LUFOIN was originally formed in 1969 as an informal network

 of regional UFO Investigation groups and individual researchers


Mutual Member Groups & Their Directors/Individual Investigators - Past & Present




Barwell UFO Watch - Formed 2013.

Director; Mrs. J. Kavanagh.

Central UFO Watch - Formed 2014.

Director; Mr. S. Ward.


Coventry UFO Watch - Formed 2013.

Director(s); Mrs. J. Richardson, Mr. M. Hall.


Hinckley Aerial Phenomena Investigations - Formed 1977.

Director(s); Mr. T. Thorpe, Mr. Tony Phillips.


Leicestershire UFO Research Society - Formed 1971. 

Director; Mr. J. Lord.


Leicester UFO Watch - Formed 2013.

Director; Mr. D. Mayne.


Loughborough UFO Watch - Formed 2013.

Director; Mr. D. Morris.

Midlands Evaluations Committee (on) Aerial Phenomena Sightings - Formed 2005.

Director; Mr. F. Bradbury.


Nuneaton UFO Watch - Formed 2013.

Director; Mr. M. Hall.





Coalville UFO Watch - Formed 2013.

Director; Mr. S. Johnson.


Coalville Unidentified Flying Object Research Society  - Formed 1977.

Director(s); Mr. M. F. Brown, Mr. S. Wilson.


 County Unidentified Flying Object Research Project  - Formed 1995.

Director; Mr. C. Hill.


Leicestershire Unidentified Flying Object Research Group - Formed 1994.

Director(s); Mr. N. Morar, Mr. P. Gunn.


Melton Ufologist Society - Formed 1978.

Director; Mr. L. Scissons.


 Midlands Unidentified Flying Object Report Centre (The) - Formed 1995.

Director(s); Mr. G. Hemmings, Mr. H. Simmons.


 NICAP (G.B. - Solihull) - Formed 1967.

Director; Mr. D. Samson, Leicestershire Region Investigations Officer; Mr. G. Coxon B.Sc.

Nuneaton Aerial Phenomena Society - Formed 1979.

Director(s); Mr. G. Taylor, Mr. Alan Salisbury.


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation (of) Leicester - Formed 1977.

(Formally Leicester Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation - (The).

Director(s); Mr. T. J. Thornton, Mr. J. Barden, Mr. M. Kerr.


Unidentified Flying Object Research, Midlands - East (BUFORA Midlands) - Formed 1982.

 Coordinator; Mr. M. F. Brown.