About the society


LUFORS operates a simple system that involves a small but dedicated team of localised UFO sighting investigation officers, some of whom are also acting committee members.


The society is an associate member of the Leicestershire Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Network.


The Leicestershire (and Warwickshire) network itself has been in operation in the Leicestershire and Warwickshire regions of the United Kingdom since 1969, beginning it's life as a loose investigation group liaison system.


Although at one point several individual groups/societies were associated with LUFOIN, unfortunately, only certain groups are still in operation today.


Operating a strict code of conduct protecting both witnesses and themselves, all volunteers working on behalf of LUFORS treat the subject of UFOs very seriously, with all reports received being welcomed.


The society's work over the years has been preserved, digitised, and has now been published on the internet, within the pages of  the 'LUFOIN Register'.