bright light was part of meteor shower | This is Leicestershire. (51/13/15). (7).

 51/13/19. 15 May 2013 - 20:30 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A shiny blue object was observed crossing the sky that resembled a small balloon. (DE-5B). (lufoin).

 51/13/20. 25 May 2013 - 15:20 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent oval-shaped object was observed slowly crossing the sky at low height by three family members - when it was looked at through 10x 50 binoculars, the object appeared partly silver with some black areas, also appearing to have what looked like a tall rotor- like structure in the centre. This was described as looking clumsy and turning slowly in a clockwise direction - An attempt to film the object using a smart phone was unfortunately unsuccessful, and no image was visible on the viewed footage. (DE-2F). Explanation: Autogyro. (lufoin).

 LEFT: An Autogyro craft; (Example shown: ELA 07 Cougar).

 51/13/21. 17 June 2013 - 22:20 - Leicester, UK - Two strange lights were observed crossing the sky - Film footage obtained. Witness stated: “I saw these 2 strange lights, they were brighter than the camera shows.” (PE-5C). (uk-ufo).

51/13/22. 29 June 2013 - 03:55 - Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK - A married couple observed an unusual object in the sky that had various coloured lights attached and gave off sparks of light. Witness (A) stated: “I Looked out of the bedroom window on Saturday 29th June 2013 at 3.55 am in Ashby de la Zouch and noticed a very bright light which I assumed to be a star to the left of the moon. whilst watching it, it started to reduce in size and move. What I had thought to be a star was much brighter than the moon. As it moved it became flatter and wider...more of an oval shape and I could see lights rotating red, orange, green and blue around the object. Occasionally I noticed sparks of light shooting off from it. It stopped moving for a few minutes and then started again. I called my wife and she saw it move into the distance. Then a second bright object just appeared in the same place as the original object had been. The second object did exactly the same as the first and then they were both gone.” (IN-Med). (lufoin).

77/13/23. 1 July 2013 - 23:22 - Coventry, UK - A bright star-like object was observed crossing the sky. Witness stated: “I was getting my bags of food shopping out of my car when I looked up to close my boot, I noticed what looked like a star gliding so smoothly over the sky, at a speed I cannot even comprehend. It was brighter than a star, that’s what made me notice it, but looked as high as a star, but was obviously within the earths atmosphere. It’s a windless night, mild slightly cloudy night and was definitely not the clouds moving and a star being behind them! I know it was not an aircraft of any kind we have, it was far too high…and round, circular like an orb. I counted the time it took to cross out of my eye line into a large low lying cloud, with one last break within it to see it one last time and that was 5-6secs! It was flying at an angle of 35-40 degrees, just majestically with ease soaring through. It was so fast, so smooth, so bright and an absolute thing of beauty.” (IN-NL). (uk-ufo).

51/13/24. 7 July 2013 -18:35 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A white oval-shaped aerial object was observed crossing the sky. Witness (A) stated: “Whilst standing in our garden, my Wife and I noticed a low-flying red micro light aircraft slowly crossing the sky. As we watched it pass overhead, I noticed what appeared to be a silent, white oval-shaped object cross virtually in front of the aircraft, appearing to almost collide with it. The object then slowly travelled towards the north-west finally disappearing from our view behind trees. I then ran indoors to get my binoculars, also running upstairs to look out of our bedroom window in an attempt to see more of the object, but on looking, strangely, it had completely disappeared. The object, when in view, did not appear to be a balloon of any kind, or a Chinese lantern etc. However, I would have liked to have obtained a better view through binoculars to be sure it wasn’t something like a gyrocopter for example which I believe have been seen over Hinckley quite recently.” (Freeman). (IN-Med). (lufoin).

 77/13/25. 11 July 2013 -21:25 - Coventry, UK - Two unusual aerial objects were observed by male witness. Witness stated: “Looking out of my bedroom window, in a north-easterly direction, I noticed two objects in the sky, travelling in the same upwards direction, but one slightly ahead of the other, and one slightly higher than the other, but both at similar speeds. There were no flashing beacon lights that would normally be associated with civilian or military aircraft, also, there appeared to be no sound associated with them. The objects themselves appeared to be glowing, but also leaving a glowing trail behind them. They were visible for approximately 45 seconds, then disappeared. (Not out of view, they were just no longer visible in the sky)." (Hudson). (IN-Med). (lufoin).


ABOVE: Two photographs taken by the witness, showing the two unusual objects over Coventry airspace on July 11th. (77/13/23). © Hudson 2013.

11 July 2013 - BUFOG Contact Case Reports: Leicester Contact Case.

77/13/26. 12 July 2013 -23:00 - Coventry, UK - 7 or 8 flame-like objects were observed crossing the sky by 2 witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “My partner and I were sitting outside, about 7 or 8 orange flame like objects appeared in almost a bird formation? Definitely not Chinese lanterns! Moved very fast and silently, they kept in formation and didn’t fade, just disappeared! I am the most logical person and even I couldn’t understand what I was seeing.” (PE-5C). (uk-ufo).

51/13/27. 18 July 2013 -19:30 - Leicester, UK - Two unusual aerial objects were observed. Witness stated: “I came upstairs…. I was about to close the curtains, as the Sun was too bright & I couldn’t see my TV in the bedroom, I looked outside the bed room window and saw a plane high in the sky (flying towards north-east) I also noticed two objects (same size as the plane) both on one side of the plane, then Changing direction to another side every few seconds, then it stopped for few seconds. The next thing, I noticed both the objects flew straight up into the sky and disappeared …. But the plane was still flying.” (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

51/13/28. 26 July 2013 -20:15 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - 5 silver objects were observed in the sky. Witness (A) stated: “My Father and I spotted 5 silver UFOs in the sky over in the Loughborough area near 3M. The five objects were moving in a erratic manner, but not like a bird formation etc. - they then flashed from one part of the sky to the other. It was a bizarre event, which lasted for a period of over 30 minutes.” (Baily). (IN-Med). (lufoin).

51/13/29. 28 July 2013 -19:00 - Leicester, UK - Witness stated: Two unusual aerial objects were observed by male witness. “I only saw one at first - the object got my attention because of how high up in the sky it was, for me it was too high to be a plane - there was no cloud coming from the engines like you normally see from a plane. However I though maybe it could be a plane, till the 2nd appeared behind it, it kind of lit up like a bright ball, this was more noticeable because it is light outside still, they disappeared behind the clouds - I heard no noise and the objects were moving slow - a helicopter then flew over in the direction of the sightings.” (IN-Med). (Our UFO Society).

  4 August 2013 - Britain's largest meteorite - which landed in Barwell - to go under the hammer - Birmingham Mail ...

77/13/30. 5 August 2013 - 23:20 - Coventry, UK - A red light in the sky was observed by two witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “I went out into my back garden and noticed a red light in the sky. I told my mate and he saw it too. At first it was moving quite slow, then it started moving a bit quicker. The light then started to flash, and I then noticed two stitches of white light moving away from the light.” (IN-NL). (uk-ufo).

 77/13/31. 12 August 2013 - 21:35 - Coventry, UK - An illuminated aerial object was observed and photographed above the Stoke area. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

 LEFT: The object as photographed by the witness - (Camera type: Canon Power shot). © L.Tamna 2013.

77/13/32. 19 August 2013 - 02:00 - Coventry, UK - 4 strange light bright lights were observed disappearing into clouds. Witness (A) stated: I live in London and went to Scotland for the weekend with my family and on return 19.08.13., around 2 am driving on M6 somewhere near Coventry me and my wife saw 3 possible disappear in the clouds - We were shocked by the scene but happy to see something unusual. (IN-NL). (uk-ufo).

51/13/33. 21 August 2013 - 19:35 - Coalville, Leicestershire, UK - Witness (A) stated: “I was sat having a chat with a friend when I noticed a ball of white light in the sky. I got up to see. It stayed for about 7 or 8 seconds. Then vanished. I stayed looking out my window for a further few seconds when it reappeared but in a different place. It was visible for more than 15 seconds. With this I felt light headed and my hands were shaking, my heart rate was a high for a further hour after seeing what I saw.” (IN-NL). (uk-ufo).

51/13/34. 22 August 2013 - 21:35 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - A silent hovering aerial object was witnessed 20 feet above trees in Clarendon Park by three witnesses - Multi-flashing coloured lights - various sequences and designs including red, green, blue yellow etc. Witnesses suspected model UFO - i.e. kite, quadcopter etc. as object seen to descend to the ground after 20 minutes. (IN-Med). (lufoin).

77/13/35. 23 August 2013 - 02:00 - Coventry, UK - A grey silver oblong-shaped object was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “From Tesco’s Arena, I saw a grey silver oblong shape in the sky - I observed for about two minutes - it seemed to be in the clouds but definitely had density - it was not a cloud, nor was it the air balloon from Leeke's store nearby.” (Smith). (IN-Med). (lufoin).

  24 August 2013 - Leicester, UK - UFOs spotted over Foxton locks Leicester England - YouTube footage.

77/13/36. 9 September 2013 - 21:35 - Wigston, Leicestershire, UK - A bright flashing light was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I was outside having a cigarette when I noticed a bright flashing light at very high altitude. It was moving in a initially quick manner across the sky but then it stopped. It then performed very erratic flight patterns. The lights on the object appeared to be pulsating. I watched the craft for around 15 minutes.” (PE-2B). (uk-ufo).

51/13/37. 9 September 2013 - 19:30 - Sapcote, Leicestershire, UK - Flashing lights were observed in the sky. Witness stated: “Flashing lights that were flashing quite quickly, seemed to be the size of a very small plane and was quite low in the sky - stationary for a short while and then moved fast in what seemed to be a vertical line straight up and then straight back down again - went to tell my family to look at it and on my return to the window it had gone.” (IN-NL). (Our UFO Society).

77/13/38. 23 September 2013 - Evening - Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK - An orange light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “I was walking my dog and out of the corner of my eye saw a bright orange light. I tried to record it but was very fast.” (IN-NL). (ufosightings)

51/13/39. 24 September 2013 - 19:55 - Leicester, Leicestershire, UK - An orange coloured light in the sky was observed. Witness stated: “Did anyone else see the orange flying object on September 24? I saw it from the cathedral grounds at 7.55pm. It was not a small plane and moved too fast for a hot air balloon. Nor was it a police helicopter. It was clearly visible for about 10 minutes, before disappearing through cloud.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

 51/13/40. 3 October 2013 - 21:35 - Eyres Monsell, Leicestershire, UK - A silent aerial object with unusual flashing lights was observed. Witness (A) stated: “We saw what at first appeared to be a low flying aircraft with 3 white lights and 3 alternating flashing lights. It did not appear to be following any particular flight path but did a wide circle over Glen Parva/Wigston. I first noticed it coming from an east to west direction turning south for a few minutes and then turning back north crossing its path. (IN-NL). (lufoin).

77/13/41. 5 October 2013 - 18:30 - Binley, Coventry, UK - Two large aerial objects were observed. Witness stated: “I witnessed two large objects in the sky over the Binley, Coventry area - it looked like several birds were getting close to them as well.” (IN-Med). (lufoin).

77/13/42. 8 October 2013 - 19:30 - Tile Hill, Coventry, UK - an object with numerous coloured lights was observed. There was a white light at what was assumed was the front, an orange flashing light on each side, and a red light at the rear. (Bufog) *Expanded.

77/13/43. 10 October 2013 - 19:00 - Coventry, UK - An unusual aerial object with lights was observed. Witness stated: “First seen as driving, thought may be police helicopter as it appeared stationary as I passed a building (Sainsburys). It moved at speed in westerly direction, and as I got the other side of building, the object appeared to now be approx 50-80 feet in length and approx 20-30 feet across and was moving slowly west. I drove as fast as I could along Tile Hill Lane where I could see it in the distance now moving north, north east. I turned onto Banner Lane, parked in lay by and got out to try and see it again. I asked two women if they had seen or heard anything in that area they said no. I stayed, phoned a couple of friends to tell them and saw it again while on the phone. By time I turned camera on to attempt a photo it had moved north north east behind buildings and trees out of my view. I compared it to two separate aircraft landing at Birmingham International Airport while stood at same point. Both appeared higher and noise was heard from engine, the object I saw first started similar size to helicopter then changed to a larger object with single white light at front, two amber flashing lights at outer edges, a single red light at rear and a row of 3-5 white lights approx 10 foot from red light.” (IN-Med). (ufoinfo).

51/13/44. 10 October 2013 - 05:21 - Narborough, Leicestershire, UK - A triangular formation of very bright lights in the sky was observed - lights visible for only three seconds, but appeared to move around a small area of the sky very quickly. (Diplamer). (IN-NL). (lufoin).

77/13/45. 14 October 2013 - 15:00 - Bulkington, Warwickshire, UK - A small dark object was observed crossing the sky. Witness stated: “Watched with my daughter as an small dark object travelled overhead in a Nuneaton to Coventry direction over Bulkington. It was about 100 feet in the air and moving at an estimated 80 mph. It did not veer left or right and appeared to morph & turn as it travelled, and looked as if it was being controlled - it looked like some sort of silent drone .” (Plumb). (IN-Med). (lufoin).

 77/13/46. 15 October 2013 - 18:00 - Burton Dassett Hills, Warwickshire, UK - Two white objects were observed in the sky by two witnesses. Witness (A) stated: “Me and my uncle were walking along when I noticed 2 white objects in the sky. They were moving from left to right very slowly barely noticeable. They could not of been clouds as the clouds were moving in the opposite direction. The white object on the left had some sort of trail to it like it was pulsating. (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

51/13/47. 19 October 2013 - 16:30 - Sileby, Leicestershire, UK - An arrow or ‘heart-shaped’ aerial object was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “I had just finished work and went to see my parents at there farm. I looked up into the sky and saw a arrow/heart shaped object that was grey in colour flying straight in moderate winds at around 100ft. I would say the wingspan was around 4-6ft. From the moment I spotted it the object was climbing, it did a small circle above us turning precisely and then disappeared into the clouds. When I first spotted it I thought it was some sort of remote controller glider so I pointed it out to my brother in law. We watched with amazement as it flew so precisely in windy conditions and turned without tilting and with no noise. It was daylight and there were no lights on the object.” (IN-Med). (uk-ufo).

77/13/48. 27 October 2013 - 18:00 - Coventry, UK - A solid blue light with three flashing white lights was observed in the sky. Witness stated: “There was a solid blue light with 3 white lights all flashing separately in different sequences, over towards Longford, before moving off towards Radford. Too big to be a helicopter, and stayed still for several minutes so it couldn’t have been a plane.” (Tomlinson). (IN-NL).

77/13/49. 20 November 2013 - 17:30 - Exhall, Coventry, UK - A bright stationary light in the sky was observed by female witness. Witness stated: “About 5.30pm I saw a very bright ball of light over Coventry. It did not move for 4 minutes then completely disappeared.” (DE-3A). (lufoin).

51/13/50. 7 December 2013 - 16:30 - M1, Leicestershire, UK - A round, white aerial light was observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “We were travelling along the M1 - I was the passenger and noticed a round white light to the bottom right of the Moon - this did not move until we were on the M6 moving east and was visible for at least 40 minutes.” (Morrison). (DE-3A). (lufoin).

51/13/51. 17 December 2013 - 23:00 - Leicester, UK - A female witness observed a very bright star-like aerial object. Witness stated: “I witnessed a UFO on 17th at 11pm. I thought it was a really bright star ( about 6x larger than a normal one) it was stationary over the Daneshill area of the city.” (Quigley). (DE-3A). (lufoin).

51/13/52. 18 December 2013 - 04:10 - M1, Leicestershire, UK - A very brief fast moving bright light in the sky was observed by a lone, male witness. Witness stated: “I was travelling on the M1 southbound close to Junction 20, Lutterworth, with the road being quite busy. I saw very briefly, a fast moving bright light in the direction of Hinckley/Rugby. It was small and white with some green also. As I was driving at the time, I only caught a served crossing thevery brief glimpse as it sped and disappeared before the horizon. I Initially assumed shooting star as these do happen around this time of year. Although the object was only seen to my left hand side, it may have been visible longer and possibly from west of the motorway prior to that.” (Green). (PE-7B). (lufoin).

51/13/53. 18 December 2013 - 08:00 - Leicester/Burbage, UK - A large bright light was observed crossing the sky at a fast rate of speed. Witness stated: “I saw it fly over the house and out of view in a second. There was no noise or trail. It was also witnessed in Burbage by 2 friends.” (IN-NL). (lufoin).

 51/13/54. 19 December 2013 - 16:21 - Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - A bright aerial object was observed. Witness stated: “I saw a bright UFO like object in south east part of the sky at Loughborough to Birstall at 4 to 4.30 pm. It stayed in the same part of the sky. I observed this while travelling from Loughborough to Birstall. I also took a picture of it with my iphone.” (DE-3A). (lufoin).

51/13/55. 31 December 2013 -19:35 - Burbage, Leicestershire, UK - A bright orange ball shape with fuzzy edges was observed in the sky by male witness. Witness stated: “ I saw a bright orange ball-shape with fuzzy edges moved parallel with Boyslade Road from south to north covering the sky line in some 2 minutes - it looked to be at low level with no noise at all.” (PE-5C). Possible New Year Chinese Lantern. (ufosightings)

2013 - End.

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